Brave Nude World: The Blue Tanto of Furinkan High (LIME) [Episode 177440]

by Sainin

A sumo wrestler made a grab for the clothed girl; only to have her leap up out of his reach, and drive him down on the unfortunates of the dogpile. She then sat on his fat back and, with both hands, spanked his even fatter buttocks. "I liked you guys better when ya were wearin' diapers!"

A lacrosse player tried to take her in the netting of his crosse. But the redheaded "butterfly" ducked, and yanked him forward, putting another body between herself and the slowly kicking sumo. Sitting on diaperless-boy's ass, she next reached under the athlete's cup (all ready standing out from his body from his hard-on) and pulled out the helmeted player's scrotum, squeezing down between the balls and root. Now that he was in her control, she pulled his erection out his bobbed her mouth down around his pencil prick. That was all it took for him to blow.

Using her speed, she got out of the way of not just the spunk, but pulled-then-pushed the "Canuck" down between the Gotsu's fat asscheeks...Only he didn't penetrating the asshole. "Missed!" snapped the fingers of the Tease. "At least there's the pay-off shot."

She turned to the remaining jocks. "Anybody else want to get their rocks off?"

"How beautious her voice sounds; how ugly her words. It is the mission and pleasure of I, Tatewaki Kuno: the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, to extract and refine all that is feminine about My Venus Terzo."

"Don't gimme that shit!" Ranma bounded to the ground not far from the tall, dark and dumb bokkenman. "Look at ya! Yer little tanto is hidin'." The size of his prick was undiscernable, as it was almost entirely withdrawn inside his body. But the male Ranma inside was enjoying it being compared to a blade that was less than a kodachi.

"It is merely protecting itself in preparation for battle with a tantalizing female so formidable as yourself."

"Bull! The only reason yer interested in me is 'cuz you read those samurai tales were the idiots think that to keep their male spirits macho enough, they couldn't fuck with girls! That's why yer only interested in tomboys and butch-types! You're nothing but a would-be yaoi!"

"So you've repeated...Time, and time...and time, again," Kuno's expression was of him trying not to let the words penetrate his noble heart. "I shall prove that aspersion naught but a vile misunderstanding, by penetrating you with my tanto-I mean, my manly sword of flesh-and-pounding-blood in the hole you do not possess as a man."

"In front of all these witnesses?"

"Of course in front of witnesses: What would the point be, otherwise?"

"So you do admit ya rather not do me just 'cuz I'm a girl, now."

"That's not what I-Let go of the blade of my wooden-"

"Yer want it?" She shoved it, pushing the hilt up against Kuno's dick, and forcing it as deep inside the pretender's body as far as it could go with a sorry excuse for a manhood being in the way.

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(Posted Mon, 20 Nov 2006 02:15)

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