Fooled: Karma Is A Bitch (LEMON) [Episode 173426]


Nabiki Tendo had a gift with words. A gift she used fairly often to weasel her way out of trouble. Ranma Saotome knew that she was more than his match in the verbal arena, so this time he hadn't bothered to engage in dialectics. Nabiki had gone too far this time. He knew it. She knew it. Nothing more to say. Too late for justifications or rationalizations now, Nabiki.

So, after ensuring via certain pressure points that Nabiki wouldn't be in the state of mind to put up serious resistance, the martial artist had picked the middle Tendo sister and carried her bridal style down to the dojo. Punishment must fit the crime, after all, and the required materials were still there.

When Nabiki finally recovered from what had been the most intense, mind-numbing and delicious orgasm of her whole life, she found that she had been stripped down to her underwear, that her mouth was now filled with a rather foul tasting ball-gag, a blindfold covered her eyes and that she was apparently tied just the same way Kasumi had been half an hour before, suspended from the dojo ceiling.

Considering that scenarios like this one had featured very prominently in her nightmares for the last few weeks, Nabiki took it rather well. Perhaps it was another side-effect of the glorious afterglow, but she just couldn't find enough energy to panic right now. Things were going to happen, but it was clear that events had spiraled out of control. No point in worrying about it, then. Normally, such an idea would have been anathema for the Ice Queen of Furinkan High, but at the moment she couldn't bring herself to care.

What she could do was bring herself to orgasm, thanks to the crotchrope pressing against her vulva and particularly the devilish knot that brushed against her excited clitoris. Trapped in a world of sensation and helpless arousal, Nabiki Tendo did just that, moving her hands up and down to get more friction, more fuel for the growing fire that burned between her legs.

She was a few seconds short of the crest, when she felt a presence behind her. The crotchrope was undone just in time to leave her frustrated beyond belief. A few seconds later, a finger touched her soaked panties, but the digit was removed before he had the chance to complete her ascension.

"Such a naughty, needy girl."

She recognized the voice, although Nabiki's brain had some processing it in the current context. She had been expecting Ranma. Maybe Ranma-chan. Not Kasumi. Never innocent, good-natured Kasumi. Roughly at this point, Nabiki Tendo realized that she was in deep shit.

"Ranma is such a considerate Master, sis. I was sure that we were going to have a great time together, but I wasn't counting on such a nice present so soon after becoming his. And it is not even my birthday yet... Well. I'm sure that I will have a lot of fun with my present. You will too, of course. Just not enough fun."

Nabiki felt her blood freezing when she heard the very vindictive tone of voice that her sweet older sister was using. Was Kasumi really that pissed after the last stunt? She had said that she was happy as Ranma's slave after all...

A familiar, very familiar, too familiar humming sound was her answer.

"Playtime, Nabiki."

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