PokeGirls (GD): Good Morning! (LEMON) [Episode 176418]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Taking a deep breathe, Ranma shook his head as he sat on the bed in the Tamer’s Room, the Blessed Tigress just recently returned to her PokéBall. It was unbelievable. Fucking a celestial PokéGirl left him feeling so refreshed. Really, REALLY refreshed! Wasn’t doing that, that often supposed to wear him out? Not refresh him? Although he wasn’t complaining. Hell, it was probably the best thing in the world!

God bless those celestial PokéGirls. Literally! He was so refreshed, and ‘normal’ down there instead of sore, that he felt like he could take on another PokéGirl for Taming right there and then if he had to!

...Hey, why not? Sheila deserved something for her victory, and he remembered that she liked having sex early in the morning.

Grinning, Ranma went over to the PokéBelt on the nightstand and looked through the PokéBalls. Sure he had his little Shaguar’s in hand, the pigtailed Tamer smirked. He was already naked, and he was sure that would be a sight that Sheila would appreciate.

Still the pigtailed Tamer wasn’t sure why Sheila loved getting Tamed in the morning. Was it because it was cooler in the morning? Sheila was an Ice-type, but she seemed to dislike the cold itself. Maybe just the cooler air before the sun rose over the horizon made her feel better. And frisky. He mentally added with a grin as he tossed up the PokéBall.

“Sheila! I Screw You!” Ranma called out as he tossed the PokéBall into the center of the room. The sphere of white and red activated with the command words, releasing a small red lightshow that soon solidified into a hazy and then solid form of the sweet little Shaguar.

The PokéGirl in question shook her head to clear her eyes and look around. Spotting the naked form of her master, she purred and literally pounced him, knocking him onto the bed as she smiled at him. “Hi, Master! Good morning!”

Ranma smiled, hugging his equally naked PokéGirl to him. “How’re you doing, Sheila-chan?” He asked her before giving her ear a kiss. “You feel better after the PokéBattle yesterday?”

Purring, the Shaguar nodded and hugged him a bit tighter. “Mmmhmm...” Sheila rubbed her hands over Ranma’s sides, happy to be cuddling and caressing him.

Smiling, Ranma’s left hand gently stroked up and down along her back. “Glad to hear, Sheila. You did very, very well yesterday... you won the Battle, my sweet little Shaguar...” his hand went down to her ass. “I’m sorry doing so destroyed your outfit in the process...’ although that didn’t stop Ranma from giving her ringed rear a little squeeze.

Purring and mewling at the attentions, the Shaguar shook her head. “As long as, purrr... I pleased you, Master.” She put her cheek to his chest and started nuzzling him while he squeezed and fondled her ass. Shivering slightly, she slipped her hands under his back and hugged him tightly.

Ranma smiled at the close contact and cuddling. “I think you deserve a reward for such a spectacular win, Sheila...” he told his little PokéGirl softly. “How about today we go and get you a new outfit?”

Seeing her eyes light up and the loud purring that came from her petite, but very cuddly, frame, Ranma knew that he hit the right mark for her.

Ranma smiled. “But first...” he said slowly, his left hand going to squeeze the base of her tail. “I believe I should give you another sort of reward...”

The Shaguar purred as she let off a soft mewl of delight. “How do you want me, Master?” She said as huskily as possibly, while leaning up and licking his ear.

Looking his PokéGirl in the eyes, Ranma smiled at her. “I think it should be, ‘how do you want me’?” He whispered into her ear. “I think my little Shaguar deserves some attention first.”

Sheila moaned as his hand squeezed her ass in juuust the right way, causing her to gasp and shudder. “Ooooooh! Mmmmasterrr... Purrrr!”

Smiling widely, Ranma whispered to his PokéGirl, “You like that, Sheila?” He squeezed a little more as he told her, “I can make you feel even better...”

The Shaguar nodded and started panting. “Puurrrrrlllleeeeeaaasssee?” She whined out, wiggling her ringed rear into her master’s hand while his other one rubbed her back.

Smiling, Ranma gently let go of Sheila. “Roll over onto your back. I promise I’ll make you feel really good.”

Mewling at the loss of his hand, the petite PokéGirl nodded her head and rolled onto her back, before spreading her legs and letting her master get a good look at her pussy, legs and breasts. “Mew...”

Smiling as he looked the Shaguar over, Ranma told her, “So damn cute...” his hands went to her inner-thighs, spreading her legs a little more as his fingers massaged. He then started to lean forward into her, his face going right to her little slit, his tongue giving it quick and rapid licks.

“Oooooh! Mmmm...” squirming and panting, Sheila’s tail wagged in pleasure as her master’s tongue worked her pussy-lips over with his tongue. “Feels so good, Master!” She cried out before she mewled in pleasure some more. “Ooooh!”

