Usa's Wild Horse: Open Mind, Insert Wrench (LEMON) [Episode 171510]

by Lionheart

It all happened so fast.

The Inner Senshi had Ranma's pants off. Twenty years ago they'd surrendered all hope of love and marriage as all eligible males got purified and stopped being eligible. They'd all waited too long, and it was a miracle they had this opportunity - a miracle that almost surely would not get repeated!

They pounced on it like Usagi going after a stray cookie.

Seeing her loyal senshi start to rape their poor fiancee before her very eyes, Neo-Serenity became shocked. Sex was only proper after marriage and they weren't married yet! As it became increasingly obvious that wasn't going to stop the affection-deprived, hormonal, love-starved sex monsters that her bodyguards had suddenly become, a blushing Queen had quickly cast her best marriage spell over the lot of girls piled atop Ranma in a thrashing mass of limbs in hopes of making it proper before they got to anything they might regret.

Order is very proper, with everything done in correct sequence, and if THAT had a place anywhere it was after marriage!

Neo-Queen Serenity was somewhat astonished at their behavior, watching this scheme that bore no resemblance whatsoever to her own (rather limited) experience. Endymion had a two-stroke engine, firing off before she'd even gotten started. So she'd always assumed that the kissing, hand-holding, walking in the park and candlelit dinners was the good part, and sex simply a brief but messy way to get children. Her ordered mind had frozen on that assumption, and not once since had she been able to question it.

This explained why her daughter had no siblings.

Her daughter, the Princess, had momentarily put aside her own blushing confusion to take this opportunity to circle in behind her mother and cast her very best anti-purify spell over Neo-Serenity during this distraction, in hopes of curing her mom.

... accidentally catching the mass of senshi + Ranma in the blast.

The results of this tangle of magic were completely unpredictable, having both piled on top of his chaotic aura for randomized effects.

Ranma was soul-bonded to the four Inner Senshi, the marriage spell catching them at their moments of shared contact ensured that none of them would ever be happy unless they were mated together, and each of them would consistently seek the others out.

That was as far as Neo-Serenity's magic got in the split second it had before being caught up to by her daughter's magic.

Usa's spell, intended for her mother, cast a wrench in her mother's enchantment just as the magic was moving on to automatically casting out Ranma's various 'possessions'.

Poor, abused Ranma had a couple of personality fragments formed by the brutality of his father's training and some later treatments of excessive blunt trauma. One was the Neko-ken, the Cat Fist, where he gave up his sanity and felt he was a cat if exposed to too many felines, and especially if those were threatening felines.

Other times he'd had female personality fragments. One was when he'd gotten hit on the head and thought he was a normal girl. Another time his 'Evil Side' had gotten split off, and was coincidentally female and an excellent seductress, targeting his male side.

Chaotic, conflicting Moon Magic washed over the spontaneous attempted orgy and spat out a confusing mass of bodies.

One of those was a Moon Cat with red hair and a black crescent moon upon its forehead. Another was a blue-furred Moon Cat with a golden crescent mark on its. These matched the two red-haired girls that also got ejected, naked, from the mass: one with a golden moon, the other with a black one. These would have drawn a great deal more attention if Ranma, sans pants and covered in interesting fluids, had not also been propelled out of the mass of sweaty female bodies by the rocket-like force of a mighty nose-bleed as he learned just what Shampoo had been after sneaking naked into his bed all this time.

Knocked out by the force of his nosebleed, Ranma did not notice as he fell, only to be caught in the arms of Black Moon Ranko, who held his half-naked form against her fully nude body and crowed. "At Last! Ranma shall be forever mine! No one else can have him!"

"Evil Witch!!" The redhead leaped away as (after a quick restoring of costumes) four irate Inner Senshi stood up and blasted her location with all the power they had, destroying the building she'd been standing on.

Normally it would not be her style. She was far too level-headed and practical for it, but on this one occasion Dark Moon Ranko permitted herself a Kodachi-like laugh as she knew just what effect it would have - infuriating her opponents.


... and she bounded away.

Something about this was awfully familiar to the senshi; the evil redhead escaping with the handsome prince, only this time is wasn't just Sailor Moon losing her nookie!

"After her!"

As the Inner Senshi took off in hot pursuit, the blonde-haired Queen was shaking her head, assaulted by a menagerie of images as her daughter's spell undid most of the effects of her own self-purification, destroying most of what made her Neo-Serenity and restoring the old Usagi, aka Sailor Moon, bumbling but ever-well-intentioned heroine. The two opposed selves still warring in her mind, she blinked several times and looked up to see a naked redhaired girl sitting on the ground before her, forehead marked with the golden crescent, cradling a blue-furred Moon Cat to her otherwise bare chest and crying.

Ultra-Ordered thoughts conflicting harshly with well-meaning chaotic ones, perceptions thrown all askew and short term memory scrambled, the blonde blinked at the sobbing girl and asked what was wrong - as a course of action both her selves could agree on.

Sniff! "Oh, I just lost my Ranma. My heart feels so empty, I know I could die!"

Sailor Moon/Neo-Serenity did a quick scan of the grin and revealed a Soul Bond.

"Your Destined Romance is missing from your life?" she asked, tenderly.

Good Ranko nodded her head, soulful eyes still shedding constant tears as she gazed up at the heroine with a look like her heart would break, silently pleading for hope.

Back in the chase scene, Ranma awakened from the last nosebleed he would ever have (he was no longer qualified to have them, there being nothing left that could shock him) to a sense of falling. Nothing unusual about that, but as he instinctively flipped himself around to take the fall better, he accidentally threw aside the girl who'd been carrying him.

