PokeGirls (GD): Tigress, Tigress Burning Bright... (LEMON) [Episode 175839]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Sitting on the bed in his room of the Greenpeace PokéCenter, Ranma let out a deep, heavy sigh. He held up the PokéBall. He had gotten this from a man he felt really bad about beating. That Kevin guy wasn’t THAT bad... okay, maybe he did battle a little harshly, but he wasn’t a bad guy...

“Still, can’t believe he just couldn’t hold payment off for a bit. He was ONLY thirty SLC away from the phone-thousand. I could have waited.” Truthfully, he would have waited for days or months if he had to.

Ranma sighed again as he shook his head. No use in changing things now. Taking the PokéBall in his hand, Ranma tossed it with a call of, “Alex! I Screw You!”

The red and white sphere opened up and in a flash of bight red lights, a white-furred Tigress popped out of the ball. Getting to look at her up close, Ranma could see that this Tigress was different. She had blue hair for one thing, and the majority of her fur was white, even though her stripes were mostly black, save for those on her face, which seemed to have a blue tint. He had to admit, she was rather exotic...

And innocent... serene... just so damn cute. He knew she was a beauty, but it was almost the same feeling he got when he looked at Sheila or Grave... something that made his heart want to go out to her.

Little did he realize, this was because a Blessed PokéGirl had the Pristine Innocence enhancement, making her beauty even greater than it was before. It also added an indefinable aura of demure innocence on the PokéGirl, at least as far as things sexual were concerned. A Blessed PokéGirl didn’t act much differently from her base type, but even the raunchiest of PokéGirls would still somehow radiate a presence that made them seem almost virginal. This quality was one that was always about the Blessed PokéGirl, no matter what she were doing. Needless to say, this was greatly arousing to most Tamers.

Still, Ranma did a good job at holding off any hormones for the moment. The pigtailed Tamer knew she was in a new situation and would be confused, maybe even scared. Raising a hand, Ranma tentatively greeted, “Hi...”

Blinking her eyes at being summoned before someone other than her owner or an opponent, Alex looked at him. “Hi.” She returned the greeting as she began to look around. “Um... where’s Master Kevin?” Alex then sighed as it came to her. “Wait, Master lost, didn’t he?”

The pigtailed Tamer nodded his head slowly. “Yeah, he did lose,” Ranma admitted softly. “Sorry ‘bout that...”

Although it wasn’t what she wanted to happen, the Blessed Tigress nodded her head in acceptance and sighed. Alex rather liked her Master. While he was one that kept her and the rest of the harem busy a lot of the time, he was fair and kind to her and the others.

Ranma sighed. “He didn’t have enough money to pay up the one thousand slc...” Ranma took a deep breath. “So he told me to choose a PokéBall at random, since he couldn’t bare to consciously chose who lost. I got your PokéBall.”

Again, Alex slowly nodded her head, but Ranma could see from the look on her face wasn’t all that pleased. Her ears were flattened back as she looked at the ground. It was VERY easy to tell that she was depressed about all of this.

Ranma sighed. He couldn’t blame her. He was pretty sure she thought he was going to be like the real Sextome; a fate he could understand no PokéGirl wanted to have to suffer through. She was upset and tense, especially with how she kept rolling her shoulders back, squirming. Scratching the back of his head for a moment, he got off the bed and sat down on the floor near her. “Look... I’m sorry.”

After a bit of looking at the floor, Alex spoke up. “I liked my Master. He was kind, even if he kept us all busy and made us do stuff for him. But he was fair to us. Now I have a new Master who I don’t know much about.” She said softly. But to the contrary, she knew a bit if the Shadow League files were right, and although she wasn’t showing it, she was afraid.

Slowly, Ranma nodded his head to that. “Well, ask me anything, Alex. Anything...”

The Blessed PokéGirl was silent as she looked him over. “I don’t know what too ask...” she admitted softly.

