PokéGirls - Rescue Team: Taming (LEMON) [Episode 172327]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Rubbing the bath towel around her body, the Tigress shook her head to get rid of even more of the excess water. She was feeling very thankful that the PokéCenter had showering facilities... and that the place had a boiler so that she was able to have hot water for her shower. Ranma had felt chilled to the bone after they got back...

“My own fault though...” Ranma thought as she dropped the thoroughly drenched towel and picked another towel from off the rack. This one she tied around her body... a body which she knew she was pretty much stuck with. “Joy...”

After the initial surprise wore off... okay, Ranma was still rather upset about it, but at this point, there was no crying over spilt milk. She was stuck as a PokéGirl, so she’d better get used to it...

“Or die trying...” Ranma thought glumly. Yep, adjusting to being a PokéGirl was definitely something that the Cursed Individual-turned-Tigress wasn’t looking forward to.

Opening the door between the shower and her room, Ranma blinked her eyes as she heard audible moans coming from next-door. “What the?” She thought as the noises were definitely unfamiliar to her.

Since this was a double-room, Ranma decided to check out what was wrong with the Cheetit. So, going to the door connecting both rooms, the Tigress turned the handle and opened her side slowly. “Hey, Britanny?” She asked as she opened the door for Britanny’s side inward. “Is everything... all... right...” the Tigress’ words trailed off at the sight before her.

Looking over the woman on the bed, Ranma couldn’t believe what she was seeing. The spotted PokéGirl was on her knees, face to the bed as she had her right arm between her legs. Her hand was holding onto and moving some long tube-like thing back and forth in her folds. And from the sounds coming from her mouth, she was having one hell of a time with it too.

Her eyes going wide, Ranma had to close her mouth and try to gulp, getting moisture to a suddenly dried throat. She knew she should leave, but she couldn’t move back from the spot... she was transfixed at the sight before her, a sight which brought an unfamiliar sensation in the base of her stomach.

This was the first time she actually saw this. Even having the body of a girl she had never done it... she was too embarrassed to experiment.

Ranma-chan leaned closer from the spot at the door-way, watching as the woman trembled, whimpering as she was moving that device in her womanly folds faster than before, her hands and the plastic becoming slick with some fluid...

The Cheetit’s tail wagged from side to side excitedly as her motions became spasmodic, her moans louder and louder.

As she watched the sight, Ranma was slowly wondering why it was becoming larger... looking down, she could feel the pallor of her face discoloring under her fur. Her feet! They were moving on their own! “What the hell am I doing!?” Ranma-chan thought in shock and no small amount of fear. It was like everything was going on automatic and left her mind in the back-seat!

Which, in actuality, it was... PokéGirls were designed by Sukebe to not only be powerful warriors, but powerfully horny as well... her new instincts of her changed body were taking hold, and Ranma-chan was in the position to initiate a Taming session... even if normally she’d faint at the thought of it!

Or at the very least, she’d get a nosebleed. Especially with the way Britanny’s back arched and even more fluids spewed out of her pussy.

Some of the speckles of fluid that scattered farther hit upon her body, sending chills like cold fire through her... she gently licked her lips at a small drop that hit her face...

And something snapped.

Ranma felt she needed... something... SOMETHING... she didn't know what, but it felt like this Cheetit could give it to her...

Reaching forward with a trembling right hand when she was close enough, the Tigress took hold of the device, surprising the panting Cheetit as she started to move it back and forth for her.

“What...? Ahhhh...!” Brit was taken by surprise with the sudden intrusion, yet any complains died on her lips before being voiced because of the pleasure brought by the new angle of penetration.

Her eyes wide as she watched carefully what she was doing to the other woman, Ranma could feel the sensation of her folds as she pressed around inside it with the heavy-duty plastic. She slowly raised her left hand reaching forward to caress the spotted PokéGirl's ass-cheek as she used the tool.

Brit removed her hand from her crotch and placed it down on the mattress, so now she was on all fours.

Licking her lips, Ranma continued to move to use the toy on the woman. Pulling it back far enough so she could take deep thrusts, Ranma blushed as she realized it was in the shape of a penis...

