My Very Own Personal Nabiki - The Best Laid Plans: Nervous Marionettes (LEMON) [Episode 164445]

by Kwakerjak

While his pet prepared herself, Ranma was dealing with a sudden bout of… well, “Master’s block” might be the best way to describe it. He knew he wanted this next session of lovemaking to be special, since their afternoon in a love hotel was likely to be as close as they’d ever get to a honeymoon. But for the life of him, he couldn’t think of what to do beyond that.

Seeking inspiration, he thought back to the conversation he’d had in his attorney’s office. “You need to make sure that you’re getting what you need out of this relationship.” Ranma was pretty sure Yugemi had said something like that—he was certain that he’d gotten the content of the message right, anyway. And the more he thought about it, the more he had to agree with her point: up to this point, Ranma had been placing Nabiki’s needs above his own for the most part, and even though he usually enjoyed meeting those needs, that enjoyment was just an agreeable consequence, rather than an end in itself. Basically, so far it had been Ranma doing most of the giving—and even he could tell that one sided relationships like that rarely did well in the long run. He had to take his lawyer’s advice—and this was a perfect opportunity.

Or rather, it would have been a perfect opportunity if he could figure out just what his needs were. It was so much easier to just focus on meeting Nabiki’s needs, which had been spelled out so clearly while she was under the Babble Point’s influence. Besides, by putting her needs first, he made even less likely that she’d try and do something behind his back….

Ranma was brought back to reality by a sudden epiphany: that was it—his conception of his pet was still tied to the “old” Nabiki, to her Ice Queen persona, whom she’d just said she wanted to protect him from. But the fact was that Ranma had been burned too many times in the past to just accept this at face value—sure, he wanted to, but for all he knew, this whole thing was just a sham so that Nabiki could extort him even more later, or perhaps she was just manipulating him so that she could fulfill her own submissive fantasies without actually giving up a significant amount of control. Ranma needed his pet to do something for him that could prove this notion wrong, at least in his mind.

It’s gotta be somethin’ that she wouldn’t do if I didn’t tell her… but it can’t be a total turn-off either, ’cuz she thinks I oughta save stuff like that fer when she’s really bad… an’ on top of that, it’s gotta be somethin’ I know I’ll like… but what? Ranma thought about it for several minutes before he came up with an answer—it was something that Nabiki had already expressed willingness to do, but from the confessions she’d made under the influence of the Babble Point, he also knew that her actual interest in the subject amounted to little more than “mild curiosity” (and even that was pushing it). All it would require was a little preparation….

“Hey, Nabiki?”

“Yes?” came a muffled reply from behind the door.

“I need ta head out an’ get somethin’ real quick. Would ya mind stayin’ in there till I got back?”

There the briefest of pauses before his pet answered, “No problem.”

Nabiki was sitting down in the bathroom, nude except for the collar around her neck, waiting for her Master, who was obviously planning something interesting, to give her permission to come into the main part of the room. She was about to give in to the temptation to open the door to check on his safety, when she heard a rapid shuffling outside the door, followed by her Master’s voice: “Alright, Nabiki, come out when yer finished preparing.”

Nabiki composed herself, put on the sexiest smile she could muster (which was quite a bit, actually) and opened the door. “I’m ready now, Mas… ter?” Nabiki was stunned to see her owner standing in front of her, with a recently emptied water bottle over her head and nothing on but her now-oversized (and wet) silk tang.

“That’s ‘Mistress’ when I’m female, but I’ll forgive ya since I was still male while ya were openin’ the door.”

“Ma— Mistress,” Nabiki corrected herself nervously, “what’s going on?”

Ranma, for her part, delivered one of her trademark smirks. “Ain’t it obvious? We’re gonna have sex.”

“B-But you’re a girl right now.”


“Well, you see, I’m not—it’s not that I don’t want to, but….”

“But what?”

“Don’t you think it might be better to take this a little bit at a time? So I can get used to the idea? I mean, I don’t consider myself to be bisexual….”

“Hello? I already know that—I’ve learned mosta yer fantasies, remember? I can tell ya right now that ya probably ain’t a lesbian or bisexual. Least not the way most people mean it.”

“But… why?”