Again, Ranma nodded his head. “Okay. Well... I’m Ranma Sextome. I’m a PokéGirl Tamer, level 69. I’m also trying to be good to PokéGirls, really I am.”

The celestial PokéGirl raised an eyebrow at that. She had heard things about him, none that good either up until just recently concerning a Titmice Invasion. “How can I trust what you say?” Alex had heard rumors of Sextome actually using his PokéGirls to attack humans before. Though, the Blessed Tigress had to admit, she hadn’t heard anything in almost a month now.

Wincing as the Blessed Tigress’ understandable distrust, Ranma sighed. “I have to admit, for a long, long time... too long... I was a real rat bastard... and I deserve the worst.” He sighed. “I had an accident some time ago. It really put my focus into perspective.”

Looking right at the pigtailed Tamer, Alex blinked her eyes. The celestial PokéGirl was simply astounded by the sincerity that she was hearing from him. “Really?” Maybe she could trust this guy.

Ranma nodded his head as he looked at the white-furred PokéGirl in the eyes. “Yeah... hell, any of my PokéGirls will stand up for me if you want to ask them.”

Sighing, Alex shook her head. “I don't know...” her shoulders slumped down as she slowly turned her head away from him. “I’m sorry, I guess I’m just really nervous is all.”

Nodding his head, Ranma admitted, “So am I...”

Alex blinked her eyes, surprised at that. “Really? But, you’re a Tamer. You shouldn’t be nervous about anything, especially one as talented as you!” That was one thing that was accepted about Sextome. He may have been a bastard, but he’d been what most people saw as the epitome of what was the perfect PokéGirl Tamer.

Ranma chuckled nervously. “Thanks for the compliment, but I am...” Ranma shook his head. “After my accident, I guess you could say I was Sextome, but wasn’t Sextome...”

Alex chuckled a bit as she felt herself start to relax slightly. “Heh... sounds like something a Megami would say.”

Ranma smirked. “Hey, it was a Megami that best described what I went through for me.”

The Blessed Tigress nodded her head to that as she rolled her shoulders a bit. She winced slightly as she could feel some knots there. Kevin did take care of her, even took her to a spa once to get her muscles worked out, but that was a long while ago. Right now her muscles where tense and sore from that PokéBattle she was in earlier.

Ranma frowned as he noticed the Tigress shifting about uncomfortably again. “Hey. You all right?”

She winced a bit. “My shoulders are sore,” she admitted, mentally kicking herself. She was supposed to show just why she’d make a good PokéGirl to her new master, and yet she was showing weakness to him already.

Ranma nodded. “Take off your jacket,” he told Alex seriously.

Blinking her eyes at that, the Blessed Tigress nodded and slipped her jacket off of her, revealing her purple t-shirt. She sighed and tossed her jacket onto a chair off to the side.

Ranma nodded his head at that. “Okay. Now get up on the bed and lie face down.”

Blushing lightly, the Tigress did what he asked of her. “I’m kind of surprised,” she said as she lay on her front on the bed.

Ranma shrugged. “I tend to surprise people,” He said honestly as he placed his hands on her shoulders. He began to grip them gently and roll his hands.

Alex hissed. Her shoulders were nothing but knots upon knots upon knots. And taking Stat Boosters like ‘Dire Hit’ only made things worse.

Fingers feeling her muscles, Ranma frowned. “Damn. You’re VERY tense,” he said as he began to work her shoulders.

Alex grit her teeth together and hissed. “Ow, ow, owww...” She whimpered.

Although it seemed so cute, Ranma frowned as he realized she was in pain. “I’m sorry,” he apologized seriously as he continued to massage her gently.

The white-furred Tigress moaned a bit. "Not your fault... just so tense. Ow..." She whimpered as he came across a particularly hard knot.

Ranma’s hands continued to work on the tense muscle. “You’ve been working hard for a long time... haven’t you?”

Slowly nodding her head, Alex hissed lightly. Though it wasn’t as bad as before, it was still hurting. “Yeah... it hurts a bit.”

Ranma frowned. “I’m trying to go as gently as I can.”