So that’s what it was for!!!

Somehow, that sigh of what the plastic truly was, a dildo, just spurned the Tigress on, making her feel hotter and making her go faster with the toy... she started to climb up onto the bed, getting on her knees behind the Cheetit as she continued to pleasure her.

“Ooh yesss...” Britanny moaned out as she met the thrusts with her hips. She was coming so much closer.

Ranma’s right hand was getting soaked as more of the woman’s fluids came out, but she just kept at it. Plunging that tool as deeply as it could before bringing it back so far it was almost out of her. The fingers of her left hand gripped tighter into the other PokéGirl’s ass for better purchase.

Her body trembling, Britanny had been close before, now with the added stimuli of actually being pleased by another it was too much. The Cheetit let out a scream as she came, love juices flowing out of her pussy.

Biting on her lower lip, Ranma couldn’t help herself, staring at the sight of the woman oozing all over the toy... she let go of it and pushed herself back, before leaning over and licking around the PokéGirl’s quivering, furry pussy. The Tigress could feel bells going off in her head. Yes... this... what Britanny was secreting... it tasted so good and calmed the raging fire she could feel growing through her body, even if only a little.

It was more than enough to encourage Ranma to lick harder against her, her rough little tongue lapping again and again and again...

Britanny purred loudly as her head hit the mattress, her arms failing her for the moment. It felt so damn nice...

When the other PokéGirl finally stopped spasming, Ranma lightly slide the dildo out with an audible ‘plop’ before she started licking it clean of all the Cheetit’s cream.

Slowly, the Cheetit turned over her shoulder and gave the younger PokéGirl a satisfied smile. “Nice of you to join me.”

Blinking her eyes, Ranma-chan looked over at Britanny... down at what she was doing... Britanny, the dildo, Britanny... she dropped the toy as if it were poisoned, her rational thought warring with instinct. “I.... I’m sorry!” The Tigress cried out, jumping back off the bed as if expecting Britanny to attack her.

Confused at the sight, Britanny blinked as she got up to her knees. “What’s wrong?”

“I... I did... THAT to you!” Ranma said as she pointed back for forth between the toy on the floor and the woman on the bed a few times. “Oh Kami, I can’t believe I was taking advantage of you like that! I’m so sorry, Britanny!”

Now Britanny was really confused. “What are you talking about? It’s great to have somebody else for Taming.”

Ranma blinked her eyes. The next questioned she asked made the Cheetit wonder if this Tigress had been a PokéKit prior to being found. “...Taming?”

“You know. Taming,” Brit said and winked at the younger PokéGirl. “What we need to do not to become wild Feral PokéGirls.”

Ranma blinked her adorable bright blue eyes. “You mean... sex?”

“Yeah,” Britanny said brightly. “And now it’s your turn.”

“My turn?" Ranma asked softly. Her eyes went wide, as Britanny reached forward and pulled off her towel, causing the Tigress to let off a rather cute girlish shriek.

“When was the last time you got tamed, anyway?” Britanny asked as she took a hold of her wrist and pulled the Tigress back onto the bed.

“N-never!” Ranma yelped out as she was pulled onto the bed with the larger woman, blushing as her face was brought between the other woman’s impressive furry mammaries.

“We so have to remedy that, kitten,” Britanny said with a smile as she tenderly ran a hand down her cheek. “You don’t want to go all wild and nasty, do you?”

“...No...” she said softly. She’d seen what a ‘wild’ PokéGirl was like with all those BuzzBreasts earlier... but was she ready to do this?

Then again, she DID practically go after this woman before...

Whatever thoughts she had on the matter would have to wait, though, because Britanny lifted her head and kissed her fully on the lips.

Her eyes widening for a moment in shock, the Tigress slowly relaxed into the kiss, her tongue pressing gently into the taller Cat-type. Closing her eyes, Ranma couldn’t help herself as she began purring.

‘She’s really new to this,’ Britanny thought as she deepened the kiss and ran her hand down Ranma’s back. Her fur was so soft... It was definitely a very young PokéGirl. Maybe sixteen, seventeen at best... she must have been a late bloomer if she never had a Taming before...