Sheila’s moans only served to urge Ranma onward, his tongue becoming bolder as it licked along her slit faster and faster, pressing between her pussy-lips and into her vaginal passage.

The Shaguar’s eyes rolled back into her head as she panted and purred even harder. Her hands went to Ranma’s head and pushed down on it, giving him more encouragement to work harder. “Ooooooh! Maaaasteerrrrr...”

Smiling to himself, Ranma continued to eat out his PokéGirl, his tongue becoming more active as it wiggled about and went deeper into the Shaguar’s folds. He was rewarded with the sweet taste of her essence, a taste that only spurned him on to do more.

Moaning and shivering, it didn’t take long for the Shaguar to practically screech out and spasm, her pussy-juices coming out of her slit en masse into her master’s mouth. She cried out for him as he got a mouth-full of her essence.

Pleased by the taste, Ranma’s fingers dug into her thighs, massaging her muscles. “Tastes good...” he said softly. He then started to flick his tongue right at his PokéGirl’s clit.

“Mmmmmmaaaassssteerrrrrrrrr!!” Sheila squealed out in sheer delight as his pleasurable assault continued on her pussy. “Sooo goooood!”

Ranma continued to pleasure his sweet little Shaguar, the tip of his tongue flicking at her clit vigorously, again and again and again rapidly. He loved seeing how she squirmed and spasmed with each little lick.

Sheila couldn't believe it, her master was giving her so much attention that it was making her head spin. “Ooooooh! CUMMIIIIIIING!” She screamed out, before her body went stiff and her lower folds spasmed again.

Ranma was caught off-guard, but he kept at it, trying to get all the fluids he could as his little Shaguar orgasmed. She did taste SO sweet, and it was so fun to try and get every little drop from her.

The petite PokéGirl shuddered in pleasure, moaning and mewling as she squirmed and thrashed about on the bed. Finally coming down from her orgasm, she panted and mewled, her body twitching as her master cleaned up her crotch. “Ooooh! Mmmmm...” she squirmed and moaned in pleasure. “Master’s sosooo good!”

Smiling as he heard Sheila’s little cries and praises, Ranma continued cleaning her. Finally, when he had gotten all he could from her pussy for the moment, he gave it one more lick along her slit, purposely flicking the tip of his tongue at her crotch. Letting go of her, the pigtailed Tamer sat up on the bed. “Did you like?”

Nodding her head quickly, Sheila purred and smiled at him. “Mmmhmm!” The Shaguar was panting deeply for breath to regain her wits and just loving every second of the attention he was giving her.

Ranma smiled down at his oh-so-cute Shaguar. “Do you want more?” He asked her as he looked over his Shaguar’s cute little body.

Grinning, Sheila nodded quickly. “Oooh, yes, please?” She asked, bucking her hips up at him, wanting her master to give her more of his attention.

Ranma smiled as he got on his knees and between his Shaguar’s legs. His erection was at full-mast, aroused from the previous fun. Placing his hands on her knees, he started to run the head of his cock at her slit.

Mewling, the petite PokéGirl pleaded profusely with her master through her eyes. The only thing that could come out of her mouth was gasps, moans, and purring. She needed his cock and his cum, and she wanted it now!

Ranma smiled softly at the look in her eyes. He then gave her what she wanted, pressing his cock into her folds. Slowly but surely, Ranma’s thick cock invaded Sheila’s tight Shaguar pussy little by little.

Gasping, Sheila thrashed and mewled loudly, enjoying the ministrations that she was receiving greatly. “PURR!” She moaned and gasped, her eyes snapping wide as Ranma s hips met hers, before he pulled her up into a hug, his front pressing against hers. She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and hugged him tightly. “Mmmaaasssteerrrrrr...” She purred as she squirmed a bit atop her owner’s lap.

Smiling as he sat in a meditation style, Ranma’s arms held the Shaguar tightly. “Love you,” he told her softly as he started to lift the cute little PokéGirl up and down on his member.

Purring happily, Sheila mewled as she kissed her owner all over his face, while her hands squeezed and dug into her master’s back. “Love... mew... you... purrr! Too, Maaasterr...” she moaned as she her whole body shivered in pleasure; she could feel every inch of him inside of her.

Ranma smiled as he kissed Sheila on the lips. His hands moved down, gripping her ass so he could set the pace further for how to fuck her. And he was intent on fucking her HARD!

The Shaguar purred into the kiss, shuddering as the pace picked up. Sheila could really feel his thick, hard cock sliding in and out of her tight, tight pussy, stretching her slightly and giving her access to more pleasure than she thought was possible.

Kissing his sweet Shaguar on the lips, Ranma continued to give it to her, lifting the Shaguar up and down on his cock faster and faster. He was really sucking face with her to keep the kiss from being broken.