Whimpering, Alex turned to try and look at her new owner of her shoulder. I’m sorry... you’re doing so much already... but could you please, you know... do that small chopping motion to my shoulders? Maybe that’ll loosen them up...”

Ranma nodded his head. Holding his palms flat, he head them parallel to her shoulders and started to make numerous ‘karate chop’ motions gently.

Alex moaned lightly and closed her eyes as she could feel herself start to relax from her earlier tension. She started to lightly purr as Ranma continued to work on her back.

Continuing to ‘chop’ at her back, Ranma had every intention of giving the Blessed Tigress a small piece of heaven.

Her tail starting to sway back and forth slowly, Alex smiled lightly. “Feels nice...” she purred out happily.

Ranma smiled at the purring. He began to work on massaging her shoudlers again, rubbing the loosening muscles.

Alex sighed in relief as her muscles were being kneaded. “Ooooh... sore spot,” she whimpered, but was soon purring as he was able to work it out without much discomfort.

Ranma smiled and continued to work her shoulders. “They’re really loosening up.”

The Blessed Tigress nodded her head, her tail wagging back and forth as she purred. “Yeah... feels nice,” she cooed happily.

Ranma smiled at her tail wagging, the limb going back and forth ever-so-cutely. Even though she was still wearing clothes, Ranma was intent to help her. Slowly his hands moved to her shoulder-blades and the valley between them.

Smiling, Alex rolled her shoulders. “Thank you...” she moaned out softly.

Ranma smiled. “My pleasure,” he said as he continued to move his hands along there, concentrating on her upper spine.

The Blessed Tigress sighed in pleasure. “Can you take my shirt off.” She asked him.

Smiling at that, Ranma nodded his head. “Sure thing.” Grabbing the hem of her shirt, he lifted it up her body. He was glad she raised her arms, it made things easier. With the Blessed Tigress’s shirt off, she was just laying there in her blue one-piece.

However, Ranma noticed her one-piece was cut a bit lower in the back than the front. In fact, so low that it was just above her hips. Made sense why she wore the shirt now. “At least it gives me better access to her back though,” he thought seriously as he began to rub his hands along her spine.

She shivered as she felt his hand work directly on his back. “Ooooh...” There was just something with the way he was touching her back, even if not in a sexual way, that was just delightful.

Alex’s tail started wagging back and forth more happily as Ranma continued to work her upper back out.

Ranma smiled. As he massaged, he told the celestial PokéGirl, “I have to admit, Alex. You had SUCH nice fur.”

Purring, Alex smiled at that. “Really?” She asked, her tail moving up a bit while wagging happily.

Ranma smiled and continued to massage her back. “Really, Alex.”

Smiling, Alex purred and unconsciously raised her ass up a bit.

Seeing that, Ranma smiled as he moved his hands back to her spandex-covered ass. He massaged gently there.

Alex arched her head and yowled a bit. “Owwies. So tense...” she winced.

At that proclamation, Ranma blinked his eyes. “Tense in your ass?”

The Blessed Tigress nodded her head. “Yeah... oww...” she whimpered as his hands came across a few knots in her ass.

Ranma nodded, and gently began to work on the tension in her tush.

Purring, Alex unconsciously raised her hips up just a little more as Ranma worked her ass over.

Grinning at that, Ranma had to admit, this Tigress has such a fine ass.

Alex purred and mewled as the tension finally left her striped posterior. “Thank you.”

Looking at the Tigress, Ranma smiled. “No. Thank you!”

Blinking her eyes at that, Ales asked, “For what?”

Ranma smiled and blushed. “For letting me feel such a nice furry ass.”

Grinning, the celestial PokéGirl purred at that. “Well, you did such a nice job massaging it.” She noticed her hips were up and lowered them down. “Could you, um... crack my joints?” Okay, she knew she was getting greedy, but when would the next time be that she got such attention?

