ID4: Akane, Naked In Tube. (LIME) [Episode 174463]


Ranma clenched his teeth as he noticed the Tendo sisters standing naked at the head of the line.  They would be next into the tubes, and he wanted nothing more than to leap out and rescue them.  But, although there was no sign of alien storm troopers looming over the herd and he’d been ignored up till them, he just knew that interfering right then would probably raise an automatic alarm or some such.

He was ignorant and uneducated about high tech stuff, but he wasn’t stupid.

So he waited and he watched.  The girl before them had seemed mostly unharmed by the procedure, aside from whatever the device was doing to her mind.  She looked hypnotically entranced and he was at least passingly familiar with hypnosis, so there was probably a way to bring them around once the machines were detached from their foreheads; or so did he hope.

Akane witnessed the upgrade of the girl in front of her without the slightest touch of alarm.  She approached the tube calmly.  She was aware that the same process would be done to her, but the knowledge merely evoked mild anticipation.  Her Controller wanted her to be upgraded and she desired only to obey the module.  Thus she did not flinch when she felt the slime ooze up around her legs and was soon floating naked in a tube of goo feeling really good about it all.

She next felt something move around her in the goo.  She was not alone in the tube.  However, she remained still while it brushed by her skin in several places, and then she felt thick leathery cables wrapping tightly around her arms, legs, waist, and chest.  She accepted the restraint without complaint.  The tentacles felt comforting, like the embrace of a lover.

It was, however, becoming difficult to hold her breath.  A vague sense of alarm began to rise, then receded.  Her Controller supplied reassurance and wordlessly instructed her to open her mouth.  Despite being submerged, she obeyed at once.  The goo tasted slightly salty.  Intubation began immediately.

“Mrph,” Akane moaned as another leathery tube pressed between her lips, inserted itself into her mouth and down her throat.  The protest was only an involuntary gag reflex and she fought to suppress it, then suckled on the tube to aid its ingestion.  She knew not to struggle, because her Controller assured her the invasion was for her own good.  She felt safe; if you couldn’t trust your alien mind control module, what could you trust?

Then the anal probe was engaged.

Her resistance spiked as she felt another tube press against her anus.  The perverse sensation triggered another involuntary reaction.  However, the pressure overcame the clenched muscles and forced its way into her tight rear passage.  The Controller instructed her to enjoy the rectal intrusion; to interpret the discomfort as pleasure sensation.  Suddenly she found the invader wriggling its way through her bowls to be quite tolerable; even welcome.

“Ohh!  I do like being tentacle raped while floating naked in alien goo,” Akane realised sleepily as yet another invader began to penetrate her last remaining opening.  To her vague awareness it seemed like an erotic dream.  “It’s very nice.”

A pins and needles sensation spread over her as fibrous tendrils began to puncture her skin and thread into her flesh.  Intravenous tubes punctured veins all over her body, but mostly on her back.  Akane welcomed each prick and puncture as though they were a caress.

“Pre-surgical connections established,” a voice in her mind told her, and Akane felt loved and treasured by the ship’s central intelligence.  “Acquisition AKN-10D0, be welcome to the unity.  Your uniqueness will enrich us all.  You are being upgraded to serve your new function.  You will enjoy this process.”

“Yess…,” the newly designated unit AKN-10D0 agreed dreamily as surgical intervention began inside her.  Her invaded limbic system reinterpreted each cut and paste as orgasmic pleasure.  Akane only thought through the haze was to idly wonder, “what am I to become?”

She might have been surprised when the voice answered, except that everything about her situation felt perfectly normal and acceptable.  “Acquisition AKN-10D0 is being upgraded to serve as…”

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