Chained World - SM: Riding Love (LEMON) [Episode 177367]

by Kender

By what Ranma could tell, things were not going to be all that quiet for the next few minutes, as he'd been left with a squirming blonde who was rather horny at the moment, if what she was doing was any indication. She seemed to be rather enjoying discovering all the ways that she could rub up against him as she kissed him long and hard enough to almost suffocate him. In fact, this was the sort of situation that his old classmates from junior high would have been fantasizing over, as they would have loved to have a pretty girl desiring to get hot and heavy with them, slave or no slave. Of course, they wouldn't have had much knowledge about how to handle it, and would likely be overwhelmed by the female in question.

But, having already had some 'relations' with women, was able to keep himself from getting drowned in the waves of passion that she was giving off. This was a bit much for a guy who hadn't been all that experienced with just dealing with girls, and even having previously been with her friends, he was having a hard time dealing with a girl who apparently had never heard of the word 'restraint'.

That was why, when he was finally able to get free of her mouth, and its deeply seeking tongue, he had to take a deep gasp just to fill his lungs again.

"GAH!" he choked out. "Come on...."

As Minako had never been one to hold back and what little control she had naturally was gone, she licked her lips and gazed at him from under hooded eyes. "You want me to do more? Fine by me...."


"Don't worry. Your little Mina-chan will make you feel real good."

"I'm sure that you'll do...."

"Really?!" she chirped, making him almost forget that she was also in a daze.

Then again, the fact that she had the fingers of one hand hooked over the waistband of his pants didn't exactly miss his notice either. "Wha... WHAT ARE YA DOIN'?!"

"It's not obvious? I'm letting you get all nice and comfortable. Except for this part. It's all stiff and hard. But don't worry. Your Mina will make you all nice and happy...."

"You're just...."

"Going to do everything, and give you everything that I have. Just please don't think that I've lost my maiden's softness. It's only that it's only yours...."

"I don't think that I can doubt that...." he grunted as he felt another 'softness' of hers press into him... and then gave off a little choke as she used her fingertips to twiddle with his manhood like it was one of those 'drinking bird' toys. It didn't really hurt that much, but it was rather disturbing, given how she wasn't exactly aware of what she was doing. He couldn't blame her, as it was obvious that, other than the fact that she truly wanted him, she had no idea about what she was doing. All she had was enthusiasm, and a whole lot of clumsiness.

Still, that was more than enough to simply get a guy excited'. Having a willing girl rub her lower lips against his thigh was rather... invigorating. Should he let things continue, it was clear that he'd be ridden like a 'horse', with about as much as said animal would have in the manner of though put into it. He'd be beaten down until he had no choice, and even now, he could not avoid the haze of need coming over his senses as her hands stroked over his chest, demanding to hold onto his flesh.

Upon feeling her hand reach down to grab too tightly onto his shaft, he realized that he could not let her do that. It was all a bit too much, and he needed to take a hand in the matter. So, he literally did that.

Reaching over, he grasped both of her wrists in one of his hands, and yanked her off of him so that she was laying on her back. In that same motion, he went to lean over her, and made it certain that she could not really move out of his hold. "I can't let ya do things like that."

"But.... You don't want me?" she whispered, tears sliding from glistening eyes.

"Didn't say that."


"You're too rough, ya know that. Ya gotta play nice."

"What? How?"

"Somethin' like... this?" he murmured, leaning in to press a teasing kiss at her mouth. Using his teeth, he nipped and teased her soft lower lip, making her gasp in the process. He almost pulled back in surprise, as he hadn't been all too sure that would work, but what counted were the results."

"Master.... That's it...."

"Nah. There's more."

"Like what?"

He didn't respond with words, as he instead chose to lower his free hand to cup one of her breasts. Hefting the firm mound he pressed and rubbed her stiff nipple with his thumb, drawing whimpers of pleasures from her. Then came the additional bonus of having his mouth come down upon the matching stiff nub, making her squirm and wriggle with the sensations that ran riot through her body.

"Oh... oh... oh my...."

"It gets better...."

"'Better'?" the blonde gasped... as his hand reached between her thighs to caress her most intimate spot. Her entire body bucked against those questing fingers, not to try to get away from it, but to push them home.

Not that he was allowing that, as he merely went with gentle touches, and teasingly stroked her so that she could only get shooting gasps of pleasure racing into her mind. But that was only to learn what she liked, as when he found the hard nub there, he knew how to use it to make her feel so good that she could only go stiff with the force of it.

