The Ballad of Konatsu & Ukyo: Anybody Seen My Baby? (LEMON) [Episode 177249]

by Kwakerjak

Ranma’s book didn’t really give her much information about pleasing a lesbian — the book was called The Master’s Way with the Opposite Gender, after all, and as such, nearly all of the instructions assumed that the woman (or women) the aforementioned master would sleep with would actually be attracted to men. There was extensive information about how to coax two women to have sex with each other while they had sex with the same man, but nothing for two women who had no interest in bringing a penis into the equation.

However, there were a few principles that could be applied to the present situation. Most of those principles concerned the various erogenous zones on a woman’s body; Ranma had no reason to think that a lesbian’s erogenous zones would be in different places. Of course, some of the maxims in the book implied that in the right context, a woman’s entire body could be thought of as an erogenous zone — but that was a little ambitious for the moment. No, what Ranma had in mind for Shampoo came from another of the few things from the book that could apply in this situation. Unlike the Tendos, Ranma may not have known what Shampoo’s fantasies were, but the Amazon had, at the moment, a psychological need that clearly needed to be addressed, and Ranma had a pretty good idea on how to help her.

Shampoo had been surprised when Ranma had locked on to her lips with such vigor — perhaps a part of her still refused to believe that the redhead would really go through with this. However, that surprise soon gave way to a completely different revelation: that the kiss of another woman felt far better than she’d ever imagined. A real kiss, that is — not a ceremonial one like the Kiss of Marriage and the Kiss of Death, but one that was supposed to express genuine affection. And as the Amazon was quickly discovering, Ranma was far more skilled at expressing herself physically than she was verbally.

For a few moments, Shampoo wasn’t quite sure what to make of this; she’d always been taught that women weren’t supposed to feel desire for other women, after all. But then, unbidden, a tiny crack in that logic came in. Ranma wasn’t really a woman; she was a man. And while that did not quite let Shampoo “off the hook,” as it were, for only wanting Ranma-chan, it did mean something very important. Ranma was a man who desired women, and “he” was expressing desire for her, despite “his” knowledge of her sexuality. And that meant… Could itcould it really be true? That Ranma really sees me as a woman? She’d never been certain if the pigtailed martial artist was just being polite before, but now….

It wasn’t enough to totally break down her barriers, of course, but it was a start, and more importantly, it was enough to get Shampoo to begin responding herself, as she slipped her arms around Ranma and did her best to express her own desire, slipping her tongue into the redhead’s mouth. The feel of Ranma’s tongue dueling with hers as both of them explore each other’s oral cavities was better than she’d ever imagined it would be… it was almost enough to make her forget how her fellow tribeswomen would react if they found out she was doing this.

Ranma smiled inwardly as she felt Shampoo respond to her kiss. That meant she’d made some headway — not much, but enough. She hadn’t been “lying” when she was expressing her desire for Shampoo. That had always been there, and absolutely none of it went away when she was female. The pair continued their embrace as the tongue wrangling began in earnest, and from there, the physical expression began to spread, as each girl used her arms to pull the other closer, which brought their breasts into the equation.

The redhead had noticed Shampoo’s earlier fixation on her chest, which was just as well, because Ranma had always been drawn to the Amazons, even before she fully understood why she even cared about breast size. Now, both pairs of damn-near-perfect mammaries were mashing together; rapidly stiffening nipples brushed past each other as both lovers started jockeying for position. Ranma was rapidly losing her ability to approach this lovemaking session systematically — and to her surprise, she didn’t really care. Her hands began exploring Shampoo’s back, but not to find any of the numerous pressure points mentioned in her book. Quite frankly, they were unnecessary. Just the feel of Shampoo’s skin against hers was enough — and she suspected that Shampoo felt the same way, given the way the Amazon’s hands were sliding over her upper body.

Of course, Ranma was hoping to get their lower bodies involved as well, but that was rather difficult from their current sitting/kneeling. She had hoped that Shampoo would begin to take the initiative so the pair could transition to a more comfortable position, but clearly the Amazon needed a bit more encouragement. Thus, she leaned to the side, and Shampoo followed her lead, rolling with her until the pair was in the middle of the Amazon’s bedroom. Ranma might have tried to get the pair to the cushioning Shampoo’s bed would provide, but the she decided it was unnecessary — the floor would give them more space to move around on than the Amazon’s twin bed, anyway.

Of course, when lying down, the difference in height between the two girls became much more noticeable. Under most circumstances, Ranma viewed her diminutive stature when she was female as one of her girl form’s greatest weaknesses — in battle, she much preferred the extended reach that her male form provided. However, here, that wasn’t so bad, as it gave Ranma an excuse to move her body downward relative to Shampoo’s, giving her easy access to the Amazon’s neck and collarbone area; as a male, “he” probably would have gotten a cramp in “his” neck trying to reach this particular erogenous zone.

Shampoo was almost disappointed when her lover broke off the kiss, but that disappointment never emerged as Ranma shifted her body downwards, kissing her neck repeatedly. Now that they were lying down on the floor, their legs naturally began to entangle, seemingly of their own accord, providing yet another set of stimuli as their limbs began sliding together. Even though Shampoo had yet to solve the mystery of Ranma-chan’s continually smooth legs, that didn’t stop her from appreciating that movement one bit. But it wasn’t until her lover had reached her collarbone that any part Ranma’s skin had a chance to touch the area around her sex.

