Tick Tock Chaos: Haruka's Vision (LIME) [Episode 167042]


Haruka blinked as she stared at into the mirror; her hands flowing over her stomach.

Her very ... very ... pregnant stomach.

How the hell did this happen?

I mean, I know how it happens, but how the hell did I get pregnant?

Her hands continued to explore her nude form, as if to find an answer among her skin to explain her state.

“Is the baby okay?” came a male voice to her right.

Turning her head, she spotted Ranma, a robe covering his body, a towel over his shoulder.

She wanted to ask him what happened, she wanted to ask him why he was barging in on her when she was nude.

“Still a shock to see me pregnant by the old fashioned way,” she replied. What the hell?

Ranma nodded, as he entered into the bathroom, shutting the door. His robe slipped off, revealing his nude form.

Haruka cursed herself, as a particular feeling made itself known to her. No way! I do not feel that way about guys!

Ranma came behind her, wrapping her arms around her, as they now both faced the mirror, his manhood pressing into her backside, as his body was directly behind hers. When the scent reached her nose, that feeling seemed to intensify.

“Are you upset by what we did?” asked Ranma.

“Never,” Haruka purred. What the hell is going on?

Ranma nodded, his own hands rubbing her belly. “No matter what, I never want to force something like this.”

“Why do you think I was the one to offer?” she smirked. What the hell! Me let a guy touch me? Me going after a guy to touch me!

Ranma smirked, before he slowly turned her around. He lifted her up, setting her on the edge of the sink. “You never get enough, do you?”

Her face was smiling. “Of you, never. Trust me, this won’t be the only kid in my belly. Just promise me that Michiru will have her own. I want her to feel what I do.” What the hell am I now, some slut?

Ranma just smirked. “You’re almost as bad as Setsuna,” he said, as he lifted her up slightly, her legs wrapping around his waist.

Oh no, not that, anything but that!

He just smiled as he kissed her with force and tenderness, her lips feeling every caress, even as his tongue entered her mouth.

And then, he lowered her down, allowing gravity to ease himself into her.

And when he bottomed out, she reached orgasm.

Haruka sat up on the couch, breathing roughly. “What the hell was that?” she wondered out loud.

Looking around, as well as checking her still trim waist, she sighed. “A dream, it was all a dream.”

Looking around to ensure she wasn’t being watched, she carefully reached down into her pants, under her underwear, to check.

“Damn you, Setsuna,” she muttered, as her hands found large amounts of evidence of her arousal.

“I gotta get this out of my head,” she muttered, as she stood up slowly, her legs still wobbly. She had come down here to catch up on the sleep she had missed due to the happy couple’s nocturnal activities, not dream about being a part of them; not to dream about sleeping ... with a guy!

Shaking her head, and removing her damp fingers from below her underwear, she made her way to the bathroom. For some reason, she felt like she needed a shower ... NOW!

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