SNL - Bikini Machine: Washing Fun (LEMON) [Episode 174468]

by Kender

There seemed to be little reason for Ami to find anything that might be an 'issue' in taking Ranma to where he could wash up. Doing things for him was why she was there, at least in part, and in doing this, she was acting within reason by anyone's speculation. Of course, the fact that he was currently nude was something of a major distraction, but then she was certain that she could handle it. After all, she knew a lot about the human body, and her master was a human, albeit a rather attractive one.

Holding up her 'responsibilities' as a personal shield for the moment, she led him to the water's edge, where she kicked off her shoes, and then let him take the lead as she pushed him towards the bottom of the waterfall. "Here we are, a place to wash up. Just think of it as something like nature's version of a shower."

"Bein' under a waterfall like this ain't a problem," Ranma reminded her with a light look over his shoulder at her. "I've washed up under 'em before."

"Oh, well... I just wanted to make sure that you knew the reason for this."

"I gotcha. Tryin' ta make me feel better, huh?"

"Pretty much," she admitted, and waved him forward.

A small chuckle escaped his lips, and he went to stand under the water, letting it splash over his body as he tilted his face up to let the cool liquid fall over his features. Doing only that washed off only a bit of the dirt that had piled onto his skin. But that left a lot of it on, and so she decided that she had to do something.

So, she waded over to where he stood, coming up behind him. With the way that things looked at the moment, he was going to need help. It wasn't that trying to do anything to him, since she was aware of what had already happened, and was fairly embarrassed over the image of herself as a temptress. She tried to keep things as calm as possible as she tried to figure out where she could help, and was relatively happy with what she did manage to do. Keeping it in health terms, she considered his well being to be the most important thing at the moment, and focused solely on that.

And then she put her hands upon his body.

Had she been a human girl, her heart would have been in her throat, at least, by what she felt right then. As she started to wipe away the dirt, she found her fingertips running along the hard lines of his muscles. She had seen the sweat created by his exercises cling to those same tight planes, and even then she'd been truly taken by the sight. Yet this was infinitely more real, and as she tried to be professional, she couldn't fight the fact that she just wanted to stroke his body.

Not that he wasn't unaffected either. From her first feather light touch, he had twitched, but not out of shock or dismay. Rather, it was all instinct, where he'd found himself almost shivering at how good her fingers felt on his bare skin. He put it mostly down to the temperature of the water, but there was no denying the fact that it felt good to have her doing what she was doing. Without needing to think about it, he knew that Ami wouldn't try anything forceful or pushy, and he knew that he could feel at ease with how she was helping him out.

Still, he couldn't help but stiffen as he felt her begin to massage his back. "What are ya doing?!"

"I.... It just seemed to be right. You seemed to have tensed up, so I was trying to...." she murmured, her tone allowing him to sense the amount of embarrassment and apology showing on her face. "Help you...."

"Do ya haveta? I mean, that isn't somethin' ta worry about...."

"I just wanted to help...."

"That's okay, but...."

"I'm doing it all wrong, aren't I? I'm messing things up for you...."

"No, no, you're not!" he blurted, not wanting to allow her to worry about being a bother. Almost on total instinct, he whipped around to talk to her, but when he went to grab her, that proved to be 'worse' than what had caused it. His sudden attempt to grasp her set her off balance, and she would have fallen into the water if he hadn't been there to grab her. "Ami, are ya okay?"

"I'm... fine...."

"Ya sure?"

"Yes, I am...." she began... and then realized what sort of position she was in. His face was close enough to hers so that she could see individual eyelashes. Then there were his hands, which were on her sides, but had slid her shirt up so that his hands were pressing into the undersides of her breasts.

It wasn't something that they planned, but then, they couldn't do so if they wanted to. Instead, they merely stared into each other's eyes before instinct took over. Lowering his head, he covered her mouth with his, and began a soft kiss that was not demanding, but did have feeling behind it. She seemed unable to do anything but return it, and she couldn't stop from stroking his chest much as she had his back. When his tongue slipped out from his mouth into hers for an instant, much to their mutual surprise, she only gasped for a second before it went back to the intimate moment of need that the two of them had been nurturing.

Words weren't needed as they slipped off the clothing that she had been wearing. Before, she'd merely waded in, trying to keep the garments dry, but now those were tossed to the side as he finished pulling off her top, and she slipped out of the clothing on her lower half. When she was as bare as he was, they shared a sort of pressing kiss as his hands cupped and played with her firm breasts, while her arms began to encircle his torso. She arched in his embrace when he began to nuzzle her neck, and he gasped as she rubbed herself against him.

Soon, they could wait no longer, and he pressed her back against the stone wall beneath the waterfall. The rocks dug into her back, but that did not seem to matter to her. Ami merely spread her legs as wide as she could as he ran one hand down her flat belly to the intimate space between her legs. As he rubbed those lower lips, she began to push back just ever so much, and with the whimpers that his touch between those petals gained, there was little doubt as to what was going to happen.

Positioning himself into the most comfortable place for her that he could manage, he sank himself deep within her womanhood, much to their mutual pleasure. With both of them groaning in appreciation of the sensations that single act gave them, they started what could only get better. Slowly, he began to pump into Ami, almost as if he wanted to treat her as a fragile flower. However, she was quickly too far gone for such a dainty hand, and she wrapped her shapely legs around his waist, almost as if she was trying to keep him within her body. There was little reason to worry, as he was soon pumping into her so that every breath in was a gasp, and every one out was a moan.

His grunts combined with her whimpers until they simply could not take it any more. Like the water slipping over the edge of the rise above them, they reached a peak that they could not avoid. Her body seemed to tighten around him when he found himself unable to do anything but spear her with his manhood as far as he could manage. The only sound that Ranma could manage was a strangled sort of groan, but he managed to fill that sound with a wealth of appreciation for the wonderful release that seemed to crash over his senses. Almost as if she could not let him leave her behind, her whimpers took on a desperate pitch as she grabbed that last little bit, and almost shook with the feeling of it.

Once he got enough of an ability to focus and breathe, he tried to find some way to explain what had just happened, but the sight of her clothing floating on the water forced him to make a certain comment. "Your clothes are wet."

"So, they are," she said in a fairly bemused tone, almost as if she did not have him still buried within her.

"You're not going to have anythin' ta wear."

"I can do without it for a few moments."

All that Ranma could do in the face of her clear 'happy time' was share a chuckle with her, while:

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