Nodoka's D/Solution: Repressed Housewives are Always Lemon-Scented (LEMON) [Episode 168215]


Sighing happily, Kasumi obligingly roused herself to properly continue her lessons instead of merely enjoying the current situation. "Ah, Goshujin-sama, may I be untied?"

To this Ranma was surprised, though he did shyly ask, "Already? I wanted know...reward you more."

Blushing prettily and giggling briefly, Kasumi enjoyed a giddy moment at the sight of Ranma asking so sweetly to play with her more. "Ah, thank you very much, but from now on, you'll be able to do that as much as you like, whenever you like anyways. Right now though there is much for you to learn tonight, and it will go much quicker if I can help."

Blushing a bit, Ranma mutely nodded before finding his voice. "Ah yeah, that would be nice. I still kinda find all this, ya know, kinda strange."

Preparing to do as she asked, Ranma reluctantly withdrew his fingers from her dripping honey-pot, taking a moment to examine the slippery liquid now coating his fingers. His study of the strange substance was cut short however as Kasumi leaned forward to lick and then suck his fingers relatively clean.

From her perspective, Akane was able to watch his body stiffen as Ranma's pig-tail stood straight out, wondering for the first time what that was about.

Blushing for reasons he didn't understand, but once again blaming it on being a girl thing, Ranma finally set about untying Kasumi's arms.

Once free, Kasumi rapidly took advantage of her renewed freedom, briskly grabbing Ranma's shoulder to give him a quick kiss. Just as quickly she was to her feet, unmindful of her nudity, yet studiously redoing her ponytail to make sure her hair neat once again.

Once more presentable if very much nude, Kasumi took a moment to work out her kinks, incidentally giving Ranma something very entertaining to watch and making Akane frown for the first time that night.

However as soon as Kasumi turned her attention on her little sister, Akane quickly lost her nerve, instead finding the bedspread she was sitting on suddenly interesting. "I've been surprised at how well behaved you've been tonight Akane-chan. Would you mind waiting a bit for your turn, or do you not think you can behave that long?"

Suddenly aware of what Ranma might be doing to her on her turn, the little tomboy shuddered at the thought, hastening to answer, "Ah, no, I'm good. I mean I'll be good. Yeah, no hurry sis."

Giving her little sister one last glance, Kasumi turned to her other little sister, her predicament being the visual reminder that likely explained Akane's continued good behavior.

Working Nabiki's ropes as if it were a simple day-to-day activity, Kasumi lowered her tired sister's leg, then gave her enough slack in the rope to allow Nabiki to stand up straight as long as she stood under the ceiling attachment for the rope. That was apparently as much rope as Kasumi was willing to give Nabiki to figuratively hang herself, because the rope was once again secured to leave Nabiki stuck in her new predicament.

Slapping her bound sister lightly on the ass, Kasumi stood in a casually seductive pose at her side. "Now then Nabiki-chan, isn't this better? Now be a good girl and present yourself to Master Ranma."

Getting only a 'who me?' gesture from Ranma and no cooperation from her sister, Kasumi smiled a bit while cupping an ass-cheek in an all too friendly manner. "Now now Nabiki-chan, you're always teasing Ranma-sama and showing off your body, this should be natural for you. Of course, if you make me waste time using more rope on you, that's a decision you'll have to live with."

Gulping nervously, Nabiki was already starting to feel the ache from her previous position, and had no desire for that to get worse when the main event was still yet to come. So steeling herself towards what was to come, she turned to face Ranma, finding herself unable to face him while he was watching her so intently. A light smack on the ass however shocked her into paying attention to Kasumi again as her older sister gently chided her, "Now now, do it right. Spread your feet and stick your chest out, shoulders back."

Sore but too tired, not to mention gagged, to argue, Nabiki reluctantly planted her feet apart and took a more proud stance, despite avoiding Ranma's gaze to stare at his feet instead. One glance down confirmed what she had feared, her nipples were straining all too firmly against her thin tank top, and her blue satin panties were visibly soaked with her juices. She honestly wished she had been stripped nude at least, as then her hard nipples and leaking slit would have been much less obvious.

