Nodoka's Solution - Horror House: Making Things Happen (LEMON) [Episode 176628]

by Kender

There wasn't more than a few steps taken by Akane before she saw something that made her come to a skidding halt.

Not that anyone would have blamed her, as the tentacles now slid under Nabiki's clothing. Squeals of dismay and surprise echoed from her as they writhed against her shapely body until they tore the fabric of her clothing to shreds. At the same time, they wrapped around places on her body that would otherwise be intimate. But it was rather... creepy and lewd to see them squeeze her full breasts and tease her nipples as they slid across her soft skin.

The biggest surprise was what turned out to not be all that much of a shock. At her mouth, the tentacle there pushed her mouth open wide as it slid down into her throat. Another one slid up between her thighs and into her womanhood as the ones holding her legs pulled the limbs as far apart as they could manage. A third tentacle probed and fondled her buttocks before pushing aside the supple cheeks to get at what was between them. And all to soon, there was a rhythm that got her rocking back and forth she grunted and moaned from the intrusions.

"Action safety off," said a bodiless authoritative male voice.

"Looks like the 'safety' was disengaged," Kodachi-in-Ryoga commented.

Akane scowled mightily as she flung a shinai at the tentacles. "You don't really think...."

"'That this is your fault'? Yes, I do."

"But I had to do something!"

"And now...."

"Penalty!" called out the male voice.

"You'll get to have a reason to understand."

"What are you...." Akane began... before seeing a bunch of tentacles looming over her. "Eeek!"

Ukyo watched as the youngest Tendo tried to beat off the tentacles, only to put herself into range of their grasp and frowned as she glanced over at the ones sliding up next to her. "This... is not going to be a 'forgive and forget' thing, is it?"

"Does not look that way," Kodachi-in-Ryoga replied.

Shampoo shrugged apologetically. "No way to help unless want to make worse."

"Oh damn," went the chef as the tentacles grabbed her, and pulled her so that she was parallel with the floor. Then they pulled her clothing out of the way and shoved into her with such force that her breasts bounced in response. Her gasp of shock turned into a moan of pleasure as her senses were overwhelmed just like the younger Tendo sisters were.

As for Akane, she was currently upside down, spreadeagled, and discovering that tentacles could do more to a body than just spear into it, what with the teasing and fondling that they were doing to her, such as with the tentacle between her breasts.

Watching the three girls get pulled off to the side to be likely ravished until the pleasure drove them senseless, the Amazon bowed her head in respect for the trio. "They... going to be very sore later."

"That's... very likely," the body-misplaced gymnast agreed.

"Game not quite as simple as we think, no?"

"Obviously not."

The Chinese girl merely nodded at the rich-girl-in-Lost-Boy, and shrugged, while:

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(Posted Sat, 11 Nov 2006 08:45)

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