PokeGirls (GD): In the Shadows of the Night... (LEMON) [Episode 175843]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Ranma smiled at the Blessed Tigress’ nuzzling. “Thank you, Alex,” he said honestly. Smirking a little, he moved his head to look into Alex’s eyes. “I think I have an idea of how to tame you this time...”

Alex blinked as a naughty thrill went through her body at the look in his eyes. “Oh?”

Ranma smiled. “You said you liked being dominated,” he brought up seriously. “And I know my Cheetit likes bondage...” He added with a blush at those memories. “How would you like to try a bit?”

The Blessed Tigress smiled brightly. “REALLY!?” She asked excitedly. Even her Kevin, as kind as he was, wouldn’t go that far for her.

Ranma nodded his head in response, surprised by the enthusiasm the white-furred Tigress showed. “Sure I will.”

A bright smile on her face, Alex mewled in delight. “Thank you!”

Nodding his head, Ranma said, “Give me a moment.” He then leaned over the side of the bed, giving the Blessed Tigress a rather nice view of his ass.

Smirking, the Celesial PokéGirl reached over and have his ass a firm squeeze. “Mmm... Nice and firm, Master.”

Blushing a little, Ranma smirked back at the Blessed Tigress over his shoulder. “Glad you like.” He blushed lighter as he felt her squeeze harder. “I’ll let you feel it all tonight before we go to bed.”

Smiling, Alex rolled over and hugged her master from behind. “Hmm... can I play with your body?” She purred huskily into his ear, using her left hand to squeeze his ass while her right hand went to his member, stroking it lightly.

Feeling his new PokéGirl stroking his body in all the right ways, Ranma moaned gently. “Shuh-sure...”

Alex purred and licked her master’s ear. “Thank you,” she whispered. Smiling, she squeezed his member a little tighter and stroked him even more. Her left hand rubbed and caressed Ranma’s ass.

Closing his eyes, Ranma moaned gently as he felt the Blessed Tigress’s hands work him over. He was already getting VERY erect in her hand.

Alex moved her hand from his rod to Ranma’s ball-sack as she rubbed and caressed him down there. Her left hand moved to the cleft of his ass and started to tease his rosebud. “Master?” She spoke softly. “I love you.”

Slowly nodding his head, Ranma couldn’t help but moan gently at the stroking and teasing. There was something so different... so erotic about a PokéGirltaking charge. And the fact she was being gentle in massaging his ball-sack with great care while telling him she loved him was VERY pleasant for Ranma. “Love you too, Alex...” he whispered back to her. “Love you too.”

Smiling, Alex kissed his cheek while inserting her left index finger into Ranma’s anus.

“Ah-Alex! AHHH!” Ranma gasped and panted as he felt the Blessed Tigress start to invade his backdoor with her finger.

Smiling, Alex gently thrust her finger in and out of Ranma’s anus. Her right hand went up to his member and started stroking it again. Licking the rim of his left ear, Alex purred and smiled. “You’re so sweet, Master.”

His eyes still closed, Ranma moaned as his Blessed Tigress continued to work him over. “Thuh-thank you...” Ranma mumbled in a voice barely a whisper. The sensations that went through his cock were electric as the Blessed Tigress jerked him off. And the feeling of her finger moving back and forth was so enticing, Ranma couldn’t explain it. He began to move his hips back into Alex’s left hand.

Smiling, Alex slowly inserted a second finger into Ranma’s anus. “You like?” She whispered to him.

Ranma’s body stiffened as he felt her insert another finger into his rosebud. He didn’t understand why, but with this PokéGirl, it just felt so good. “Y-yesssss...” Ranma hissed, bucking his ass back into her hand. “Feels gooood...”

Smiling with pride, Alex pressed her full, firm, and furry mammaries to Ranma’s back, her nipples digging into his skin as she continued to stroke his member. Using her right thumb, she rubbed the head of his member. “Your body feels nice, Master,” the Celestial PokéGirl whispered as she picked up the pace with her fingers.

To that, Ranma just continued to moan in pleasure. He was beyond words now at the sensations. He was used to being the more dominant one while sex. Now the tables were turned and he found not being in control could be VERY enjoyable. He couldn’t tell what was best about the treatment: the nipples at his back, the hand held tightly around his cock, or the fingers in his ass.