As it was though, presenting her obviously aroused and bound form to Ranma's inspection was a thoroughly humiliating experience. That surge of humiliation set off an even stronger wave of arousal that caused her pussy to aimlessly clench, the distinct absence of something there increasing her desire further. The needy contraction however forced a small gush of precious lubricating fluid to splash out into her already soaked panties. There the small amount of liquid briefly puddled before soaking through the saturated fabric, slowly condensing at the lowest point of the dark blue stain on her panties.

Once a few drops gathered, the slightly viscous lubricant briefly stretched out into a shiny thread of fluid before finally, inevitably, giving in to gravity, the first of many to spread out like raindrops on the floor between her legs.

Smiling warmly, Kasumi stood with a friendly arm around her sister's waist, continuing her lessons to Ranma. "You see, Nabiki-chan here hasn't even been touched yet and already she's overflowing. She's constantly playing with her toys in her room, and when she gets interrupted by something going on, she comes out all cranky because she hasn't be satisfied."

Ranma innocently blinked, doing the mental math. "...but she's cranky almost all the time, it's why she keeps messing with me."

Nodding helpfully as Nabiki moaned something into her gag and the pitter-pat of rain drops continued, Kasumi was pleased to see Ranma was paying attention. Perhaps he could be tutored in his schoolwork by girls in the nude as well, but that would have to be for later. "Yes, Nabiki is a very needy girl. It will be difficult to get her to behave, so you'll have to be very firm with her, but I'm confident that she can be tamed in short order."

Stepping away from her sister, Kasumi scampered over to her box of toys in the closet, taking a little time to fish out a particular toy. Seeing Kasumi holding up her prize, a pink gel vibrator, Nabiki moaned something else into her gag. Kasumi, for once, seemed to pay attention to her gagged sister. "Oh I suppose you're right, it's really not as big as your favorite toy. I suppose it wouldn't really satisfy you at all."

Instead of approaching Nabiki, Kasumi instead went to stand beside where Akane was seated on her bed. The older sister however turned towards their Master-in-training, indicating that Akane would be his next educational experience. "Now, if you would lay Akane-chan on her back and remove her panties."

Mid-movement towards his tomboy fiancee, the martial artist stopped suddenly. Even with Nabiki bound and on display, Kasumi gloriously nude and smiling encouragingly at him, and Akane firmly bound and oddly quiet, Ranma had sudden serious misgivings about touching the volatile girl.

Kasumi of course wasn't about to let such a trivial matter stop what was happening. "It will be alright Ranma-sama. Just be firm but fair with her, and she will have nothing to be angry with you about."

Still hesitating, Ranma instead turned to Akane, finding her looking surprisingly vulnerable, even without considering the ropes. "...uhm, Akane?"

Glancing away from her fiance, the bound girl quietly replied, " what she says. Kasumi...knows what is best."

As Ranma slowly moved to comply, Kasumi thoughtfully spoke up. "I think it's safe to say Akane will behave enough to have her legs untied. That would make this much better."

Getting a distinct lack of argument from Akane, Ranma showed a paradox in speeds as he carefully crept forward, yet his hand seemed to merely pass by her rear, leaving her ankles unbound in the process. Emboldened by his success, he tilted his bound fiancee onto her back before pulling her legs to him via her hips. From that position he gripped the sides of her panties and slowly began pulling them up and off her legs, with the only indication received from Akane being the cooperative movement of her legs that let her panties slip past her ankles with no fuss.

Kneeling on Kasumi's bed with Akane's panties in one hand and her calves resting on his shoulders, the young man had a prime view of the way her sweater-dress pooled around her waist, leaving the tomboy completely nude and exposed below that point. Glancing up didn't provide him with much of a clue as the normally lively girl blushed and looked away to the side, but it did give him an oddly satisfied feeling he couldn't quite place.

The quiet tableau didn't last long though as Kasumi brushed the active pink vibrator across her little sister's folds, causing the tomboy to stifle squeal and a moan. Of course, not content with a mere show, the older sister helpfully explained, "Now, Akane-chan isn't as ready as Nabiki-chan, as she's barely damp. A little teasing around the edges though should warm her up in short order."

