Great Will - Legend: Saotome’s New Wife... To Be (LEMON) [Episode 170297]

by Red Priest of the 17th Order

Sighing, Ranma shook his head and placed the phone back on the receiver as he looked over the kitchen. That sister of his was quite the character, but he wouldn’t want her to change for anything. But onto more important things for the moment, like what to eat...

...But then all thought of food was taken off his mind as he felt a firm hand slap his ass.


“HEY!” Ranma yelped in surprise before he turned around to see his fiancée standing there in her underwear, a smirk on her face.

“Hey handsome,” Britanny said with a lustful purr. “The bed felt empty and sure enough I found you here.”

Ranma nodded his head as he looked the werecheetah over. “Yeah...” he admitted, feeling a lump in his throat. “So, did you sleep well, Brit?”

Nodding her head, Britanny gave him a warm hug. “Mmm-hmm... You, Muffin?” She asked as she nuzzled his cheek.

Relaxing in the hug, Ranma raised his arms around the woman to hug her back tightly, returning the sign of affection. “Well enough. Just woke up with a slightly sore feeling in my right side. It went away with a bit of stretching and moving around...”

“Just take it easy,” the werecheetah told him. “Even with healing tea, dad said it’ll take time before you’re up to your old standards.” She ran a hand softly over his side. “So who was on the phone? Trouble?”

Shivering lightly as Britanny felt his scars, Ranma nodded his head lightly. “Yeah. She wants to start going on expeditions... and I think she’s old enough now where she could handle herself if she had to. I’m gonna ask Gina for her sake, but I’m otherwise making no promises to her...”

Her hands still stroking along his body, Britanny considering that for a moment before answering, “I think she’ll be alright. She’s got a good head on her shoulders plus we’ve both taught her some good hand to hand. She could handle herself, and if there’s something she can’t, we’ll be there.”

Ranma nodded. “Yeah. We’ll make sure she stays out of trouble...” he blinked his eyes and looked down. Yep, Britanny was using her hand to stroke the front of his crotch.

Wondering about her fiancé’s look, she realized that he had spotted her hand. Smiling, Britanny slowly moved it away. “Sorry, Muffin. Reflex.” She winked.

“Actually... that felt kinda nice...” Ranma admitted. Hey, it DID feel nice. And while he had memories of what they had done before and knew they’d gone at it many times, this was the ‘first’ time he really had that sort of attention. Licking his lips as he considered it, Ranma blushed slightly and asked in a softer voice, “Think you could do it some more?”

Britanny simply smirked and slowly tilted her head to the side, nibbling on his neck as her hand softly rubbed his crotch again.

Ranma let off a soft sigh as his hands gently caressed up and down along his fiancée’s backside. “Mmm... thank you, Brit...” he mumbled lightly as he hugged the woman of his life. “Keep it up, and I’ll take you to the mall today...”

At the promise of the mall, her eyes gleamed with delight. Britanny’s nibbles become feistier and her groping more insistent, but still tender.

“Ahh, yesss...” Ranma hissed in delight as he continued to try and hug the woman who was now getting feistier in his grasp. She just loved it when he brought up the idea of taking her shopping.

Slowly, Britanny’s hands slipped into the waistband of his briefs. She then shucked them down as she herself knelt to her knees, nuzzling his now exposed flaccid cock.

“Ahhh, Brit...” Ranma moaned lightly, his hands going down to the top of the werecheetah’s head for balance as he felt her nuzzling against his erection.

Smirking, the werecheetah ran her tongue up and down along his soft, (but not for long) cock as her hand gently cupped his balls with a gentle squeeze.

Panting a little, Ranma took deep breaths as she tried to hold on, to enjoy the feelings Britanny was giving him. His cock was becoming firmly erect with each lick and he enjoyed how her hand toyed with his balls.

Softly grasping her fiancé’s shaft, Britanny used her tongue to lick over the head, teasing it with quick flicks and sucks.

Panting to catch his breath as his fiancée magnificently worked his cock, Ranma was sweating a little and looking on with excitement. He knew it was being greedy, but it felt so good, and he wanted more. “Buh-Brit?” Ranma asked. “To the bedroom?”

Smirking at how excited she was able to get Ranma so easily, the werecheetah let go of his tool and walked on all fours to the bedroom. She made sure to rub her legs and sway her hips in a practiced way as to let her panties slide off her hips and down her legs before kicking them off as she went.