Grinning at the sounds of Ranma’s moans, Alex licked his left ear. “Such a good Master,” She whispered as she continued to stroke his member. Slowly Alex started to insert a third finger into Ranma's anus.

“AH! Alex!” Ranma managed to shout in pleasure. His ass was starting to feel so full, and yet he just had to have it! He grinded his ass back against the Blessed Tigress’ hands as she continued to play with and pleasure his body.

Licking her lips in anticipation, Alex could tell her master was about to cum. So thinking, she picked up the speed of her handwork on his member while increasing the speed of her fingering in and out of his anus. And, in a way, this excited Alex. Ace would have NEVER let her do this to him. And here she was, her master almost ready to blow thanks to her.

And then it happened. Arching his back, Ranma moaned loudly as his manhood twitched and spasmed. He shot his load onto the edge of the bed as his asshole tightened around Alex’s fingers.

Smiling, Alex continued to stroke her master’s cock while pumping her fingers in and out of his anus. She just loved the feeling of pleasing her master so.

And so it was that Ranma came quite a bit before calming down. A sheen of sweat could be seen on his body as he panted, trying to catch his breath.

Finally, Alex pulled her fingers out of Ranma’s anus and wiped them on the bed a bit. Smiling, she took her right hand off of his member and licked it, since she had gotten a good amount of his spunk all over her right hand. “Mmm... tasty.”

Ranma panted a bit as he lay down on the bed. THAT actually left him a bit winded. “Heh... g-glad you like...” he mumbled.

Smiling, Alex lay down beside her master and cuddled him, kissing him on his lips. “Never got to do that before. Thank you.” After all, she was a relatively young PokéGirl. She had only been with one master before Ranma, and that was Kevin.

Taking a moment to catch his breath, Ranma chuckled a bit. “You’re welcome..." he told her before kissed the Blessed Tigress on the lips again.

Alex purred as Ranma kissed her. “Mew... love you. Mew!”

Ranma smiled more. Yes! She had the ‘mew’! There was something about that cute sound Ranma couldn’t resist! And with her Innocence Enhancement, it easily put Alex’s ‘mew’ on par with Sheila and Grave’s!

Regaining his strength a bit, Ranma smiled. “I think it’s my turn to get you off now,” he said teasingly.

The celestial PokéGirl smiled at that. “Oh? What are you going to do? Tie me up and ravish me?” She hoped he did anyway.

Ranma smiled. “Something along those lines.”

Alex smiled at that and hugged her master tightly. “Mew! Thank you so much! Mew!”

At the contact with Alex, Ranma smiled and hugged the white-furred Tigress back. There was something about her he just REALLY liked.

After a bit, Alex broke the hug and lay on her back on the bed. Smiling at him, she spoke, “Master... do with me as you wish.” She even cupped her breasts and rotated them lightly to get his attention.

Ranma smiled at the sight. He then leaned over the bed slightly, trying to get the ‘toy box’ out from underneath the bed. When he had hold, he began to look through it quickly, looking for certain items.

Alex smiled at the sight of her master’s ass. She could get used to that.

Smiling, the pigtailed Tamer lifted some sets of chains and shackles that went onto the bed-posts. Ranma then moved over to the bed-posts and began to put the shackles and chains on them, making sure they were secure.

Watching attentively, Alex looked at her master’s naked body as he got everything together. She purred as she knew that he cared for her, would go to such lengths to let her have fun while Taming.

With the chains and shackles finally in place, Ranma gave the chains a tug. “Secure,” he said before leaning over to kiss the Blessed Tigress’ left ankle before putting it in a shackle.

“Oh no! I’m being tied up by the evil man. What shall I do? He’ll ravish me!” Alex gasped mockingly. “Oh no!” She smiled widely and winked, letting him know that she was enjoying the game.

Ranma blinked at her shouting but soon relaxed. He then kissed her right ankle before putting the shackle around it.

Alex tugged at her legs and noted, with some satisfaction, that they were secure. She smirked and playfully slapped at Ranma with her tail.