Pausing a moment, Kasumi started explaining on a different tact, "The pink toy is a vibrator. A girl uses it to pleasure herself when she doesn't have a man. You see the resemblance to that part of you that makes you different from a girl?"

Looking at the transparent pink gel toy that Kasumi was using on Akane, Ranma managed to make the shape connection despite various distracting sights and sounds. "Ah, yeah, but uhm, is it supposed to vibrate like that?"

Nodding pleasantly at Ranma, Kasumi buried a few inches of the pink device into the squirming tomboy before letting go and continuing. "See, it stimulates her even when I'm not moving it. Now you take ahold of it."

As Ranma gingerly grabbed the base of the device like a handle, Kasumi helpfully continued. "Now, the focus here is to tease Akane with plenty of stimulation, but not send her over into orgasm. That is to say, take her close to the clouds and the rain, but don't let her get there. If she does though, no reason to worry, just start her up again. It might take you a few tries to learn the pacing."

Having just instructed Ranma on how to learn to work a girl into a high frothing foam, Kasumi blithely continued on, knowing that Ranma already had experience working over her own honey-pot from earlier. "Now then, you can also play with her legs in this position. In this situation, a slight ticklish sensation will only cause her to squirm in pleasure more."

Taking the nearest of Akane's legs as it waved in the air against Ranma's chest, Kasumi lightly ran her hand along the inside of the captured limb. The trailing light touch that ran from ankle to inner thigh had an immediate reaction on the bound girl, the captive tomboy squirming and moaning more openly despite obviously trying to restrain her reactions.

Politely handing the quivering limb back to Ranma, Kasumi stood and bowed slightly as she excused herself. "If you'll just play with Akane for a little bit, I need to go make some arrangements, and fetch Nabiki's toys. Oh and some towels, Nabiki-chan is already making a mess and we haven't even gotten to the messy parts yet."

Curious, Ranma halfway watched as Kasumi squeezed into her discarded dress, apparently forgetting her underwear in the process. At this point though he wasn't really going to question Kasumi, so the young martial artist went back to the surprisingly amusing task of trying to make Akane squirm and moan.

Standing where she'd been left, Nabiki considered her options and found them to be few. While she could relax her stance and get a bit of relief for her muscles, shifting her feet and trying to close her legs proved to be a bad idea. The last thing her swollen pussy needed at this point was more stimulation, because that would only distract her, and putting her feet apart made remaining standing a bit easier.

Of course, moaning through her gag was an actual option now. If she could just get Saotome to stop amusing himself with Akane, getting him to take pity on her wasn't all that unlikely. Even if she had to promise to be his eager sex-slave, it was currently a nice alternative compared to her current humiliation.

It wasn't that possibility being involved in a sex-slave orgy with her sisters that was bothering her so much, truth to be told. Being put on display for use as an educational aid by Kasumi was what was really starting to grind on her. Of course, the idea of eventually having to bow to Saotome and call him Master while catering to his whims wasn't riding too well with her either.

Why couldn't the dumb jock just bang her silly and call it even?

Unfortunately for Nabiki's part in the matter however, the couple on the bed ignored her muffled pleas, letting the needy girl's frustration continue to go unchecked.

Humming happily to herself, Kasumi set about gathering what she would need to clean the messes she expected might occur tonight. Nabiki's toys were already bundled in one of her old shirts, so there wouldn't be much more to do before returning to her room. Even the parents had been dealt with, both fathers off to the bar, then Nodoka's place to spend the next few nights.

Of course, Kasumi had no intention of forcing her sisters to be Ranma's sex-slaves. After tonight, and if everything went well, the next night, by the time the girl's went to school on Monday they wouldn't be able to look at Ranma quite the same way as before. That was all she intended, though of course she'd be giving herself to Ranma. With all of that in place, she had a feeling the fiancee situation would make a quick change for the better.

That aside, for tonight at least there was no need to restrain herself, she did after all need to make a lasting impression on her sisters, and of course, Ranma.

