Akane's Wish: Firm and Supple, Akane Observes (LEMON) [Episode 178388]

by Sainin

Akane was unclothed again. She looked down between her erect nipples to see if the floating penis was still out in front of her. It was. But there was something different about...it was somewhat smaller, and droopy. Wondering if it felt different, too, she warily put her hand out, as if afraid to wake a sleeping snake.

"Do not touch it," said the male voice to her. It was Dr. Tofu's voice. It was jarring. He was no longer her Dr. Tofu, though. Her Doctor was now Futana. That was why she had been looking down. She was reluctant to raise her eyes.

He was stripped bare, a man with nothing covering his greater size and muscles. He seemed hairy, almost ape-like. And, and he had a penis.

She was relieved that, except being attached to his rough body, it looked like her own, preparing itself to attack, but not yet ready. Why does my groin feel humid? So unmanly.

"We are here for you to allow me to be a man, remember, Dear Akane?"

"Y, yes," she swallowed drily. "You are. I, have, kept, my vow." Even as she said it, though, she rose at an angle to him.

"As you allow me the chance to love a woman..." as he reached out for her, they slowly orbited around the gap between them "...so I will allow you the chance to love me as a woman."

"Oh, Doctor... ." She took his hand, and their mutual flight became like an aerial dance. She kept her eyes on his face; in it she could clearly see Futana's beauty beneath.

His hands took a firm, young breast of hers...and then it was no longer hers. It came off painlessly from her chest...and then the other supple breast, as well. Her imagination told her how tender was his touches. She could see how her former body parts responded to the care being given to them by hands used to heal. A red wash of arousal lay in the air before her that reached to those aroused globes.

His lips pressed against hers...but kissed only the lipstick she hadn't been wearing before. It was as romantic as anything out of the movies. When his lips left the cherry flavored morsels to continue down the foundation of her cheek and neck, the lipstick returned the kisses along his cheek and neck.

Still flying, her knees rose around him, leaving her vulnerable to this man of her former fantasies. Slick and sticky drops bubbled out of her womanhood to cling and rise over his sturdy body. When they reached her nose, they smelled like sex. A part of her separated from herself, becoming like a ghost, her hovering penis with her.

Akane floated beside the frothy Tofu Ono watching him rub his rapidly growing cock between his hand and her smooth, shaved mound...which spread to form a channel that his ale organ pressed snugly into. The man was made harder that much sooner. ...And when he was ready, the furrow swelled to its original shape, opening a tunnel to surround all of his throbbing manhood. It was tight going. Akane went closer.

She saw the inside of her damp pussy's as it was pulled outside before being pushed back...only to be brought back out in hard thrusting. It was almost painful for her to watch. She had heard that too much sex can make a girl loose.

Her pussy did become looser. But Tofu's cock grew further. Every time her pussy tried to retreat from the male member, that other sex would advace expanding to fill the area between them. ...Until his sex was as large as himself.

It was himself. Tofu was inside her hot, dank sex, and Akane was watching on. Digging into handholds and footholds, with one last clamber up the slippery slope, and he changed into a boiling geyser of semen that reached past her cervix and broke against the walls of her womb.

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(Posted Wed, 29 Nov 2006 02:31)

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