Akane's Wish: Between Wet and Hard (LEMON) [Episode 177993]

by Sainin

Akane was in the limbo of uncertainty. She wasn't sure what was where they were. She wasn't sure what the penis was. She wasn't sure what she should do with it. The more uncertain she was, the more she felt like she were dangling over Hell...with only her vacuum seal to the penis keeping her from falling.

And still Futana hovered above her, holding her stance, ready to spar when she was.

Sparring was something she was sure of. She advanced. The penis turned towards her. She retreated. The penis turned away. She moved forward. The penis moved.

Akane took hold of the penis. She wrapped her strongest hand around the penis. The penis throbbed. She struggled with herself to keep grasping the penis. The penis was strong. She fought with the penis to keep it pointing away from herself.

She did not think of the organ sexually. The penis wasn't connected to her. She couldn't feel the excitement of the penis. ...And, yet, her vagina warmed and swelled. She felt her hole opening. She felt a growing emptiness.

She acted before the full awareness of her arousal could reach her. She charged. She attacked Tofu the woman with all the strength she had left in her melting body. She collided with the solid body and lost her shape. She became liquid flesh. She felt only herself.

Her lips were on her throat. Her tongue was on her nipple. Her hand was on her breast. Her breath was on her ear. Her heels were on her back. Her vulva was on her thigh. The penis was in her vagina.

The penis sent ripples through her roiling fluid. Her rubbing labials sent ripples out. Each set rebounded off her surface tension and returned in on themselves. They crossed paths at cross purposes. They swelled in intensity. They became a storm tossed surf. Her tides were beats, keeping time with the penis. She rocked her pussy furiously against herself, racing to win against the male sex.

Her orgasm shook her apart...into running globules of blush pink mercury...

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(Posted Thu, 23 Nov 2006 15:30)

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