Ranma’s voice suddenly acquired an edge—it was clear that her patience with Nabiki was wearing thin. “Because yer my pet, that’s why. All the Rules still apply, even when I’m female. An’ if ya keep bein’ stubborn about this an’ keep tryin’ ta stall for more time, I’m gonna hafta make ya obey me, an’ I’d rather not hafta do that. Understand?”

Nabiki was silent for a few seconds, with a deer-in-the-headlights look plastered on her face. Then Ranma’s point came through to her: she had given her free will to Ranma, and it was not her place to refuse any sexual encounter with her owner, no matter what his/her current gender was. “Y-Yes, Mistress. Please forgive me… I was just a little stunned, that’s all.”

“Good. Then let’s get started.” Ranma sat down on the bed and unbuttoned her shirt, exposing her own set of breasts. “There’s a lot about this body that I’ve been able ta explore since findin’ that book, but there’s one thing I wanna try out with these that my neck just can’t handle.”

Whether Nabiki was still getting over her initial surprise, or whether she just didn’t get her Mistress’s attempt at subtlety wasn’t entirely clear, but ether way, her response was predictable: “Huh?”

Okay, if that subtlety stuff don’t work, then… “I want ya ta suck on my tits.”

“Oh… o-of course, Mistress, but…”

Ranma squinted sternly as her patience was stretched even thinner. “But what?”

“But… that’s just so… feminine… being suckled, I mean.”

“So? Maybe I wanna get in touch with my feminine side. It don’t matter, because yer the last person ta be makin’ judgment calls on my sex life. Now if you don’t get over here and start doing what I tell ya, I’m gonna hafta use force.”

Nabiki knew that she should have obeyed her Mistress, but a small part of her was still convinced she could persuade the redhead to switch back to her more desirable male form. “But what about your mother—”

That did it. Ranma was extraordinarily patient, but she knew that her mother had no place in a conversation about her sex life. In less than a second, she rose from her bed, stood before Nabiki, and slapped her pet in the face, holding herself back just enough to prevent injury. Nabiki was rendered speechless as the sting from the slap started to grow, leaving a pink hand-shaped mark on her cheek.

“That’s enough, Nabiki,” Ranma gave by way of explanation. “My mind’s been made up for a while now, and you ain’t gonna talk yer way outta this. After all, when we first made that contract you said that ya were willin’ ta have sex with my girl form if that’s what I wanted.” Nabiki’s response was to blush and stare at the floor—there was no denying the truth of her Mistress’s statement. Ranma continued, “As a matter of fact, I was plannin’ on startin’ out easy—that’s why I wanted ya ta suck at my tits ta begin with. But now, it’s clear we’re gonna hafta start you out by throwin’ ya in the deep end.” Ranma grabbed her pet by the wrist and pulled her over to the edge of the bed, where she sat down. “On yer knees.” Nabiki did as she was instructed, and even though she already had a pretty good idea of what her Mistress had in store for her, she waited for further instruction, which came in the form of her owner grabbing her by the head, holding her face to her crotch, and commanding, “Now start lickin’.”

Fortunately for Nabiki, getting her Mistress to respond to her attentions turned out to be much easier than expected, as Ranma was already dampening from the exchange she’d had with her pet. This was, after all, the first time that Ranma had really exercised her ownership of Nabiki to this degree, and the thrill of seeing her pet submit to her despite resistance pretty much eliminated the need for more traditional forms of foreplay; now, the mental satisfaction that came from successfully asserting her control over Nabiki was coupled with her pet’s stimulation of her physical sex, and the result was quite possibly one of the biggest ego boosts the young martial artist had so far experienced in her short life.

Nabiki, for her part, was trying to sort out all of the mixed signals she was getting from her brain. On the one hand, what she was doing felt extremely awkward and discomforting; not just from having to smell and taste her owner’s female genitalia, but also from the “softness” that many people associate with the female form—to Nabiki’s mind, for a woman’s “softness” not to be complemented by a man’s “firmness”… well, it just felt weird. In short, there was no way she would have done anything this had her Mistress not ordered it. Yet for some reason, she still found herself physically reacting to the experience, and the strange sensation of feeling simultaneously turned off and turned on was actually becoming disorienting. Sure, she could have tried to make herself more comfortable by focusing the masculine personality that her owner exuded no matter what her gender was, but then, it wasn’t really the specific gender of her current sexual partner that was exciting her. Really, it was the fact that her owner had ordered her to please another woman (in this case, Ranma herself) that was so arousing—and the sudden realization that Ranma’s command really was enough to make her not only ignore her own orientation, but to react to something that normally wouldn’t have stimulated her at all—well, even she hadn’t imagined herself capable of this level of submissiveness.

