Ranma: Evolution: Clouds and the Rain (LEMON) [Episode 171919]


That night in the Xavier institute, a woman who could accurately be described as a force of nature dreamed a memory of a passionate coupling in a warm summer rain (and subconsciously created just such a rain in her bedroom, which would motivate her to ask the Professor about the possibility of waterproofing the walls and floor). An extraordinarily healthy, if troubled, young man who had lain down next to her as a young woman dreamed a dream of metaphors and Freudian symbology, that being about the limit that his isolated childhood allowed him to envision primal biological acts. Also, in a room down the hall from that bedroom, quite possibly the world's most powerful telepath's sleeping mind unintentionally weakened the walls between the dreams of the woman and the young man. The fact that said young man had been deeply impressed with the beauty of the woman earlier that evening helped bridge the gap as well.

So the virile young African tribesman Ororo dreamed of gradually began to lose some of his height and dark skin tones as they rutted like lion and lioness, resembling more and more a teenage Japanese boy, and though the size of the muscles on his impressive physique shrank in terms of pure bulk, their definition sharpened even further, more like that of the male form of the new female student she had decided to share her room with.

And the confusing yet arousing images of bullet trains entering tunnels gradually faded into insignificance when Ranma considered the stunning African goddess who was sitting beside him on his train trip, and who retracted the armrest that lay between them back into the seats so that she could snuggle closer against him. To judge by the affectionate, yet unthreatening smile she gave him, Ranma had a vague notion that a tomboy should be beating his head in right about now, but Akane never appeared. Perhaps she'd neglected to buy her train ticket? He supposed that was lucky for him, because when the Nubian Goddess he'd met earlier that day began stroking her hand across her chest, and curled one of her long, shapely legs over his thigh, he began to suspect a mallet wouldn't be heavy enough for Akane to express her desire for him to stop what he wasn't actively doing. Well, until Ororo leaned even closer and kissed him, and he found himself rather actively kissing back. Then he supposed Akane would actually have a valid reason to cripple him, but she wasn't here right now, so he supposed he didn't really have to stop, now did he? He certainly didn't feel like he wanted to.

Two dreams shifted further and blended together, through the power of an unconscious telepath. Seatbacks reclined in a train to give the riding couple a fairly flat and comfortable surface on which to roll around on, almost like a small bed that could easily be moved into a bedroom for a temporary guest. Ororo's sunning rock also became softer, leading her to decide she must have earlier laid out some thick hide blankets covered with a woven sheet traded for from one of the more distant towns at the edge of her tribe's territories, that she and her tribal petitioner could enjoy their passionate fling on something more comfortable than the hard surface of her sunning rock (at least before her tribal lover had become her Japanese lover).

And beyond the dream world, two bodies, dampened by the warm indoor rain, began to react to the dreams being shared. It was still all quite subconscious, a kiss in a dream prompting the sleeping bodies to seek out the lips of the warm body next to them that so perfectly matched the images of the other person in their dreamscape. Dark and slender fingers that slowly slid down the rippling abdomen of her dream lover to push down his loincloth, mimicked those actions in the real world of Ororo's bedroom and removed a pair of boxer shorts from her real-life bed-partner. A shy hand that slid into the considerably exposed cleavage of Ranma's dream-Ororo's scandalous outfit to push it aside, glided unencumbered across the naked expanse of the real Storm's sizeable mammary. Both dream hand and real hand encountered a rubbery nub, stiffened with arousal, and began to tweak and play with it.

Though the man Ororo had originally begun dreaming of had been confident and sure of what he was doing in her memory, she did not find it all that odd that the handsome youth with the fantastic body that man had shifted into was a bit more tentative. Very likely he was a virgin, and so the dreaming Ororo made allowances and took a more active role. Even as she rubbed the whole length of her nude body against his, she rolled atop of him, deepening their kiss as his inexpert hands continued to fondle her full breasts with surprising gentleness for an inexperienced boy, almost as if he were well familiar with how sensitive a woman's breast could be if handled roughly by crude hands. Were she not so aroused at the moment that she could stop and consider it, that would make a lot of sense, considering the strange ability Ranma had to change her/gender.

