Nodoka's D/Solution: The Haze of Misunderstanding Confuses All [Episode 164695]


Blushing furiously, Kasumi tried to desperately come up with something. Thinking of a decent excuse, the will to lie to him about the reasons wilted under the gentle caress of his hand on her warm rear.

Reconsidering her position, Kasumi felt herself at a loss for how to explain it. His curse and presumed inexperience were major hindrances, making her unsure how to phrase it with him. While it would be bad to over estimate his experience or imply he were incompetent, bringing up any discussion of his possible 'femininity' could be even worse.

As such she decided to stick with the most simple possible explanation and feel out the rest. "Ah, well, that's a sign that a girl is sexually aroused and ready, physically at least. Sort of like your rumbling tummy telling me you're hungry."

Ranma stared blankly at her rosy rear, momentarily muzzling over the implications of Kasumi being sexually aroused. As no one was giving him a hard time about it for once, he decided to find out the simple way. "So? What's this mean for me about getting your respect and stuff?"

At that point, the poor girl's face was redder than her rear, her turbulent emotions shaking all confidence from her voice. "Ah, well you see, it's a special area like the breasts...for you to touch. Ah, the uh breasts are more like a warm up, but there, you can really please a girl."

Nodding his head, Ranma was starting to catch on. It was just like when he wanted to make friends with a dog, just rub and pet the right places.

Squirming in tortured delight from a light touch the the inside of her thigh, Kasumi hurried to finish explaining before Ranma got ahead of her and destroyed her ability to think. "Ah yes, like that. It's uhm, a very nice reward. It definitely lets a girl know how you feel about her, and if you're cross with her, you can only go part way and punish her by not fully rewarding her."

As the gentle probing touches centered in on exploring Kasumi's final secret, she knew time was running out for her. He wasn't even there yet and she could already feel her coherence slipping away. "Of course, a girl might be tempted to touch herself there. When she has someone special to share such pleasure with, doing so would be selfish and perverted. So, it's only right you do as you wish, and I should try to make you happy in return. It's, ah, only proper that you punish me if I do so, as that pleasure is reserved for you."

Struggling to balance enough to keep her head up so she could watch what was going on, Nabiki was really starting to panic.

Unfortunately, no one was paying any attention to her muffled protests.

She didn't know what had gotten into Kasumi, but it was pretty obvious now that the girl had a serious torch burning for Ranma. She'd known her dear sweet naive sister was the seriously repressed housewife type, but she hadn't considered the possibility of her dragging her sisters into her fantasies.

Worse, the girl was breaking down to babbling away all the secrets to Ranma after he warmed her up with that spanking. If that clueless jock actually believed her, there would be no stopping him.

On top of that, Kasumi just had to equate a girl being wet with being hot and bothered and ready to jump Ranma for relief. It was like equating it to Ranma drooling over food. It wasn't her fault she was a chronic masturbator, it was just as inevitable an event as Ranma getting hungry. Just the thought of being at Ranma's mercy if she ever wanted to feel those warm pleasures again was enough to set her off. In the position she was in, Ranma wouldn't even have to get around to spanking her to discover the damp condition of her own panties.

If only she could get free, get Ranma's attention, she could explain all of this nice and simple. There was absolutely no need for Ranma to know all of this, because if he got the wrong idea, there was no telling what he'd start doing to girls. It was just completely unfair to put it in his head that it was alright to control a girl simply because she could be reduced to a warm brain-addled pile of gooey warmth with just a few caresses and the right kind of attitude to set the mood. How did Kasumi expect her to get her way with Ranma if he held the key to her cookie jar?

There was thankfully one last bastion of hope. Her dear sweet violent maniac of a little sister. She should have been ready to blow like Mount Vesuvius any moment now. Turning around to look at Akane and judge how long it would be until this was over, Nabiki was shocked so severely she lost control, pirouetting helplessly under the sway of her own momentum.

Where Akane should have been fuming at the sight of Ranma openly fondling Kasumi, the girl was instead just staring blankly as if she didn't know what to feel.

Of course, the only explanation for that was if Akane was buying into Kasumi's little lesson as well. While that would be a bad thing for Nabiki's cause, her little sister did have some serious emotional turbulence. Getting her back into the right frame of mind so she could punish Ranma for this and stop him was still possible, but she had to get free to do so.

Akane stared.

Her dear sweet naive idiotic perverted fiancÚ wasn't really perverted.

Sure, he had her eldest sister in his lap, nude and panting wantonly from his ministrations.

On the other hand, Kasumi had been quite clear when she started explaining things, and even now her older sister was panting out new suggestions in between moans. Kasumi had even had to request that her panties be removed.

