PokéGirls - Rescue Team: Cherry Tigress (LEMON) [Episode 172411]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Her mind was still addled for the moment, but right now her PokéGirl Instincts were very agreeable to what the Cheetit was suggesting. She made a cute little mewl before telling the woman, “Thuh-thank you...”

Britanny smiled warmly at Ranma and kissed her forehead. It felt so different, Taming such an inexperienced PokéGirl. It made Britanny believe she really was a virgin...

...And if she was a virgin, that meant she might have...

Blinking her eyes, Ranma looked up at the Cheetit who had a devilish smile crossing her lips. “Britanny?”

“Yes, my little Ranma-chan?” Britanny asked with a huge grin.

“What do we do now?” She asked, her hormones starting to become sated, although still very active. Still, the level had decreased enough that she could think of other things outside of being sent over the edge.

“Well there’s one thing we need to take care of,” Brit said mischievously. If Ranma really was a virgin, Britanny didn’t want her to have a hard time when she finally got something in. So... that left only one option...

“Oh?” Ranma asked as she watched the Cheetit get off the bed. Her blue eyes followed the woman, staring at her spotted rear, especially as she was bending over to pick up something...

...that something being the dildo she’d dropped on the floor.

Britanny smirked as she heard a gasp behind her. Even in her hormone-induced state she knew exactly what this was for... and for whom...

Licking her lips in nervousness and want, Ranma brought a hand down to her pussy, lower lips still a little puffy from her orgasm moments before.

That thing went... in there...

Looking at the Cheetit with wide doe-like eyes, the Tigress mewled almost pathetically as Britanny brought the dildo over to her.

“Now this might be uncomfortable at first, but believe me...” Britanny said with a grin. “You’re going to love it!”

Ranma looked at the glistening dildo, the piece still moist from some of Britanny’s fluids and her own saliva from earlier. “Are... you sure?”

Well, as she thought about it, Britanny seemed to have enjoyed it...

So, following that line of thought, Ranma gently rolled over onto the bed, getting on her hands and knees like Britanny had been when she first came into the room. “Please be gentle... Purrlease?” She mewled oh so cutely.

The Cheetit's smile went from ear to ear at this, and she eagerly knelt behind Ranma and lightly pressed the dildo to her dripping pussy.

“Mewww!” Ranma mewled as she reared her head back, her tail fanning out straight and twitching at first.

Britanny was careful to take it slow, parting Ranma’s petals as the dildo started to penetrate the Tigress’ sex. It was a big dildo, one she was used to, so this needed to be done carefully.

Her eyes going comically-wide, the poor striped PokéGirl’s body went rigid as she felt her vaginal folds slowly parting, accommodating the toy that was being slide into her by a careful partner. “Aaaahhhhhh...”

Smiling, Britanny massaged the small of Ranma’s back to try and get her to relax. The dildo only very slightly in.

At the feel of the gentle rubbing, the shivering pigtailed Tigress slowly closed her eyes, purring at the caressing, even if her body was still a little rigid. She could feel as her inner-vaginal walls continued to expand, getting used to being stretched in such a way as never before.

Britanny nodded at this and pressed the dildo further in, twisting it slightly for easier penetration.

“Ahhh...” Ranma squealed as she felt the thing turning in ways that not only expanded, but somehow, gave her chills of pleasure through her being...

...And then she let out a soft cry as the head pressed against her hymen. “Mew!”

The dildo meeting firm resistance, Britanny realized that Ranma WAS a virgin... an actual virgin PokéGirl! Those were rarer than teeth on a Hotchick!

With wide eyes Britanny looked at the purring Tigress . Now this was a surprise... “Ranma?”

The answer that she got was something unexpected...

“Tigressss...” Ranma answered much like a Feral PokéGirl before purring.

Taming Shock? No, that only happened AFTER a PokéGirl had sex for the first time... maybe she hit upon some deeply rooted aspect of a Tigress PokéGirl's genetics?