With the furry appendage slapping him, Ranma smiled and quickly gripped her tail gently in his hand to hold it still. He then began to nuzzle it.

Watching her master, Alex purred huskily. “Does Master like my tail?”

Ranma nodded his head as he told her, “I love it.”

That just caused Alex to purr even louder. Her purring was visibly vibrating her body.

Smiling, Ranma nuzzled Alex’s tail a bit more before letting go. He crawled up the bed. Holding her hand, he kissed her right wrist. He then placed the shackle over it.

Alex smiled and blushed a little bit. “Um, Master? I’m just curious... but... do you know the art of rope tying fetish?”

At the question, Ranma blushed more. “I’m not sure. I just know that Brit liked this, and you said you liked being dominated. So I figured you might enjoy this.”

The Blessed Tigress nodded her head. “Master... I don’t mind being dominated in any form. Tie me up, spank me until I cum, have your other girls in the harem work me over until I go mad with pleasure. It’s all good.” She smiled at him.

Blinking his eyes at all the kinky suggestions, Ranma couldn’t help himself as he slowly began to smile. “I’ll keep that in mind,” he said as he moved over to the final bed-post. Kissing her left wrist, he then placed it in a shackle.

Alex smiled at hearing that. “Thank you.” Of course, Alex didn’t tell him, but she really got off by spanking. One time her old master had spanked her on his lap for over twenty minutes and she came so hard that she passed out.

Ranma smiled and got between her legs. Using his right thumb, he began to rub her clit... which, unknown to Ranma, happened to be the ‘sweet spot’ for a Tigress.

Yowling like a jungle cat, the Blessed Tigress bucked her hips upwards sharply into Ranma’s hand.

Ranma blinked his eyes. Smiling, he continued to rub her clit with his thumb while using a finger to trace along her slit.

Yowling and purring loudly, Alex continued to buck her hips upwards. Amazingly, her fluids were starting to flow out of her honeypot rapidly, soaking Ranma’s hand.

“Wow...” Ranma said in surprise. He slowly took his hand away and lifted it to his mouth. He licked it a bit and smiled. “You taste great!”

“Mew! Really?” The Blessed Tigress asked while panting a bit.

Ranma nodded. “Very!” He then smiled and began to rub his erection along her moist slit.

Alex purred and bucked her hips. “Ooooh... you could... uhh... just rub my clit... ooohh...” she moaned out, knowing that if he did that, she’d get off in no time at all, even without him sticking his dick between her legs.

To that suggestion, Ranma nodded his head as he considered it. He then began to rub her clit again, while sliding his manhood along her slit.

Once again sent into a fit of yowling and purring, Alex bucked her hips upwards, even faster than before. Her internal body temperature was starting to go through the roof as her fluids leaked out from her slit, soaking Ranma’s hand and his member.

Smiling in pride at making his PokéGirl feel such pleasure, Ranma continued to buck his hips quickly, as his hand went form rubbing to pinching her clit.

Alex started to thrash and whimper under the sensations. “Oh gods... oh gods...” she moaned as her pussy started to quiver, her fluids gushing out of her slit.

Ranma smiled down at his celestial PokéGirl. He pulled back and just concentrated on pinching her clit. After a bit of that he then leaned forward and began to suckle on her folds, getting her taste as he continued to tease her clit.

Alex closed her eyes and was panting heavily, trying desperately to catch her breath. “S-so good, so good! So close... uhhh...” she moaned out Ranma continued to play with her clit and pussy. “AAAHHHHHH!” She cried out and bucked her hips, her fluids flowing even faster than before.

Ranma smiled as the Blessed Tigress orgasm. He did his best to lick and suckle that slit as he pinched her clit. He wanted to get all the fluids he could. She just tasted SO wonderful.

Collapsing back on the mattress completely, Alex panted heavily as she came down from her orgasmic high. “So good. So goooood...” she moaned out happily.

Ranma smiled and lifted his head up. He licked his lips, getting what was there with his tongue. “Yup. You taste VERY good.” He smirked at the Blessed Tigress. “Now what should I do next to my titty-kitty?”