Trembling with need, she gazed up at him with a desperate question in her eyes. "Please?"

"I can't...."


"Only if you don't force anythin'...."

The nod that she gave him was ragged and quick, but it was all that he needed. Denying her hadn't been part of the plan, but then he hadn't actually expected her to answer him. As far as he was concerned, her reaction was as an acceptance, which he had no problem with. There were other things on his mind, as he simply hadn't avoided his own needs and reactions to his fondling of her body.

Sitting up, he pulled her to straddle his lap, and speared her womanhood upon his shaft. Sinking into her warm tightness felt wonderful, and she tossed her head back with a cry of pleasure as he slid into her. Putting one arm around her waist, he cupped her smooth bottom, and used it to brace her as they began what he knew, and wanted, to be hot and heavy. Using his hold on her, he began to pump her up and down on his manhood, which was an activity that she willingly enjoyed and aided in.

Helping him was her only choice as she bounced upon that hard spear, and she couldn't keep quiet as she did so. Gasps, yells, and whimpers were all slipping from her throat as she abandoned herself to the pleasure that he was giving her. It wasn't the romantic sort of coupling that a storyteller might bring, but that didn't matter to her. She simply felt too good to care about such things any more, and she was getting all sorts of joy from what they were doing.

To tell the truth, she'd long abandoned any sort of grip on reality at that moment, as she was lost to the desires that had been simmering for so long. They were boiling over now, and only his hold on her was actually keeping her in the position that she wanted to be in. As a result, she couldn't help but enjoy the way that he was using her body for his, and her, pleasure, and one small part of her mind had an instant of admitting that being a slave was going to be very good for her.

It was that sort of complete acceptance of what was going on with her that allowed her to simply go with the coming storm. Jolt after jolt of need came over her, and as she reached the heights that their passion gave her, she went over it gladly. With a guttural cry, she stiffened in what had become his embrace, and had a release that robbed her of her senses and what strength that she had left.

All that she could do was slump against him, and smile slightly as she felt him come within her, as she fell into an exhausted, yet happy, slumber.

For a moment, he wondered if she was going to try another attempt to push things further. However, he soon saw how she was sleeping, her breath even and her sweat slicked body relaxed, and so he smiled kindly at her. Sliding her down to his bedroll, he laid her down, and gently disengaged her hands where they were clutching at him. She certainly needed her rest, which meant that he could leave her to sleep and recover.

And it also allowed him to sit back and get his own breath back. After all, she hadn't exactly been a 'shrinking violet', and his own reaction to their coupling had been intense.

Normally Ami was the most calm and collected of girls, and wasn't someone who tended to be very vulgar about anything. She understood decorum, and didn't exactly fall over herself to shock anyone. That wasn't to say that she didn't have desires, but she was a very dutiful girl.

Unfortunately for her, she was also studying biology, which meant that she had to also pay attention to the reproductive systems. Those got her thinking about how her fiance was currently sleeping with some of her friends, with acceptable reasons, of course. However, that also reminded her that he would eventually have to make love to her. She'd have to bear his children, which she found to be not that much of a sacrifice. 'Making' those children would be something that she was certain that she would enjoy....

Realizing the direction that her thoughts were going in, she slapped her hands onto her now flaming cheeks as she tried to regain control of herself.

Yet, she did have to wonder about what sort of 'techniques' he'd have to use on her when the time would come.

Thinking about that had her crossing her legs, and she refused to think about the fact that her friends' sexual activities would be her concern as well.

Having seen their Master coming out of the tent, Usagi had been rather happy. She knew that there had been all sorts of odd noises from that tent, and now that they had stopped, she could see that there had been nothing that had gone wrong with him. But she had been curious about her friend, so she crept in as he plopped down next to the open flap, and stared at what she saw.

"WAAHHH! Minako-chan's dead!" the girl with the odd hairstyle screeched as she poked the other blonde in the shoulder.

Rei looked in and snorted. "No, she's still breathing, she's just unconscious and has a really concerning smile on her face."

"Hey, Ranma Saotome DON'T lose," their master commented idly.

"Obviously not," Makoto agreed as she glanced in.

Oblivious to the observations, Minako slept on, her secretive, though pleased, smile curving her lips, while:

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