“Ti... Tigrrress...” the Tigress rowled needingly as she shook her ass from side-to-side.

The Cheetit didn’t make the younger PokéGirl wait any longer and pressed forward, breaking the resistance and watching avidly. It was the first time she got to Tame a virgin.

“Meerrrrroowwwl!” The Tigress rowled as she reared her head back, the fur on her tail raised high, her fur standing on end.

Britanny remained unmoving, allowing time for Ranma to get used to the feeling.

Finally, after a good minute or so, the tension slowly eased from Ranma’s body, her tail relaxing and coming down slightly. “Tigress...” she mewled as she slowly looked over her shoulder at the Cheetit expectantly.

Seeing the Tigress’ look, Britanny smirked at her and gave her what she wanted. As she started to move the dildo back and forth, slowly at first, she wondered if she reacted this way the first time she was Tamed. It was so long ago, that she really didn’t remember completely... but she remembered being brought to a rather nice orgasm...

“Tigress!” Ranma yelled out, before purring like a motor-engine as the other PokéGirl was moving the dildo back and forth inside her folds.

That only served for Britanny to get more into it, speeding up her thrusting as she reached underneath to grab a furry orb.

Rearing her head back, Ranma let off a rather pleased rowl as the Cheetit took a more dominant role. “Ti! Tigress, gress ti-gress!” The pigtailed PokéGirl mewled out in her name-based language, obviously enjoying the Taming.

Taming that the Cheetit was just too happy to participate in, as she really gave it to the other PokéGirl. She pinched at a hardened nipple even as she moved the dildo faster, now piercing all the way in.

The Tigress let out a pleased rowl as the Cheetit pinched and pleasured her nipple with an outstretched arm. She started to move her hips back into the woman’s other hand, getting her to plunge that dildo into her further.

With no fear of hurting her now, Britanny allowed herself to be overcome by her hormones as well. The Cheetit let go of Ranma’s breast and placed her hand between the Tigress’ shoulder-blades. With a firm push down she had Ranma kissing the mattress.

“Tigress!” The striped pigtailed redhead rowled, shaking her raised ass back against the Cheetit.

Who in return showed why her species was known as the fastest one. She started to move her hand so fast it blurred, taking the dildo in and out all the time.

Her eyes snapping wide open, the redhead reared her head up in her position as best she could as she practically howled, despite being a Cat-type. The other PokéGirl was working over her pussy all too well!

Love juices mixed with a little blood splattered the mattress as Britanny continued the treatment mercilessly, wanting to make Ranma’s first full orgasm quite the experience.

The Tigress was panting heavily for breath, reduced to pitiful mewling and trying to hold on long enough to enjoy the treatment, even as her pussy was being abused in such pleasurable ways. “Meewww...”

Britanny could see the way her furry folds were fluttering, there was no way she was going to hold on for much longer, and she intended to make this an orgasm that would blow her mind out the window. Now if she could only... there! She reached with her other hand and took a hold of a little pink piece of Ranma’s anatomy, giving it a little twist.

“MERRROOOOOOOWWWWWLLL!!!” Ranma yowled as she practically EXPLODED around the toy in her pussy, her fluids splashing back with enough force that it splattered back against her lover.

Her body spasming for a moment after just the sudden SURGE of orgasmic pleasure shot through her body like a cannon, the Tigress let out a pathetic-sounding, yet sweet little, ‘mew’, right before her body collapsed onto the bed, the pigtaeld PokéGirl purring in her sleep, her body letting off a few twitches before settling completely.

The smile on Britanny’s face was sure to make her sore the next day, (along with Ranma’s hips) but she didn’t mind. Seeing the level of ecstasy the Tigress reached because of her made her happy in so many ways.

She really was such a cute and energetic PokéGirl... and with the obvious problems she was having, Britanny was happy to give her a respite of pleasure in the long course of confusion.

It was still with a smile on her face that Brit removed the dildo and set it aside. She laid down next to the Tigress and closed her eyes for some much-needed sleep.

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