Ranma's New Day: A Pair of Pairings (LIME) [Episode 178510]

by Sainin

Carpet whooshed back with its master from their side trip to the kitchen. Ranma carried the teakettle that had been simmering on the stove. "Okay, P-chan! You've crossed the line: I'm done tryin' to keep yer dirty, little piggy secret!"

--- --- ---

Meanwhile, Akane lifted her head. Her hand was already under her dress, beginning to explore her dampening sex, unimpeded because of a Happosai raid by the nuisance of any panties. Her eyes opened to see...Genma Saotome.

She had been zapped in the follow-through of her massive kick to Ranma. She had crumpled in the direction she had been facing, and onto the table.

Genma actually stopped eating when he saw the look in the eyes of Soun's youngest. Believe it or not, Nodoka had given him the same one, years ago. It was what had scared him out of the house for over a decade.

--- --- ---

"Come out of there, Ryoga!" Ranma demanded.

"Ranma, don't be an idiot: Don't pour hot water on me!" Nabiki commanded. But it was too late. She got the wet-shirt look.

Ryoga expanded to fill that shirt with her. It it hadn't been too big for it, they would have received serious hurt. As it was, the air was squeezed from her lungs as the guy's naked bulk was pressed hard against her naked softness.

That silky, young softness against his fully human maleness sent the Eternally Lost Boy over the edge: He lost it just as the shirt was torn in two at the seams.

--- --- ---

"Mr. Saotome-Genma! I have to have you! Train me in the ways of a woman: Make me a pervert!" Akane cried, nearly ripping her dress in her urgent need to strip.

[You don't want me! I'm a protected species!] In his panic, Genma had held up a sign. He might have thought to use it against the aggressive girl, if she hadn't splintered it with her mallet.

"I said I want some love!!" The hammerhead came down inches from Genma’s family jewels.

"Soun... ." he pleaded for intervention.

"Akane-" That look did not change when she turned her animalistic stare on her father. It didn't seem to matter WHO she mated with. "Uh, well, it's one way to join the two schools. I'll leave you two so you can, uh, have some privacy." And the coward retreated as quickly as he could get up from the table.

--- --- ---

"Ryoga!!" Ranma shouted, grabbing him by his scalp top from above. "What's the meaning of-"

"Leave Ryoga alone!" the topless Nabiki cried, grabbing the human hunk about his shoulders, while her other hand (bumping time and again against Ryoga's exposed hard-on) fumbled to get out of her cutoffs. It turned out that the spell had saturated Ryoga's-and Akane's-cum with the same kind of aphrodisiac as affected them, now. It meant that the male didn't have to rape the female, or the female didn't have to frustrate herself over a limp noodle.

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(Posted Wed, 29 Nov 2006 11:47)

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