The happy PokéGirl purred and mewled at that. “Oooh... anything you want.”

To that response, Ranma smiled. “Okay...” his smile became a mischievous grin. “You kept mentioning your ass to me. Perhaps you’d like it there?” He asked teasingly.

The Blessed Tigress smirked at that. “Hmm... yeah.” Actually, she really did like it when she got anal fucked. It felt so good to her, that she could barely stand it.

Smiling, Ranma got himself between her legs again. His hands massaged her inner thighs as he pressed the tip of his manhood against her rosebud.

Alex purred huskily as she looked down from between the valley of her breasts. This was rather interesting to her. She had never gotten to see herself being anal fucked like this before. Then again, she had never gotten to see herself anal fucked before, period.

Ranma smirked at seeing Alex watching. Bringing his hands underneath her legs, he lifted her hips up a bit to get better access and show off to Alex. He then slowly began to push his manhood in. He had to grit his teeth. She was TIGHT!

Purring loudly, Alex moaned as she watched her master’s member disappear into her furry and supple ass. “Oooh yeah... hurts good!”

“Glad you like,” Ranma moaned as he continued to push his cock into her tight ass. When his hips met her buns he smiled and began to grind his hips a little.

Rearing her head back for a moment, Alex moaned at the feel. “Oh yessss!!” She hissed out in pleasure. The feel of his cock so deep within her bowels was something else. “Hurts SOOO good, Master! I love it!” The Blessed Tigress smiled at him.

Making sure that his new PokéGirl had a good view, the pigtailed Tamer then began to pull back out from her ass, until only the tip of his manhood was in it. Smiling at her, he began to thrust back in.

Alex watched, amazed as her master’s generous tool was being taken in by her smallest hole. She moaned low at the feel of it as it continued to slide in and out of her ass. “Hurts so good! Yesss!”

Smiling, Ranma continued to thrust his cock back and forth in Alex’s ass, Making sure the Blessed Tigress got a good view.

Watching this, Alex couldn’t help but purr between her yowls. Her nipples stood almost painfully erect, begging for attention as her breasts bounced with each thrust of her master’s cock into her ass. Alex mewled pitifully as she felt her fluids flowing out of her honeypot, and down the crack of her ass, coating Ranma’s member with her fluids as he continued to thrust in and out of her. “So goooood!”

With the intense pleasure he felt, Ranma smiled and continued to thrust back and forth in his PokéGirl’s ass. Blinking his eyes, he noticed the nipples of Alex’s breasts were more than a little erect. Licking his lips he leaned forward and began to kiss and lick her left breast as he continued to thrust back and forth in her ass.

Alex yowled so loudly at that that she accidentally hurt her master’s ears. Her tail went up his left leg and to his ass, rubbing him there as she tried to buck her hips down to Ranma’s dick as it continued to slide in and out of her ass. She shuddered and moaned as her fluids flowed out more and more, covering her hips and Ranma’s member, soaking them through-and-through.

Ranma moaned a little louder as he felt Alex’s tail between is legs but he felt calm and collected to a certain degree and could concentrate on his ministrations. So he continued to thrust back and forth in that sweet Tigress ass as he began to lick her nipple.

Alex shuddered and moaned. She practically squealed in delight as Ranma picked up his thrusting in and out of her ass. “Oooh... so good. So good! Hurts so good! Love it!” She moaned out in a combination of pleasure and pain.

Switching between her nipples, Ranma brought a hand around to start rubbing her clit again as he thrust back and forth in her ass.

“AAHHH!” Alex cried out in rapture as she got closer and closer to orgasm. “Mmmmasterrr... gonna... gunna cum... AAAHHHHHH!” She cried out, thrashing under his ministrations of her body.

Ranma moaned louder than before as he felt Alex cum. Her ass was SO tight around his cock that he couldn’t move it. However, that didn’t stop him from reaching the peak and blowing his load into Alex's bowels as he came.

Alex arched her back, thrusting her breasts into his face even more as she shuddered. The feel of his seed in her bowels was just so good that she couldn’t hold back and orgasmed yet again, her fluids splashing over her lower belly and thighs and his abdomen. Slowly, as she came down from her orgasmic high, Alex whimpered a little in pleasure. “So good... so good. Mew! Love you, Master...”