Ranma nodded his head. The look on her face seemed to be so sweet and serene when she asked, that he couldn’t deny her. Damn, her Pristine Innocence enhancement was working to her advantage! “Sure,” the pigtailed Tamer replied as he then placed his hands on either shoulder and pushed inward.


Alex whimpered a bit. “Oooh...” it felt good to have those joints fixed up.

Ranma smiled. He then moved his hands up to her neck and pushed down.

*Pop*! *Pop*! *Pop*!

Her eyes rolling, Alex purred as her neck was cracked into place.

Ranma smiled as his hands moved down her back, adding pressure where needed.

*POP*! *POP*! *POP*!

Alex rolled her shoulders as she felt her spine being aligned properly. No one had ever really gotten her spine right before. Even with a normal massage, all that was worked was her muscles, not her joints.

Ranma smiled and began to work on her tail along with the rest of her spine.

Alex purred more as he did that to her. “Feels nice.”


Alex’s eyes snapped open with that. She panted lightly as Ranma popped her hips in.

Ranma smiled. “And how was that?” He asked, hands still on her hips.

Alex panted a bit. “WOW!” Was all she could say to that.

Looking at the Blessed Tigress, Ranma smiled. “Glad you feel better.”

Alex purred happily, her tail wagging back and forth. “Thank you. I didn’t realize my back was so messed up.”

Nodding his head to that, Ranma said, “Sorry it was.” He knew it wasn’t his fault, but seeing her look up at him, and getting this wave of ‘cuteness’, he felt he had to apologize.

“Purrr... not your fault,” the celestial PokéGirl said blissfully.

Seeing his recently acquired PokéGirl purring, Ranma smiled. His hands went back to her ass to massage it.

Closing her eyes, Alex purred and raised her hips a little into his hands.

His fingers gripping into her furry buns, Ranma smiled and continued to massage her ass.

Feeling the hands start to become more active on her ass, Alex started to wiggle her hips in response. She had a large smile on her face as she purred loudly.

Ranma smiled at the sound. “You have a wonderful purr.”

That caused Alex to smile even more as she deliberately purred loudly.

His hands still massaging, caressing her furry posterior, Ranma chuckled. “You like that, don’t you?”

Nodding her head, Alex wiggled her ass lightly.

Smiling more, Ranma said, “I guess it’s all my fault. You’re dressed, but I can’t help but like that ass.”

Alex mewled and moaned. Was it getting hot in there, or was it just her?

A thought coming to him, Ranma looked down at the Blessed Tigress. “Alex...” he started with a blush. “Can you undress for me?”

Hearing the request, Alex nodded her head and pushed herself off from the bed. “Sure.” Getting off of the bed, she took a few steps away from him and turned to face him. She smiled at him lightly. “Thank you for the massage earlier,” she said while gripping the top of her one-piece and sliding it down past her breasts, letting her full, firm, and furry orbs bounce free.

Eyes following the bounce of her breasts, Ranma smiled widely at the sight. “Wow... they look really nice.”

Seeing how attentive Ranma was, Alex smiled and cupped her breasts, leaving her one-piece still hanging onto her around her abdomen. “You think they’re nice?” She asked while hefting her full furry mammaries up a bit.

“Yes,” Ranma said as he leaned closer. He kissed her right nipple. “Beautiful.”

The celestial PokéGirl shuddered at that. The electric sensations were almost overwhelming her. “Oohhh...” she moaned out.

Smiling brightly as he realized Alex liked that, Ranma kissed her right nipple a little more before moving over to kiss her left one.

Purring, Alex hugged Ranma to her left breast and forced him to keep his head there for a bit. “More...” she whimpered. “More, please?”

Nodding his head and pressing his face into her breast, Ranma suckled her left nipple a little as he raised his left hand to gently massage her right breast.

Alex moaned and whimpered at the sensations. “Yess...” She couldn’t believe how easily turned on this man was making it; it was amazing!

And then the Blessed Tigress mentally blinked as she realized that today was the day that she was going to get Tamed from her old master, and as such was in a bit of need of some sex.