As the reluctant oral sex continued, Ranma simply leaned back and reveled in the decidedly awkward ministrations of her pet. Nabiki seemed to be getting over her Mistress’s taste, as her tongue was moving much more steadily now, slowly building up speed—no doubt she was simply replicating the least complex masturbation technique she knew. Ranma didn’t really care—it was enough that she hadn’t needed to use physical force to get her pet to eat her out. In fact, she didn’t need to keep her hands on her pet’s head, as the light pressure Nabiki was applying to her owner’s buttocks indicated that she was actually pressing herself closer to the redhead’s sex—most likely as a way to overcome her uneasiness and make up for her insubordination.

Such obedience in the face of obvious misgivings deserved some sort of reward. Fortunately, Ranma gave her pet the perfect reward almost instinctively. “Oh, man… that’s good… keep doin’ that… don’t worry ’bout anythin’ fancy… atta girl… good job… yes….”

Upon hearing her Mistress’s praise, Nabiki’s arousal increased even further; she was being useful to her owner, a source of pleasure for her Mistress. And that, after all, was why she’d become Ranma’s pet in the first place: not just to fulfill her own fantasies—that was just a pleasant side effect. No, she agreed to her all-but-total submission to him so that she could bring some degree of happiness into the martial artist’s life, under any circumstance. In other words, she was performing her designated function, and according to her Mistress, she was succeeding wonderfully.

Somehow, this was enough to transform the awkwardness of sexual contact with another female into a sort of eagerness to demonstrate that submission, and she began increasing the intensity of her ministrations in earnest—though always paying attention to her owner’s comments, of course. Soon, Ranma had removed her hands from her pet’s head and had begun massaging her own breasts, trusting that Nabiki

“Yeah… good… ugh… not so hard… yeah… yes… faster… faster… yes… Yes… YES!”

Ranma had, of course, experienced female orgasms before—after all, she’d done quite a bit of self-exploration to confirm the contents of The Master’s Way before she’d dared to try the techniques on someone else. Still, there seemed to be a noticeable difference when someone else was doing the stimulating—Ranma couldn’t exactly figure out why, but somehow this was much, much better than masturbation. She collapsed onto the bed as her orgasm pulsed through her, riding out the waves of pleasure—so different from her male orgasms, which tended to be released “all at once.”

It was almost a minute before Ranma had recovered to the point where she thought to check on her pet. She looked down towards her legs—and there was Nabiki, dutifully cleaning up her Mistress’s juices without even needing an order. Ranma smiled; it seemed that Nabiki’s brief flirtation with rebellion had subsided. “Excellent work, Nabiki. That was great.”

Nabiki actually blushed at her Mistress’s praise. “Thank you, Mistress.”

“In fact, I think that cleanup yer doin’ deserves a little reward. Whaddya say?”

“It… it’s your decision, Mistress.”

“Alright, then let’s get inta the 69 position.”

Nabiki’s hopes that the reward would somehow involve hot water instantly evaporated. “Mistress?”

“Just because I’m rewardin’ ya don’t mean ya should stop what yer doin. Now get on top of me an’ let me see yer pussy.”

As soon as her pet was in position, Ranma immediately began “investigating” the way Nabiki had responded to her first lesbian encounter by prodding her pet’s sex with her fingers. “Well, whaddya know? Fer someone who ain’t inta girls, ya sure are wet from eatin’ one out.” The redhead activated one of Nabiki’s Sensitivity Points, eliciting a shudder from her pet. “Heh. All that just ’cuz I told ya ta do it—looks like ya really are mine.”

Nabiki’s response, such as it was, consisted mostly of pants and slight moans.

“I’m right, aren’t I?” Ranma continued. “It ain’t that yer attracted ta my girlform that’s gettin’ ya all wet down here, it’s ’cuz I’m makin’ ya do it.”


“Yes what?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“That’s better. Now, let’s really get things goin’, shall we?”

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