Both came to rest on neighboring rooftops, and Ranma froze as he recognized the sexy sneer of his evil female side. The bouncy bosom below that and the triangle of red fur even further down got noticed in an entirely new light as he assessed this opponent. His new immunity to nosebleeds did nothing to prevent a mesmerized and prolonged stare.

Despite his fear, Little Ranma (still at full mast from earlier) got, if anything, more alert to this interesting new situation.

"Don't worry, Ranma! We'll save you!"

Lightning blasted across those roofing tiles, missing Dark Moon Ranko by miles as she leapt high up into the air, showing Ranma part's he'd never seen on Ranko as they would have required a mirror.

Still well-trained to panic at the approach of fiancees, though, he darted inside of the building he stood upon as the explosions of the rest of the senshi's attacks threw up debris to hide his escape.


The Kasumi-like exclamation caused the pursued boy's head to jerk around and notice three things. One, was that he was still missing his pants (Venus had tied them around her neck as she'd jumped up to join this chase). Two, was that he'd dodged into a bathroom, and three was that the furo he was standing in was already occupied by a very attractive aqua-haired lady who was now staring at the member he'd practically stuck in her face as he'd turned.

Now, a thorough purifying of a soul did more than a few things. The Outer Senshi who'd objected to the whole process had also been depowered and had their Sailor memories purged from them, along with those attendant portions of their lives and the friendships and relationships they'd formed during those periods - particularly those with each other.

So Michiru presumed she was a single women with no attachments. She had a job in Crystal Tokyo as a singer and all-around musician, though violin was still her favorite. None of her family had survived the Great Freeze, nor had a husband been assigned to her, so she lived alone, knowing nothing better.

However, she did recognize authority, and obeyed that in a very Orderly manner as a well-adjusted member of Crystal Tokyo and good girl ought.

The Sailor Senshi were the ultimate, unquestioned authority of Crystal Tokyo, and only the Queen who was chief among them could overrule their commands. Naturally, as a citizen of that great city Michiru could recognize the aura of her rulers so she could automatically defer to those commands without uncertainty or confusion, recognizing and disregarding any impostors who could come to disrupt the harmony of that singular city.

This man who stood half-naked before her had on Silver Moon armor (some of it, anyway) and bore that same aura. She did not know who he was, not having heard of a new warrior being promoted to join those exalted ranks as yet, but that was immaterial. She knew that she was his to command by the very magic that hung about him like a cloak... and there was only one possible interpretation to his having presented his erect penis to her, practically in her face, while she was in such a compromising and exposed condition herself.

She moved to obey instantly.

Ranma had once again become distracted from his immediate surroundings by the sounds of battle from outside. Though he was loathe to admit it, his Evil Girl Side was more than those senshi could handle on their own, and he was currently wrestling with his conscience over leaping out to save them when a most excellent feeling engulfed his shaft.

Head jerking around like a broken robot, rictus smile in place, he looked down to see the aqua-haired beauty in the tub was deep-throating him. A sensation of pleasure washed over his body after this observation allowed his brain to correctly interpret this new signal and he could very well have spent the entire afternoon there dead to the world had not the outside wall exploded in a near miss and exposed him to public view.

The Inner Senshi and Evil Ranko all froze as they observed Michiru still kneeling in her tub, fully nude, as she worked over Ranma's shaft with every evidence of enthusiasm.

Rage built up in the senshi only to die as they recognized their former comrade. Guilt did a brief battle with selfishness over this. Both, in the end, gave way to shame and knowledge that they were already sharing him between them anyway, and the Guardian who had to get laid (according to Usa) to save the future might be an Outer after all.

However, these four bounced back in the happy realization they they already had a part of him for themselves. Neo-Serenity HAD married them, after all! So even if it had to be an Outer Senshi, they'd still get their own turns.

Dark Moon Ranko had no such comfort. This was HER man and he was HERS ALONE! No aqua-haired bitch, no matter how curvy, bouncy or stacked on top could have any part of him! Certainly not that part she was currently latched onto!

As Ranma's mind was being blown (not to mention other parts) he almost didn't notice the danger he was in. If it had not been for the twin signals of Evil Ranko's scream of rage and Jupiter's shout of warning, both he and Michiru probably would have been hit by the huge chi-ball that Dark Ranko was generating to throw in his direction.

As it was, all it did was destroy the musician's home.

Seeing as how his legs were too weak to move him at any velocity, Ranma had jumped away with his hands. And, rather than leave her to die, had carried his new friend away by the simple expedient of wrapping his legs around her still nude body. Oblivious to this all, Michiru went right on doing what she was doing, utterly destroying her savior's ability to concentrate on fighting, and forcing him to seek cover yet again.

Grabbing a bush for cover and sneaking through wooded areas, he made his way across a goodly distance before growing weakness and sounds of pursuit forced him to ground once more, this time in the home of a lovely young blonde girl who was the adopted mother of the cutest little purple-haired, now teenaged girl.

Being a Very Orderly city, those who had daytime schedules had very similar bath times also, and Ranma scurried in, upside down, naked from the waist down, and holding a nude beauty between his legs who was energetically sucking on his manhood, just in time to catch Haruka and Hotaru coming out of the bath, wearing nothing but modest bathrobes as they prepared to go to their rooms to put on pajamas.

So concerned was Ranma about staring about, watching for threats from behind him, that he slammed right into the pair of them, bowling them all over into an untidy pile, whereupon the remaining two depowered Outers came to the same conclusion Michiru had, after running similar programs, and immediately discarded their robes.

Sensing a tongue enter his ear and hands rub all along the more sensitive parts of his body, Ranma's rather abused intellect collapsed under the strain and let the trio have their way with him.

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