Pulling his head back form the Blessed Tigress’ breast, Ranma smiled at her. “You have such nice breasts, Alex.”

The Blessed Tigress mewled and smiled at him. “Thank you,” she said in all honesty. Yowling a bit, she realized something. “Ranma? I really need a Taming,” she blushed at saying that...

A blush that was enhanced by her Pristine Innocence enhancement, making Ranma smile wide at the sight. “Okay. Well, how do you want it, Alex?”

Smiling, Alex pulled down her one-piece. Stepping out of the clothing as she got onto the bed, the celestial PokéGirl got to her hands and knees, lowered her head, and lifted her tail straight up. “Purr... either hole, Ranma. I just need some now!”

Looking her over, Ranma smiled happily. He had to admit. She WAS quite a sight! Even with the obvious posture for need, it was like he was dealing with a new PokéGirl... no, not because he owned her for the first time, but if he didn’t know better, he would’ve sworn he was dealing with a virgin!

Whimpering, Alex wiggled her ass back and forth, up and down, looking like she was in heat. “Please?” She whimpered. “I need it!” The Blessed Tigress practically sobbed out.

Her plea breaking through the haze of thoughts in his mind, Ranma nodded his head firmly. “Don’t worry, Alex. I’ll give it to you,” he said as he began to undress for the Blessed Tigress. Getting out of his shirt first, the pigtailed Tamer then pulled down his pants and boxers in one go; his manhood was bobbing, already erect. That massaging had turned him on.

Alex whimpered and bucked her hips more and more. “I don’t care if you screw my ass... just screw me!”

Ranma licked his lips. Getting onto the bed, he crawled on his knees between Alex’s legs. His hands went to her ass to massage it.

Alex bucked her hips more and more. “Hurry!” She whimpered. She needed it so badly.

Taking a second to reflect on how she was reacting... Ranma couldn’t help but think about how she seemed so much like Brianna when he first tamed her. Understanding she needed it, the pigtailed Tame slowly began to slide his manhood along her slit, trying to moisten his cock for entry.

Alex whimpered and bucked her hips downwards. She SO wanted that meat in her!

Ranma nodded his head at the Blessed Tigress’ actions. Pulling back, he then pushed forward, his manhood at her Jaden gates. He then REALLY pushed forward, his cock delving into her pussy.

Alex arched her back and yowled loudly. She shuddered and sighed as her pussy clamped down on Ranma’s member, massaging and coating it with her fluids as she hit orgasm. “So goooooooooood...” she moaned out.

Blinking his eyes, Ranma was surprised that the Blessed Tigress came so fast! “Wow...” he mumbled as he slowly began to thrust back and forth.

Rearing her head back, Alex moaned and bucked her hips in response to his thrusting. She had been so turned on from before that it wasn’t her fault when she came after Ranma’s initial plunge into her warm folds.

At his PokéGirl’s moaning, Ranma grinned. His hands massaged her ass as he continued to thrust back and forth.

Alex purred quite loudly and happily. Her tail was wagging back and forth across his chest as she counter-thrust onto his member.

Ranma smiled. As he thrust he lifted his right hand. He then brought it down onto her right cheek quickly!


At the strike, Alex arched her head back and yowled loudly, huskily...

Seeing her rather cute reaction, Ranma smiled widely. “Do you like?” He asked as he rubbed her ass.

Shuddering in delight, Alex nodded her head. “Uh huh... ahh... I’m something like a... AHHH! Megami! UHHH!!” She moaned out as she bucked her hips in time with Ranma’s thrusting.

“Really?” Ranma asked curiously as he continued to thrust back and forth.

“Uh huh... AHHH!! I’m a... phh yeah... Tigress that was... AHHH!” The PokéGirl shuddered in pleasure. Shaking her head to gain her wits, she continued. “I was... oooh... buh-blessed by a... uhhh... Megami! OH YEAH!”