Ranma smiled. His hands went to hug around the Blessed Tigress. “Love you,” he whispered as he nuzzled her breast.

Alex purred and smiled happily at that. “Mew... thank you.” She loved hearing him say that to her.

Ranma smiled. He gently began to pull his manhood out of her ass.

Again, Alex moaned lightly at that. “Mew! You feel so good, Master. Mew!”

With Alex’s Pristine Innocence and her delightful mewling, Ranma couldn’t help but see her as the sweetest PokéGirl and smiled at her before he kissed her on the lips. He then began to unshackle her wrists and ankles one by one.

Alex mewled as her wrists were freed. “Purr... now what, Master?”

To his Blessed Tigress’ question, Ranma smiled. “Hmm... well..." Ranma looked Alex in the eyes and suggested, “How about a spanking?”

Alex blinked at that before she grinned widely. “Really!?” She asked happily, becoming all excited again. Yes, one could see that Alex was a kinky titty-kitty.

Nodding his head, Ranma was again, surprised by her enthusiasm. “Yeah.”

Alex smiled. “Yay! Spank me good! Turn my ass a bright red!” She moaned out huskily as she crawled to him. The Blessed Tigress pouted a bit playfully. “Because I’ve been a bad kitty! I need to be punished!"

Her words made the pigtailed Tamer chuckle as she laid across his lap. “Heh. Hard to believe a sweety like you is a bad girl,” Ranma said teasingly.

Mewling pitifully, Alex told her master, “No! I’m a bad, bad girl... bad girls need to be punished.” She wiggled her hips. “I’m a bad, slutty PokéGirl who needs to be punished, Master.”

Again, the Pristine Innocence of Alex’s Blessed condition worked against her as Ranma smiled, her cuteness in his eyes just taking away the need to really punish her. “I don’t know...” He said teasingly as he rubbed her ass. “I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong.” And really, because of her being Blessed, it didn’t seem like she did. Looking up at him with those eyes that were so soft and shiny, and seemingly... innocent! It was hard to be mad at her for anything.

Alex pouted at that. Damn, this Pristine Innocence of hers could really work against her at times. So point blank, she told her, “I took advantage of you when you were trying to get stuff to tie me up. I’m just a bad girl who needs to get punished!” She mewled. Damn it, she wanted him to spank her ass!

“I wouldn’t say that what you did was that bad,” Ranma mumbled while blushing. He then smirked as a thought came to him. “If you promise to be a bad girl later, I’ll give you the punishment beforehand.”

To that bargain, Alex nodded her head energetically. “Yes, Master. I’ll be a bad, bad girl later... but only if you spank me afterwards as well.”

Ranma chuckled a bit. “Heh. All right, all right... I’ll give you what you need, you naughty PokéGirl.”

Alex did a full-body blush, turning her white fur red as she realized what she made her master promise. “What can I say? I just really like getting spanked...” not to mention that her last Tamer so rarely did it.

“Really?” Ranma asked. “I’ll have to make note of that.” His hand massaged Alex’s ass for a bit, before lifting up...

...It then came down with a loud...


Her eyes closed, Alex purred and lifted her hips up a bit, tail going straight up and letting Ranma get at her ass a bit easier. “Oooh yeah. More! Harder! Faster!” She begged.

Licking his lips, Ranma had to resist the urge to cry out, ‘so cute’. Instead, Ranma nodded his head and told her, “All right.”


Rearing her head back, Alex moaned and whimpered as her ass was getting spanked even more. “Harder! More! Spank me harder! I love being spanked!” Her fluids were starting to flow out easily again and onto Ranma’s lap. Being a Blessed Tigress, Alex was weak to dominating sex. But, unlike most where it was a handicap, she just reveled in it! After all, she had originally been a Tigress, and Tigresses specialized in being strong against sex-attacks.

To his Blessed Tigress’ reactions, Ranma just smiled more and gave his PokéGirl what she wanted.


Alex yowled loudly as her ass started to turn a bright red through her white fur. Her fluids were gushing out of her pussy even more than before. “So good! Spank me harder! Spank me more!”

