Brave Nude World: Full-Body Hentai Horde (LIME) [Episode 177373]

by Sainin

Nabiki shoved Ranma forward.

Hearing the sounds of wheels behind him, he looked over his shoulder. A barrier of gopacks was being formed between the naked people behind him, and the Hentai Horde in front.

"Well? Are you up to the challenge, or not, Ranma!" Nabiki called out. She glanced at the notebook dangling from Ima’s left breast. “Good odds for us. They don’t know about Ranma’s temporal amnesia.”

Ranma knew he was being manipulated, but he couldn't runaway from a fight. He charged at the athletes shielded only by their sport's protecting equipment who were charging at him.

"Tease me!/?"

"Play with me!/?"

"Break my heart!/?"

"Get me excited!/?"

"Throw me for a loss!/?"

With over two-dozenm mostly nude guys yelling things that disturbed him to his sexual core, Ranma wasn't sure if they wanted revenge or a date. ' Probably both.

He kneed a pitcher in his stomach; and elbowed sumo in his jaw; he spun around and gave the back of his arm to the back of the neck of a fencer, while sending his shin against a boxer for a below-the-belt foul; he rolled around the body of a rugby player, then kicked a soccer player straight into him, sending them both out of the game in a ballser collision... So far, so good; but he had no idea what his win/loss record was with this gang; or even how many times he had fought them.

Ranma's focus was on making sure no exposed part of his skin came into contact with the swarm of jock-stars who expected to get what they wanted. He was worried because he didn't know what body he was in. The World-Before's had not been trained to use all parts of his body; the World-After's may have been conditioned in that skill, but it may have avoided risking battle so much that it wasn't as primed for battle as the other world's. And that was his Achilles' heel: The uncertainty was putting concentration that should have gone to the selection of tactics and strategy into monitoring his actions. The more his mind was involved, the more it got in the way of reflexes that should have been trained to act almost on their own.

And a dancer of all people tripped him up: Literally!

The crazy girl grasped the guy's hand and lead. "You like tangling?" she said, rubbing her silk pant legs up and down his bare legs for a few step. He lost his grip, shooting his load over her.

When a swimmer tried to grab her, a foot of hers used his erection as a "diving board". He, too, let go of a gooey stream.

She landed around the neck of a football player in shoulder pads. "Don't-cha wish ya didn't have a cup on?" she cooed...and used her powerful thighs to yank it away, letting the elastic snap it back: Against his balls.

But she had dallied too long with one guy. A judo-ka grabbed her by the back of her shirt.

"Don't hurt the shirt!!" several guys yelled, tackling the offensive athlete.

"That's right, Suckers!" she laughed as she jumped up and down on the dogpile. "You can always see a naked girl! How many a them exercise your pathetic, little imaginations-Among OTHER thingies!"

Nabiki and her cadre of bookies were already collecting bettor’s money, while having to pay out very little. “Ranma didn’t even think to use any of the special techniques he’s developed to fight without contact,” she said gleefully. “Probably, because he doesn’t remember them, right now.” When the odds swung back against Ranma winning, she would tell him about them. They would still be there, locked in his body-memory.

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(Posted Sat, 18 Nov 2006 05:31)

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