“Really?” Ranma asked. He smiled as he remembered something about Archon. “Meaning, like a Celestial PokéGirl, you’re weak to domination attacks?” He asked curiously.

Moaning, Alex nodded her head. “Yuh-yesss...” she whimpered out.

To that admittance, Ranma smiled. “Wonderful.”




Alex arched her neck and started to REALLY yowl. Her body thrashed under Ranma’s hands as he slapped her ass.

Holding Alex down so she couldn’t get away, Ranma grinned as he told her, “Your ass feels SO good.”

The Blessed Tigress purred at that, and her tail actually slapped him in the face a few times as she thrust back onto his rod while he plundered her pussy.

Ranma smiled and managed to actually kiss her tail on a few passes. He was just loving Alex’s striped ass. “I think someone likes spankings,” he teased as he gave her ass another slap while thrusting into her.




Yowling, Alex moaned. She then slowly turned her head to look back at her new master with a smile. “Yes... spank me more. Show me whose boss...” she moaned out as she bucked her hips more and more.

Ranma stopped spanking Alex at hearing that. “You’re wrong,” Ranma said seriously, as his hands went to massaging the Blessed Tigress's raised rump. “I’m not the boss. You’re just as equal in this act as me...” of course, Ranma continued to thrust his manhood back and forth in that HOT Blessed Tigress-pussy as his hands massaged.

Alex moaned and continued to buck her hips in time with Ranma’s thrusting. “Ooooh... r-really?” She moaned out as her tail whapped Ranma in the face lightly a few times.

Smiling, Ranma nodded his head. “Of course!” He answered as he continued to massage her ass while fucking her. “Despite what we’re doing, I just can’t see you girls only as simple sex-pets...”

Shuddering and moaning, Alex arched her back and mewled. “OOooooh... thank you...” she moaned out as she slammed her ass back and ground it against his hips.

Moaning, Ranma ground his hips back into her pussy, loving the feel of her hot, slick folds. His hands gripped her ass gently as he kneaded the furry flesh.

Whimpering as her inner folds started to quiver, Alex mewled loudly. “Please! Tame me! Make me yours! Spank my ass! Dominate me!”

Although that series of demands was surprising coming from her... it just somehow seemed more cute than anything! Nodding his head, Ranma said, “All right!” He then began to thrust into her harder, his left hand gripping her ass tightly to keep her steady. He raised his right hand, and...




“Oh yes! Yes! Yes! MORE!” The Blessed Tigress moaned out, mewling as she slammed her hips back into his more and more. Her inner folds quivered more and more, coaxing the cock inside to go over the edge.

Gritting his teeth, Ranma moaned along with his PokéGirl. Damn! Alex just felt so damn good! He could feel himself getting close.





Rowling in pure pleasure, Alex shuddered under his ministrations. “Oooooh... muh-more... please? So close, so close! More! Need more! Uhhh...” the Blessed Tigress moaned out, her pussy quivering more and more as she got closer and closer to the edge.

Ranma moaned. This was just feeling so good. He could barely hold on as he gripped both her butt-cheeks and thrust back and forth in her pussy with all his strength.

Moaning loudly, Alex continued to slam her ass back into Ranma’s hips. “So close... ssoooo clooossse...” she whimpered out as her tail wrapped around Ranma’s neck loosely.

Ranma smiled. There was a sheen of sweat on his body as he tried to hold on. He wanted her to cum first. “That’s it... cum for me... cum for me Alex...” he whispered as he continued to pound into that perfect pussy.

“Oohh... ohhh.... ohhh...” Alex whimpered out as she felt her pussy quiver. “Oooohhh.... AAAAHHHHHHH!” She shuddered as her pussy clamped down on his rod. Alex arched her back and yowled loudly as she came and hard, her fluids gushing out of her pussy en masse.

As Alex’s fluids dripped down her Furry thighs, Ranma was arching his back. The feeling of her pussy was exquisite! “ALEEEEX!!!” He yelled as he came, his manhood twitching as he blew wad after wad of semen into her celestial cunt.