“PUURRRR!” Her body shivering more as her owner’s cock filled her in the way only his cock could, Sheila cuddled her body against his as best she could while he continued to slam her up and down on his member. “MMMM!”

Finally breaking the kiss with his PokéGirl, Ranma smirked at Sheila. “Like?” He asked as without having to keep kissing her, he REALLY started to lift her up and down on his cock completely, taking her up so high she would almost come off of his cock.

“YES! OH YES! LOVE IT!” She screamed out, yowling in sheer pleasure as her master’s cock plundered her pussy. “SO GOOD!”

The pigtailed Tamer felt so proud of himself as his PokéGirl squealed in delight. He knew that it was him giving her such pleasure. At that moment, he wanted to get her off more than anything!

“Muh... MAAAASSTEERRRR!” Sheila screamed out several moments later. Her body suddenly went stiff as her vaginal muscles squeezed down hard on Ranma’s cock as their hips met. Her body thrashed through her explosive orgasm as she came and came and came around his cock. Throwing her head back, Sheila yowled as her pussy milked her master for all the cum that he could give her.

The sight and the sensations were just incredible to Ranma. Grinning widely, the pigtailed Tamer’s arms held Sheila to him tightly, keeping her from moving away and pressing her breasts into his chest as he came into her. His cock throbbed heavily as he spurt load after load of his thick, creamy seed into her little Shaguar pussy.

“PUUURRRRRR!” Sheila smiled happily and rubbed her body against her master’s as she felt him cumming into her. “MMMMMM!”

“Sheeeiiilllaaaaaa...” Ranma moaned her name softly as he held the Shaguar in his arms tightly wile he continued to orgasm, unloading quite a bit of his seed into the poor petite PokéGirl’s overflowing pussy.

“Soooooo fuuuuuuullll!” She mewled and gasped out as she was filled with her master’s seed.

Hugging Sheila tightly still, Ranma panted lightly as he asked, “Really? Full, huh?”

Sheila purred and nodded against him. “Mmmhmm...”she moaned out while nuzzling his cheek with hers. She just loved the feel of his body against hers, especially after a good, hard taming.

Smiling lightly, Ranma’s hands gently stroked up and down the Shaguar’s back. “You did very well with the PokéBattle, Sheila. You’re a good, good PokéGirl.”

Purring, Sheila smiled at her master. “Really?” She said happily. Getting any sort of praise was something that she, or any other PokéGirl for that matter, enjoyed immensely.

Nodding his head, Ranma told his Shaguar, “Of course.” His hands gently squeezed her buns. “Mmm... feels so nice and squishy...” he moved his lips to her ear and whispered, “Wanna go one more time?”

Purring, Sheila wiggled her rear into her master’s hands, before perking up at his suggestion. “Really?” She asked huskily.

Looking down into her eyes, Ranma said, “Really... I know how much you need it in this climate...” he gave her rear a little squeeze with his hands again.

Purring, she nodded and kissed him on the lips. She definitely needed this, especially as his hands were squeezing and fondling her, getting her more and more aroused by the moment.

Kissing his little Shaguar back, Ranma slowly started to ease his member out from the PokéGirl’s folds. When his cock was out completely, he broke the kiss and gave Sheila a devilish smirk before pushing her onto her back on the bed.

Mewling, the Shaguar looked at her master in slight confusion. What was he planning to do? “Master?” She asked, confusion evident in her voice.

His smile becoming calmer as he saw the confusion on her face, Ranma suggested, “Kitty-style?”

Sheila perked up considerably to that and nodded her head, before rolling over and raising her rear up and spreading her legs. “Like it?” She asked, wiggling her rump at him while showing her pussy off to him.

Ranma grinned like an idiot as he looked at her posterior wagging. “Oh yeah! You have such a cute ringed buns, Sheila...” he walked on his knees, getting right behind her. His hands went to her rear, feeling it. “I love it...”

The petite PokéGirl blushed and yowled lightly as he kneaded her rear. “Really?” She asked, purring and blushing as the compliment ran through her head. No one ever commented on how the rings on her ass looked before. She rather liked the thought of her ringed rear giving her master pleasure.

Nodding his head, Ranma told her, “Really.” Smirking as a thought came to him, the pigtailed Tamer rose his right hand up for a bit before bringing it down on her rear with a firm slap.

Sheila jolted and yowled as he slapped her rear. “Mmmeeeeeewwwwww...” her eyes went wide and she panted for bright right before her master slapped her butt again.

Ranma grinned. “You like, Sheila?” Again, he gave her ass a slap. “So damn adorable... I wonder which hole I should do...”

Purring, Sheila yowled as his hand slapped her again, and again. “Ah... a-any hole... Mmaaasteeerrrr...”

“Really?” Ranma asked as he brought the head of his slicked cock to her backdoor. “Even this one?” He gently rubbed his cock at her rosebud, teasing it.