Grinning, Ranma nodded his head and did as his sweet little Blessed Tigress begged.


Yowling like a jungle cat in Heat, Alex visibly shuddered as she got closer and closer to the edge. “More! Oh for the love the Thousand Gods, please give me MORE!” She moaned out, rubbing her thighs together as her fluids continued to splash onto Ranma’s lap.

Nodding his head, Ranma decided maybe now might be the time to try out his skills. It was dangerous, but the PokéGirl just seemed to love the attention. Plus, with that oh-so-sweet musical tone of her voice, he couldn’t resist.

The Katchu Tenshin Amaguriken!


Alex’s eyes snapped wide-open as her master turned her ass a bright red. “Oh YES!!” She cried out as she came, her fluids drenching his lap. “Hurts so good! OH YEEESSSSSS!!!”

Needless to say, Ranma was surprised to see his Blessed Tigress getting off so powerfully, but continued to spank her since she seemed to like it.

And through it all, Alex purred happily. Even as the spanking started to hurt, she didn’t care! It just felt so good to her! “More! Mew! Please, Mastre! Give me more!” She begged, even though her ass was starting to turn a dark red from his spanking; it was even showing from underneath her fur.

Ranma blinked his eyes as he noticed that. Even as so damnably cute as she was, something about the tone of color her ass took didn’t seem right. “Alex?” He spoke gently. “Are you all right?”

The Blessed Tigress moaned and slowly turned her head to look at him. “What? Why’d you stop?” She asked, pouting slightly. “Did I do something wrong?” She asked, her ears flattened back in sadness.

Ranma shook his head. “No, you did nothing wrong,” he told his PokéGirl, trying to ease the sudden guilt he felt at making her look so sad. “But your ass looks like it hurts.”

Almost comically, the Blessed Tigress blinked her eyes and realized that, yes, her ass was starting to really hurt. “Sorry. I was just so aroused that I didn’t feel the pain.” She smiled and blushed lightly. “Still, it felt really good.”

Nodding his head to that, Ranma gently massaged her ass with his hand. “Glad you liked it then, Alex-chan.”

The celestial PokéGirl purred, but winced as she realized just how sore her ass was from the spanking. “I made you overdo it. Sorry.”

Ranma nodded. “No, I’m sorry.” He smiled. “Don’t worry though, I’ll help.” Rolling Alex off his lap, Ranma stood up. He walked over to his backpack which was in a chair and took out a High Potion. Turning back to the bed, he then walked over to Alex and gave her the blue vial. “Here you go.”

Alex sighed and kept aching her posterior into the air. “Could you pour it on me?” She asked him.

To that, Ranma blinked his eyes. “I thought these had to be drunk.”

The PokéGirl blinked her eyes at that. “Oh. Sorry.” She grinned in embarrassment. “I thought it was one you rubbed onto the sore area.” Taking the vial, she started to drink it.

Ranma nodded his head. What he didn’t know was that Alex WAS right about the potions, they could be drunk or applied on surface. However, they were only half as affective with surface contact.

Still, as she drank it, the Blessed Tigress felt a pleasant feeling course through her entire body. Already, the swelling and redness was going down. She purred and smiled at her master. “Thank you,” she said in all honestly. To be truthful, she was starting to get tired herself.

Ranma smiled as he saw Alex yawn. The sight made him want to go over and cuddle her. “Want to go to sleep for the night?” He asked.

Nodding her head, the Blessed Tigress said, “Yes. Unless, you still want to keep going.”

To that question, Ranma shook his head. “Nah, it’s okay. You need sleep too.”

The celestial PokéGirl nodded her head and sighed as she rolled over onto her back and drifted off to sleep. “So tired... love you, Master...” she trailed off into a light snore as the Blessed Tigress went to sleep.

To the adorable sight, Ranma smiled. He cuddled up to his Tigress and fell blissfully asleep.

The white-furred Tigress smiled in her sleep and rolled over, her arm going over Ranma’s shoulder. If anyone had looked at them right now, they would see the Tigress holding onto Ranma protectively and slightly possessively, like someone who had a true lover and cared for them immensely.

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