Alex yowled even louder as she felt herself being filled up by Ranma”s seed. “OH YEAH! RANMAAAAA!” She moaned out as she shuddered.

And then it happened. Both human and PokéGirl were overcome by an all-encompassing feeling of warmth and pleasure beyond just physical sensations... the euphoric feeling of a Bond being formed between master and pet.

Moaning, Alex, after a few moments, came down from her sexual high. “Ooooh... Master... sssooooo gooooood."

Though he smiled, Ranma internally winced. It didn’t feel right to have these girls call him, ‘master’. Yet, it seemed that they couldn’t help it, once they were Bonded to him. “Thanks. However, you’re not just good Alex...” his smile widened. “You’re excellent.”

Slowly, Alex lowered her body to the bed and smiled. “Really?” She asked, purring happily.

“Yes,” Ranma said as he slowly pulled his member out of her folds...

...And he got a nice surprise.

“Wait a minute,” Ranma mumbled as he realized something. “I’m not sore.” Heck, he actually felt REFRESHED down there.

Alex smiled and blinked when she realized that her tail was wrapped loosely around Ranma’s neck... but she didn’t remove it. “A benefit of celestial PokéGirls,” she said, smiling. “We can heal our Masters with Taming.”

Hearing that caused the pigtailed Tamer to smiled brightly. “Well, such a good little PokéGirl,” Ranma said as he slowly lay down next to the Blessed Tigress. He hugged her to him tightly. “I guess this means we can go another round...” he whispered into her ear before licking along the rim.

The Blessed Tigress smiled and cuddled her body up to his. “Ooooh... sounds good...” she turned her head to look at him. “Um, Master? Can you turn me over?” She unwrapped her tail from his neck when she asked that.

Ranma nodded his head. “Sure,” he said as he turned her over onto her back. Smiling, his hand went to rubbing her stomach.

Alex purred happily. “Master?”

“Yes, Alex?” Ranma answered back as he continued to rub her abdomen.

“You’re wonderful...” Alex said softly, purring happily.

Ranma smiled back. “No. I’m just good. YOU are the one who’s wonderful,” he said before moving a hand up to squeeze and please her breast.

Purring, Alex smiled and moaned. “Master... so good.”

Nodding his head, Ranma's hand continued to squeeze the Blessed Tigress’ breast. “Hmm... how shall I tame you this time?” Ranma questioned teasingly.

Moaning, Alex smiled at her master’s teasing. “Any way you want,” she admitted. “Even my ass...” she added with a husky purr.

Looking his PokéGirl in the eyes, Ranma smirked. “That’s the second time you mentioned the chance to bang your ass...” his smirk widened a little. “I’m beginning to think that’s someone’s favorite spot.”

Alex blushed at that. “Well... I’m a Blessed Tigress, and weak to dominating sex attacks... but... I like being dominated.” Of course, the way Alex blushed through her fur like that just made her adorably cute, Pristine Innocence enhancement or not!

Ranma nodded his head to that. He smiled as she just looked too cute beyond words, just as cute as one of his petite titty-kitties. Moving his head over to hers, he kissed the Blessed Tigress gently.

Smiling, Alex gently returned the kiss and hugged him to her lightly. She just loved the feel of him being so kind to her.

Ranma smiled as his own hands wrapped around her back as he continued to kiss her. There was just something about celestial PokéGirls that made him just want to be with them.

Purring into the kiss, Alex wrapped her tail around Ranma’s waist. She just loved how her Master was kind and tender to her outside of sex.

Breaking the kiss, Ranma smiled at the Blessed Tigress. He nuzzled her cheek with his own. “Yep. VERY good.” He smiled as he kissed her ear.

Alex mewled at that. “Thank you... my wonderful Master,” she said and nuzzled him back.

Ranma smiled at the Blessed Tigress’ nuzzling. “Thank you, Alex,” he said honestly. Smirking a little, he moved his head to look into Alex’s eyes. “I think I have an idea of how to tame you this time...”

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