Still dripping on the floor, Nabiki was mortified to find she now officially had a puddle to stand in. If the night hadn't already gone wrong, she was pretty sure Kasumi would take exception of the puddle to truly screw Nabiki over. Even she could admit she'd look stupid at this point trying to back her way out of the whole sex-slave setup.

On the other hand, moving around a bit, she had discovered that Kasumi had rerouted the rope attached to the ceiling so that it was attached to the ropes around her chest and shoulders instead of her wrists. That was only comforting because it meant if her knees gave out, she would only be stuck hanging from the ceiling, instead of dealing with a pair of dislocated shoulders. Of course the additional shoulder attachment would explain why her arms hadn't been dislocated in the last pose, though Nabiki was beginning to seriously wonder how Kasumi knew all of this. This was all a bit much for a repressed housewife after all.

Her ruminations were cut short though as Kasumi returned with a bundle of toys, quickly setting her load away while beaming a sunny smile towards Ranma as if this were just another pleasant day. "Well Ranma-sama, is everything going well?"

Blinking at Kasumi for a moment, it didn't take Ranma long to give a simple reply, "Uhm, yeah. I kinda got Akane squirming good now."

Nodding pleasantly, Kasumi went towards Ranma before making a circuit around her somewhat cramped room. Nabiki was too tired to try and keep track of her, but that was the general location where Kasumi tied off the rope holding her prison. "If you don't mind playing with Akane a bit longer, I'll take care of Nabiki-chan so we can move along."

Getting a nod from Ranma as he continued to absently toy with Akane, Kasumi undid the cleat in the rope holding Nabiki up, allowing the restrained middle sister to move freely. Walking over to the exhausted middle-sister, Kasumi took a gentle but firm hold of Nabiki by her bound arms. "You may kneel now Nabiki-chan."

Not particularly liking the tone of her big sister's voice, nor feeling particularly cooperative, Nabiki remained standing despite really wanting to fall to her knees and rest.

Kasumi of course took the lack of co-operation in stride. "Oh, well if you want to be difficult, I suppose I do have enough rope. I could use two or three attachment points so I don't overload one. Of course this will take a lot of time and effort, but if I choose the right pose for you, we can continue on with all of the lessons without bothering getting you to cooperate."

Faced with the prospect of becoming the complete shibari demonstration package, Nabiki gladly gave up, sinking to her knees in relief.

Too tired to get back to her feet and knowing that flopping over onto her side like a petulant child wouldn't go well, Nabiki didn't react much when Kasumi efficiently stripped her soaked blue panties off.

Of course, when she saw the toys Kasumi had selected from her room, Nabiki was mildly worried. She would have been extremely worried under normal circumstances, but currently she was almost too horny and exhausted to give a damn.

The reasons why were quite simple.

The first item was a ten inch long, two inch wide expensive gel coated vibrator, the kind with rotating rings that gave the business end the ability to contort and thrash like a wild python trying to get free.

The second was an eight inch long curved silicon vibrator that was designed specifically for stuffing her ass to capacity and then vibrating her mind out. The silicone part made if particularly easy to clean and very soft, two things important for an anal toy. Being almost a quarter of the price of the other toy, it was a surprisingly good deal as well.

Both toys were at the limit of what she could take, ones that she only used for an hour at most. For extended play, she used her lesser toys. It was also worth mentioning that she never used both of those monsters at the same time.

This was important to know because of her third toy, a pair of shorts in the design of a pair of tight brief style panties. The black fabric was synthetic, durable and well stitched for strength, tightly covering her from her waist to the very top of her thighs. That particular garment had become necessary after Happousai's arrival, because the possibility of her panties vanishing mid-step made it impossible for her to wear her smaller toys securely when she wasn't in her room.

The black shorts were in simplest terms a chastity device, particularly suited to locking toys inside a girl and anything else out. A strip of fabric sewn to just above where her clit would be clicked into a small metal catch at the back of the waistband, acting as a thong to make sure any toys within her would be perfectly secure. The lock on the back was fairly simple, easily picked with a paper-clip as it was a very simple catch style lock, but positioned where it was, it would be improbable for her to pick it while wearing it. The addition of a buzzing toy she couldn't turn off would pretty much make it impossible to do.