It was just a slight grazing, and Ranma really hadn’t come very close to the Amazon’s puffy lower lips (which Shampoo only now realized were wet with desire — so focused had she been on Ranma’s attention to her upper body), but it was enough to elicit a moan from the lavender-haired teenager, who began squeezing Ranma against her bosom. At the time, Ranma was in mid-kiss, and as a result, Shampoo was nearly certain she felt her lover’s lips turn up into her trademark smile/smirk against her neck. The new position meant that Ranma’s hands were exploring her lower back; when one drifted over her buttocks, her breathing started to speed up. There was just one area of Shampoo’s body that Ranma hadn’t directly stimulated now, and that was her womanhood.

Both lovers were starting to sweat now, and the scent of that perspiration hit the Amazon’s sensitive nostrils. It didn’t smell bad (both lovers wore deodorant, apparently) but it was definitely different. But in a way, it was the differentness of the entire situation that was exciting her at the moment. Her anticipation was starting to grow… when suddenly, her lover stopped kissing her — though the rubbing, mashing, and entangling continued unabated.

“Hey, Shampoo?” Ranma asked in between heavy breaths.

The Amazon did her best to answer, but much like her partner, she was having difficultly using some of her higher reasoning skills. “Y-Yes?”

“I’m… I’m gonna bring my leg up… so I can rub against your pussy.”

Just the thought of this made said pussy all the wetter. “Yes?”

“So… what I wanna know… is if you’ll do the same for me.”

Thanks to her lust-filled haze, Shampoo wasn’t quite sure what Ranma meant, but she figured that it was best to give as well as receive. “O… okay.”

That was all that Ranma needed, as she suddenly rolled the couple over, using her hands to manipulate Shampoo’s thighs as she brought all four legs into position — when they stopped each lover’s left leg was curled around the other’s right, allowing each of their sexes to rest against the other’s right femur. That was when Shampoo received what may have been the biggest surprise thus far, for when Ranma’s pussy came into contact with her leg, it felt… sticky! Ranma’s pussy was just as sticky and wet as hers were, which mean that while Ranma had been pleasing her, she had been pleasing Ranma! Heshe really is attracted to meand Ranma likes women, which means….

She didn’t finish the thought, but she didn’t have to — the knowledge had found its way to her mind, and it was as if her mind finally had permission to act on it, allowing herself to teeter on the edge of orgasm. It only took the subtlest of rubs against her sex to send her over the top.

“Ranma!” the Amazon cried out as the most intense orgasm she had yet experienced in her limited sexual history came crashing over her, causing several miniature muscle spasms, which were apparently enough to send Ranma over that same edge, though the redhead only seemed capable of an extremely intense moan. Shampoo felt her leg become slick as her lover’s juices flowed over it, and from the slickness beneath her own sex, she knew that Ranma was feeling the same way — which, in her current state of mind, was enough to trigger an “aftershock,” which in turn resulted in a similar response from Ranma, who proceeded to rest her head against Shampoo’s shoulder.

The pair didn’t move for almost a minute as both tried to take in the experience they’d both just experienced. Somehow, this made it better — although the sex was over (for the moment), the intimacy continued. So they waited for their heart rates to return to norma, which wasn’t that long, as both of them were in peak physical condition. Finally, Ranma looked up at her lover and broke the silence: “Thanks, Shampoo.”

The Amazon looked a bit confused by this. “Thanks? What you thank Shampoo for?”

Ranma barely repressed a giggle as she replied, “For the sex, obviously — you were great.”

“R-Really? Shampoo was… good?”


“You mean it?”

“Shampoo, I may be good at a lotta things, but lyin’ ain’t one of ’em — ya know that. When I say ya were good, I mean it. An’ don’t try an’ claim I did all the work… one thing I’ve learned in the past two weeks is that really good sex always means workin’ together.”

“But… but surely book tell Ranma how to pleasure self in girl form?”

“Yeah, I figured out some interestin’ ways ta masturbate, but this was way better than anythin’ I could ever do by myself. An’ the way I see it, that’s gotta mean ya did good.”

Shampoo blushed at this praise. “Thank you — you very good lover too, Ranma.”

The redhead’s smirk grew wider as she answered, “Now, how d’ya know that? It ain’t like ya got anythin’ ta compare it to.” The self-depreciation was enough to get the Amazon to smile in return. “But ya know,” Ranma continued, “much as I’d like it, we can’t stay here on the floor all night.”

“Why not?”

“Cuz I gotta go…” Shampoo’s eyes started widening, but Ranma saw this and quickly finished her sentence: “ta the bathroom! I gotta go to the bathroom!”

Shampoo breathed a slight sigh of relief; it was just her paranoid imagination playing cruel tricks on her again. Reluctantly, she let go of her lover, and they both stood up. “Is right down the hall. Let Shampoo know when finished — want to clean self up, too.”

A refreshed Shampoo walked back to her room to see a still-nude redhead sitting on her bed. “So, what we do now?”

This question was answered by a gurgle from the redhead’s abdomen. “Uh, actually, I ain’t had dinner yet. My conversation with the Tendos sorta took mosta the evening….”

Shampoo smiled. “Ranma want Shampoo to make meal?”

“That’d be nice.”

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