For the moment though, she gave it no thought, as she ground her engorged labia against his stone-hard manhood, drawing a deep moan from both of them, shared in their bonded mouths. Storm broke their deep kiss and gasped for air, grinning as she sat up and took hold of his hard cock, lining it up to the proper place. Ever so slowly, she sank herself down onto his member, relishing the hiss from his lips as her lover's most sensitive part sank into her moist heat. While certainly not the largest man Ororo had ever made love to, she thought he was of quite a respectable size for an Asian boy, especially one who was not quite fully-grown yet. Any fears she might have some difficulty enjoying this were happily banished by the time she had him fully seated in her slippery channel.

Arching her back like a cat, she slid her damp, slippery breasts up his chest before kissing him deeply once more, and then slowly began bouncing her hips up and down upon his lap. Hands that had been fumbling to fondle her large breasts once more fell away as Ranma moaned loudly, overcome by the intense pleasure he had never before in his life experienced. They settled upon her hips, occasionally drifting down to cup and squeeze her lush bottom. Ororo paused and squeezed her inner muscles around his rock-hard shaft to show her appreciation.

Ranma was having a bit of trouble. He knew somehow that he was on the verge of exploding, almost completely overcome by the intense eroticism of this dream, and yet he didn't want it to end so quickly. He needed to control himself, and the best way he knew how to do that was to take control of the exchange. This wasn't quite a battle, but he definitely saw it as a contest of sorts, and for him to win it meant he had to make this gorgeous African goddess lose control of herself before he did. With a heavily improvised Judo move, he threw his partner over onto her back without breaking their heavenly connection, leaned down to kiss her deeply once again, and began fiercely pumping his hips.

Inwardly thrilled by her young lover's new 'take-charge' attitude, Ororo responded by wrapping her legs around his back, pulling him toward her with each thrust, encouraging to fuck her even harder than he already was. Her arms circled his neck, pulling him down so that her breast were squashed against his firm, muscular chest, and she gasped and moaned her pleasure into his ear as he thrust faster and faster into her clutching pussy.

The moist slurping noises of his thrusting were coming faster and faster, marking the buildup of the intense pleasure she was feeling, until they were practically one continuous wet frothing.

Finally it happened, Ranma could hold back no more, and he yelled aloud into her ear as he slammed home one final time, his previously untested cock spurting a lifetime of contained passion deep into Ororo's body. With the surge of boiling semen blasting deep into her womb, Ororo too reached the 'Clouds and the Rain'. The halls of the residential portion of the school's main building echoed with her primal cry as she came.

And then it was over. Ranma and Ororo lay, entwined together, panting with exhaustion. Their bodies were slick with sweat wherever their skin met, save for one place where other bodily fluids predominated. The warm rain had long since dispersed as she who summoned it had her attention drawn into something beyond mere environmental mood-setting. As they lay, catching their breath, they gazed into each other's eyes, Ranma's sharp blue meeting the shining obsidian of Ororo's own windows to the soul. She smiled warmly at him, even as her panting began to slow into more relaxed breathing. Her joy of afterglow mirrored his own, and he couldn't help but smile back.

There was something in those eyes that Ranma had never seen before. Genuine affection, sincere caring, acceptance without judgment, true appreciation...

...perhaps even love.

Smiling more contently than he ever had in his life, Ranma lay his head down against her shoulder and slept the sleep of the redeemed. No more nightmares or terrors would trouble him this night, nor for many thereafter.

Ororo too looked fondly down at her lover, cuddling him like a snuggle-toy, and drifted into a deep and restful sleep.

It would be very difficult to say at what point the pair had become conscious. The transition between their dream and reality had been so seamless that even they wouldn't have been able to say when the train and waterfall pool had given way to the spare cot in Ororo's bedroom. Their attention had been fully upon each other by that point. In any case, they both felt so completely relaxed and contented that they drifted back to sleep without a single thought to how in the heck they'd come to be having sex, or the consequences of their actions, the possibility of pregnancy, the ethics of a teacher having sexual relations with a student (and a technically female one, so far as Storm knew at this point).

No, those concerns couldn't penetrate their sleepy happiness just yet. That would have to wait until the morning sun shone down upon the reality of what they'd done.

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