And that thought sent a naughty thrill up Britanny’s spine. She had a virgin Tigress here.

A virgin Tigress she would introduce into the wonderful world of Taming!

Her eyes widening, Ranma moaned into the kiss, squirming as she felt a few fingers lightly teasing her lower petals. And as the Cheetit stroked, Ranma-chan could feel that familiar warmth in her belly growing again.

The Cheetit lightly scratched her love lips, wanting to induce her slowly to intimate contact.

Breaking the kiss, Ranma let off the cutest mewl Britanny had ever had the pleasure of hearing.

“You really are just a kitten, aren’t you?” Britanny asked playfully, reaching up to scratch behind one of her ears affectionately.

Her body tensing for a moment, Ranma practically melted like butter as she felt the other woman wonderfully scratching her ear. “Purrrrrrr...”

And as Britanny noticed, melt in more ways than one. The hand still between the Tigress’ legs started to feel slightly moist...

Yup, Britanny decided that she was just a kitten out of the litter.

Tenderly the Cheetit continued to scratch behind her ear, enjoying the petting.

“Mewww...” Ranma mewled lightly, leaning her head forward and nuzzling her face between Britanny’s breasts as she purred, her striped tail happily swishing back and forth behind her.

Britanny giggled at the reaction and gave Ranma a kiss on top of her head before gently lowering her to the bed. It was time to start the actual Taming.

Being laid down on her side, Ranma shivered slightly at the broken contact, her body curling into a fetal position on reflex.

Britanny stared down at her, noticing how cute she looked. The Cheetit then leaned down to lick the outer-rim of her ear.

Ranma titled her head slightly, her whole body shivering. She could feel her body screaming out with need, but she wasn’t sure what... yet at the same time, it was all too clear what she needed. “Mew...”

As if in answer to her silent need, Britanny chose that precise moment to move her hand once again, this time rubbing at the Tigress’ clit.

Her eyes snapping wide open, Ranma leaned her head back, rowling as her body twitched; pressing her legs to her body tightly and somehow, exposing a perfect peach to Britanny.

“Do you realize just how cute you are?” Britanny asked with a smile as she continued to rub at the smaller PokéGirl’s sex.

Her body shivering, Ranma’s response was to let off plaintive yowl after yowl as the fingers of the more experienced PokéGirl continued to work her ever-so-nicely.

Smiling at the reactions she was getting, Britanny decided to make Ranma cum her first time without penetration, so that for her first time she was actually more relaxed.

And so all Ranma could do was whimper and mewl as her sex was constantly rubbed and petted, making her feel wetter and wetter down there with each soft and careful caress. Each time those fingers glided over her slit, Ranma could swear she felt the powerful build-up in her abdomen get tighter and tighter...

And then it happened. Rearing her head back, the Tigress let off a roar as the Cheetit sent her over the edge, her juices flowing out past her folds and drenching the hand stroking her off furiously.

Britanny smiled warmly and she continued to rub, seeing how much Ranma could take.

Breaking from her fetal position, Ranma squirmed about a bit, yet unable to break away from Britanny’s incessant rubbing. Rubbing that only served to prolong her first orgasm.

And not until it was over did Britanny stop her motions, watching the heavily-breathing Tigress avidly.

Panting for breath, Ranma-chan only had one thing to say about the whole experience...


Goddamn, if she wasn’t so adorable!

Britanny smiled down at her and leaned down to capture her lips into a soft kiss.

Closing her eyes, Ranma purred into the kiss, her arms reaching up and hugging the woman atop her, pressing their breasts into one another’s.

Once she broke the kiss Brit smirked down at her. “So was it?”

Smiling lightly, Ranma purred a bit. “Oh my kami... Britanny...” the Tigress looked up into the Cheetit’s eyes. “That was amazing...”

“That was only the beginning, kitten,” Britanny said with a smile. “There’s so much more. We’re going to have such fun together.”

Ranma smiled, somehow enjoying the thought of such a promise.

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