Nodoka's D/Solution: One can Teach the Ignorant (LEMON) [Episode 168216]


Nabiki's eyes were permanently widened as she stared at her still-flushed (and completely naked) older sister wiped her mouth demurely with a tissue. Reality, for her, had taken a sudden left turn and had tumbled at full speed over the cliff.

It had started when Ranma, sounding nervous, had wanted to talk with Kasumi. Okay, sure, he'd just gotten back from a meeting with his mother, and maybe he was trying to figure something out. Listening in would be amusing and potentially quite profitable.

She'd put a glass against the wall, but hadn't heard more than a muffled conversation. Kasumi speaking in her "I'll explain everything" tone of voice, and Ranma occasionally interrupted in a questioning tone. So she'd gone out to listen at the door, and had approached just in time to see the door open and an already-eavesdropping Akane fall inside with an undignified squawk. She had waited for a few seconds after the door closed again and then had crept up close to hear. This, she had thought, aught to be good.

" -- you familiar with shibari, Ranma-kun?"

Nabiki had drawn her head back and blinked at the door quietly for a long moment. She hadn't heard that correctly, right? What would Kasumi be doing talking about, well, something kinky like that?

She'd put her ear up next to the door to hear better, and had heard Ranma's voice.

"... those ropes between her legs look kind of uncomfortable."

"Is it perhaps... pinching something, little sister?"

And then, Akane's voice.


Dozens of crazy reasons for Kasumi to be tying Akane up -- she was possessed again, she had been replaced by someone in disguise, maybe the Amazons or some other bizarre martial arts legend had done some--

Then she'd gotten caught herself, stripped, tied up -- and gagged! -- put in an absolutely humiliating posture, and had watched as Kasumi had Ranma tie HER up, spank her and finger her to orgasm.

Nabiki whimpered as her mind went over the events over and over.

After that, Kasumi had had Ranma take off her clothes and had then proceeded to go down on the boy in a way that seemed both obscene and incredibly erotic. She hadn't been able to look away (once she had stopped spinning) or even blink. And the noises both Ranma AND her older sister had made didn't help her condition either.

She'd known, of course, about the box in Kasumi's closet. The ropes, a couple plastic toys, the gag... she hadn't really thought it was anything but an idle fantasy on her older sister's part -- Kasumi hadn't ever gone out on a date, let alone done anything else, and she had her own toys.

She yelped through the thing in her mouth as a muscle in her bent leg cramped up and she tried to double up, only making herself spin further. She felt tears come involuntarily to her eyes at the sudden pain.

The pain suddenly eased and vanished, and she could feel strong fingers pressing into the skin of her thigh, soothing away the tension. It felt so good in comparison that she didn't react at all as the ropes holding her in her awkward position were rearranged, leaving her effectively sitting on a seat of rope, both legs still spread out wide.

She opened her eyes and blinked away the tears, seeing her sister smiling beatifically in front of her and Ranma, wearing a shirt (and ONLY a shirt, her treacherous mind noted) standing beside her.

"Ranma, what do you know about a girl's anatomy?"

"Eh, a little, I guess."

Kasumi nodded. "Well, we can fix that, and Nabiki had been very naughty."

Nabiki's eyes widened again, and the only noise she could make was a whimper.

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