The only thing Ranma had done on his own initiative was to sit Kasumi upright on his lap so he could cradle her in a more dignified position while he rewarded her.

All of this time, she'd never realized he was as innocent as he acted. She'd known he'd grown up on the road with Genma, but she'd never had a reason to believe he wasn't like the boys at school. When she'd seen him with Shampoo, she'd always thought his confusion was just an act. The idea that he could really be that clueless was just inconceivable.

She had however always wondered why Ranma dragged things out with the girls, never doing anything serious. While she might have suspected Ranma of faking innocence, she knew each of the girls would have made it painfully obvious to everyone if he ever did anything with them. That she never really found him doing something serious had always made her worry about what he was really up to when she wasn't around.

Now there was the fact that Kasumi wanted to be punished for not correcting Ranma's lack of knowledge about girls.

Looking at it from that angle, she had to wonder what Ranma thought of her. Would it really have been so simple, just approach him as an innocent and they could have dated just like that?

Had she really wasted all this time waiting for him to make a move, when he didn't know the boy was supposed to be the one making the moves? Did he even know the moves? Had he really been as clueless about what to do with Shampoo when she jumped as he was when she got upset at him for it?

Had she really spent the last two years of her life in this romantic quagmire because of a simple erroneous assumption?

Of course, the proof was here with her as she was bound helplessly on her sister's bed, watching Ranma reduce Kasumi to a mewling submissive needy mess. As shocking as that was, it was most shocking to see his expression as Kasumi explained things to him, it being painfully obvious that this was all new to him.

The most painful part of the situation was that Kasumi blamed herself for not explaining things to Ranma earlier before they got so serious because she considered her two sisters too selfish and uncaring to do so. To make things worse, she knew that Kasumi only held back like she did so as not to interfere in what should have been part of Akane's relationship with Ranma, just as she withheld herself for fear of interfering in so many other areas.

Holding Kasumi as she tried to get her breath back, Ranma was beginning to panic despite the fact she'd been panting for more only moments before. Then all of the sudden she'd tensed up, squealed and started squirming like she was having some kind of gentle slow convulsion. "Uhm, Kasumi, are you okay?"

Regaining her focus, the elder girl couldn't help the warm affectionate smile that spread across her face. "Oh so very okay. That was excellent Ranma-sama."

Blinking, Ranma stared blankly back at the flushed girl, obviously not getting it. "What was excellent? I thought I'd hurt you or something."

All of the girls present stared back at Ranma in turn, though Nabiki was still spinning slowly and doing a lighthouse impression with her stare.

Kasumi was the first to break free, her current bliss being stronger than some fleeting shock. Nuzzling into his chest as much as possible, she spoke up in an encouragingly warm purr. "Oh, you did very well Ranma-sama. We sometimes call that 'The Clouds and Rain', I was just having a short trip to paradise among the clouds is all. Thank you."

Still staring at the flushed girl, Ranma decided it was yet another thing he'd never understand. "Uhm, okay. You're welcome?"

Feeling the ground fall out from beneath her as her central beliefs about Ranma were shattered, Akane was no where near satisfied with letting it drop like that. "You mean you don't know what you just did?"

For his part, Ranma frowned at her thoughtfully, a move which surprised her. "You're not being very respectful...and of course I know, I rewarded Kasumi 'cause she deserves it. If she likes this 'Clouds and Rain' thing, I'll do it lots more too."

Akane was a little too stunned about the implications of just how innocent that would make him to consider the fact that she might be getting herself into trouble. "...but...haven't you done that with your girl-form?"

For his part, the accused bore a pained expression while replying indignantly, "Of course not! Why does everyone keep thinking I do weird things with my cursed form? I'm not some kinda pervert!"

Nuzzling into his chest, Kasumi tried to be comforting and get his mind off of such touchy subjects as his ignorance. "Don't worry Ranma-sama. When it's my turn to please you, I'll do the same for you, and you'll understand once you feel it."

Feeling a bit betrayed, Ranma looked down at the girl in his lap with a bit of hurt evident in his expression. "Hey! I don't wanna do strange stuff in my girl form."

Sighing, Kasumi relied her on patience to help her explain it to Ranma. The whole point of this was that he was ignorant of such matters, so she didn't blame him for the misunderstanding. "No Ranma-sama, I mean I will pleasure your male form."

Nodding to himself, Ranma finally understood their misunderstanding. "Hey...look Kasumi-chan, I mean you might not have a curse and all to know this, but guys and girls are different there. Ya can't do anything like that with me in guy form."

At that point, Akane had her epiphany. She understood why she and her sisters were bound and at Ranma's clueless mercy with Kasumi giving him a hands on demonstration on how to handle a girl properly.

Ranma was as clueless as could be and she was an idiot for not realizing it sooner.

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