“MEW!” Sheila went stiff, but wiggled her ass as his cock rubbed against her back-door.

Gripping her butt-cheeks, Ranma spread them a bit. “Is that a ‘yes’?” He asked as he pressed the head of his cock right at her anus.

“YEEESSSSS!” She cried out, gasping as the head of his cock started to slide into her back-door. “OOOOH!”

The pigtailed Tamer looked down as his cock slide in with relative ease. His erection was still pretty slick from their previous coupling and it was really helping here. “Ooooh yeeeaaaah...” he groaned happily. “You like, Sheila?”

“YEEEESSSSS!” Sheila yowled as he slapped her ass. “Soooo BIIIG!”

Licking his lips for a moment, Ranma then told Sheila, “I'm glad... I like doing you, too.” And then he bottomed out, his cock slamming all the way into her as his hips met her ass.

“OH GAAWWDS!” Sheila screamed out, wiggling her ass against Ranma’s hips as his cock filled her back-door to the brim. “Love you, Master!”

Ranma smiled, the words always hitting his heart, (and giving him an ego boost). “Thank you, Sheila...” he said as he started to get into a motion of thrusting back and forth in her ass. “Thank you especially for being such a slutty little PokéGirl...” yeah, it was rather mean to say that last part, but he remembered some of his girls really got off on him showing a more dominant side.

“Yeessss! Just a little slutty PokéGirl for my Master!” She yowled out, groaning in passion as her master used her for his own pleasure. “Just a little slut for you, Master!”

“Not only for me...” Ranma said as he leaned forward. His back pressing into hers, he whispered, “I’ve seen how you love to Tame with Grave and Mitsuko... you just love being the center of attention with numerous partners, my little slut.” As he said that, Ranma started taking harder thrusts inside of Sheila’s ass. His left hand reached around, gently poking his index finger between her lips and sliding in rather suggestively.

Sheila moaned and nodded, even as she took his finger into her mouth and sucked on it. “Purrrr!” She purred happily, mewling as her master played with her body and talked dirty to her.

“That’s it, little PokéGirl...” Ranma said huskily. “Suck it, take it. Accept like a good little slut would...” he had to admit, he was having fun doing this as he really rode the Shaguar’s ass; his left hand adding a second finger to her mouth.

Purring, the Shaguar closed her eyes and moaned loudly around Ranma’s fingers as she sucked on them while his cock slid in and out of her ass. “Mmmmmm!”

Continuing to Tame his Shaguar’s ass, Ranma whispered in low tones so only Sheila could hear; with his mouth so close, it would be the only thing she heard. “You’re taking to this like a pro... maybe I should let others Tame you? Maybe set a few guys on you at once?”

He didn’t know why he said that; he’d never do it... but he wanted to see his Shaguar’s reaction.

The Shaguar’s eyes snapped open as she turned her head to look at him in shock. But from the way she was purring and responding to his thrusting, not to mention that he could feel her juices spilling out of her cunt really let him know that she wasn’t adverse to the idea.

At his PokéGirl’s look, Ranma eased her by whispering, “I wouldn’t really... just wanted to see if I could get you off with words...” he kissed her ear as he removed his left hand from her mouth, bringing it underneath to rub her belly.

“Ahhhh! Mmmmmaaasstteeerrrrrrr...” Sheila moaned, her body shuddering in pleasure as he rubbed her belly. However, the idea of her master watching her do others, as well as the idea that she would be wanted by many really got to her, before she finally let go and had one hell of an orgasm. “OH YEESSS!”

His eyes snapping wide open at the pressure on his cock and the heat going down his legs with Sheila’s warmth really, REALLY caught Ranma off-guard. “Sh-SHEILAAAAA!” Ranma shouted as he came with his smaller PokéGirl, blowing load after thick load of his hot, creamy cum into her ass.

Moaning and thrashing under her master’s ministrations, Sheila yowled and shivered as she felt her bowels get filled with more hot and sticky cream. “OOOOH! Sooo gooooood!”

Panting a little, Ranma kept ups his thrusting all through his orgasm, really hammering into his Shaguar. Finally, after another minute or two, he began to relent. “H-holy crud...” he managed to gasp out between deep breaths.

“Mmmmmm... Yeeeesssss...” The petite Shaguar shuddered with spasms. She moaned in pleasure as she came down from her orgasmic high, leaving her panting on the bed. If it wasn’t for her master’s hands on her hips and his cock in her ass, she would’ve slumped to the bed out of exhaustion.

Panting lightly, Ranma smiled down at his PokéGirl as he looked at her backside. “Thuh-thank you.”

Sheila turned her head to look at him and smile, albeit a bit tiredly. “Purr...” was all that she could say at the moment.

It was all that was needed to be said in that moment.

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