Watching her ass intently, Ranma leaned over to pick up her panties as she went to the living room. When she climbed up onto the bed, Ranma dropped both his and her underwear and got closer. His left hand went to her back, undoing the clasps of her bra while his right hand reached around to rub her belly.

Britanny purred as she let him remove the bra. She affectionately placed her right hand over his own to encourage him on.

Smiling, Ranma took the bra off of his fiancée completely. Letting it down onto the floor with her panties and his briefs, Ranma’s hands gently went to her chest. He slowly caressed her tits from behind, his fingers nimbly playing with her nipples. Moving his mouth to her ear, he whispered, “I love you.”

“Puuurrrrrr... love you too, Ranma.” Her tail slowly wrapped around his waist in affection. She reveled in the sensations of her fiancé playing with her body. He knew her intimately, just as she knew him, and he knew how to get her motor running.

Ranma smiled as the tail wrapping around his waist helped make for an inviting position. Smiling, his hands caressed her breasts a bit more, gently kneading them for a minute before he finally moved them behind her and slowly, pushed on her shoulders, slowly moving her forward onto the bed.

Smiling lightly as she realized what her fiancé wanted, Britanny assumed this favored position, wagging her ass in invitation as she spread her legs wide beneath her.

Smiling, Ranma’s hands slid down along her backside and to her ass, gently caressing his woman’s furry butt-cheeks. He gently rubbed the head of his cock at her furry folds before slowly, carefully delving into her. He went slowly as to not only be careful, but to savor the sensations of having sex.

Closing her eyes, Britanny’s purring intensified as she mewled in delight. Her folds gripped on his cock as he went in, caressing him with tight loving care.

“Oh God, so good Britanny...” Ranma moaned happily as he slowly slid into her folds completely. “Feels nice,” he said as his hands caressed her backside, feeling her furry muscles and soft curves. Slowly, Ranma started to set a pace, gently plunging his erection back and forth in Britanny’s folds. This was all so surreal and intense in sensations. Yes, he was enjoying this immensely.

“Puurrrrrrrrrranma.... yes... faster...” Britanny urged him on in a pitiful mewl. She could be a dominant personality, but she loved to let go during sex, loved to be submissive to her fiancé. He could do her so well.

Licking his lips, Ranma did as Britanny encouraged and started to thrust harder and faster, claiming her body with a quick and possessive plundering of her pussy.

Britanny mewled happily and arched her back. She was close. Normally she could hold out much longer, but they hit a very good beat last night, and she was still recovering from it a bit.

Panting for breathe, his body covered in a sheen of perspiration, Ranma continued to give it to his fiancée kitty-style, going faster and faster with each thrust. He was trying to add more force to it, but doing so made him start to lose his hold of himself, and he wanted to last a bit longer... or at least until Britanny came.

Fortunately, Ranma didn’t have to hold out for much longer. Britanny’s tail firmly squeezed around his waist as she SLAMMED back into him, crying out into the bedspread while her cunt CLAMPED like a tight vice as she creamed all over his cock, her coaxing folds demanding his load.

His eyes widening, Ranma was caught completely off-guard by the explosive orgasm he got out of Britanny. Moaning his fiancée's name loudly, Ranma pushed his cock into Britanny’s folds as far as it could go when he came and hard, the tightness in his groin practically exploding as he filled her with a rush of his seed in quick, firm bursts.

Shivering in orgasmic bliss, Britanny licked her lips, mewling in satisfaction at the feeling Ranma empty himself into her.

Ranma came for a full minute before he finally collapsed forward atop of Britanny, spent for the moment. “Thuh-thank you...” Ranma mumbled lightly before kissing her ear as he cuddled up to her from behind.

“I should be thanking you,” Britanny responded softly. That was ‘mmmhmm’ good...” she told him with a purr.

Ranma smiled more and kissed Britanny’s ear again before he gently withdrew from her folds. He then rolled over to Brit’s side, as to give her more breathing space. “Love you, Brit...” he told her again. “And yes, we’re going shopping today.”

Smiling, Britanny reached over with her arm to hug him. She was purring like the cat that ate the mouse and the canary.

Ranma smiled happily as he hugged his purring werecat back. Yeah, he could remember life being crappy recently... but with the love of his fiancée, he knew he was going to make it through...

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