This was of note because she had lost the key, which was why she'd had to stop using that particular toy, and coincidentally why she was crankier more often lately.

As Kasumi lubed up the large anal vibrator with an ease that spoke of familiarity and experience, Nabiki tried to mumble a protest, knowing full well that Kasumi was about to use all three as a set.

Kasumi of course interpreted in an entirely different context. "Don't worry Nabiki-chan, I'll have you properly stuffed in a moment. After you've had a while to relax with your toys, I'm sure you'll be much better behaved for when it's your turn with Ranma."

As the large piece of precisely molded silicone slowly filled her ass, Nabiki let out an understandably muffled groan of appreciation, much to her chagrin once Kasumi moved to prepare the other vibrator and the sensation was past. Unsurprisingly, since the other vibrator would need no lubricant to slide into her gushing pussy, Nabiki was letting out a longer, much more satisfied groan in short order.

It was then much to her chagrin that she was shivering in perverse pleasure at the feeling of being so over-stuffed, though she did manage to stop moaning like a wanton slut.

Then Kasumi activated both vibrators, and Nabiki fell on her right side to squirm on the floor and resume moaning like a wanton slut. That Kasumi deftly pushed both vibrators in to the hilt didn't particularly help the squirming girl regain control of herself any quicker.

With both vibrators firmly in place, Kasumi hefted her sister bodily by the waist, depositing her tits down on the edge of her bed. This of course was merely to give Kasumi a better position for finishing her preparations. With Nabiki's weight supported by the bed now, Kasumi had no trouble sliding the black shorts into place. Taking a moment to position both vibrators again for maximum penetration, particularly the one that was trying to literally squirm out of Nabiki's pussy, Kasumi tugged the shorts into their final resting place on Nabiki's stuffed ass.

Taking a moment to secure the waist-band attachments in the lock, Kasumi deftly grabbed the black strap that dangled below her sister's churning honey-pot. Then with one strong tug, she wedged the strap of fabric and the tight shorts deep in-between Nabiki's taut ass-cheeks, before letting the click of the lock be her signal to let the strap go.

Taking a moment to get her breath back from all the physical effort needed to get Nabiki situated properly, Kasumi took a moment to admire the internal motions visible through even the skin tight black fabric. She'd never quite indulged like that herself, but then Nabiki was a greedy girl, and all the more reason why Kasumi planned to tame that needy nature to a more fulfilling use.

With her breath back and quite eager to get on with things, Kasumi pulled her delirious sister from the bed to rest in her lap. Wrestling her near mindless-with-lust sister into an upright position, Kasumi began undoing the gag, knowing that Nabiki would appreciate the ability to gasp for air at this point.

True to her suspicions, Nabiki was soon alternating between gasping in pleasure and moaning in pleasure, allowing Kasumi to work on unbinding her arms with no particular notice from Nabiki. Of course, she wasn't about to just let her wanton little sister free, so Nabiki's wrists were bound before her, then secured to Kasumi's bed frame with a few feet of rope to spare. The set-up wouldn't prevent Nabiki from untying herself, but she doubted Nabiki could get away with doing that without being noticed, so it was of no real concern.

Satisfied with her sister for the moment, Kasumi gently retrieved her pink vibrator from Ranma, the martial artist not skipping a beat as he switched to just using fingers on his playmate.

Kasumi for her part turned off the vibrator before handing it to Nabiki. "Now, be a good girl and practice licking and sucking on that, and you'll get a reward later."

Not entirely in her right mind at the moment, Nabiki found the idea of licking Akane's juices from the pink toy-cock a turn on instead of something to protest. Sucking it into her mouth even allowed her to muffle her moans, allowing her to maintain a small amount of dignity, even if at the moment she wasn't entirely sure why she would be concerned with something as silly as her dignity.

Turning to Kasumi, Ranma idly kept one hand teasing Akane's glistening slit, the heavily flushed girl still steadfastly being non-reactive. "Are we gonna do something else now Kasumi-chan?"

Blushing pleasantly at the affectionate tone, Kasumi dropped her dress to the floor as way of her reply.

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