Ranma Does Nerima: Your place? OK! (LEMON) [Episode 163414]

by Vrodsky

Despite the mountain of food Kasumi had prepared for him, based on her estimate of what a growing boy would need after two days of non-stop fucking, Ranma finished before anyone else. Nabiki, for example, had only had a light meal, and she hadn't even been yakking like the other Tendo females, and Ranma had still finished before her. After a moment of just looking at his empty plate, in a sort of melancholy way ("That's all?"), Ranma decided he might as well pay attention to the conversation. Kimiko was relaying the details of her less-than-stellar day at work to the table.

"So, now this poor guy is just lost, and I've got no clue where to begin looking for him. I actually feel bad for him. They said they had to implant a homing device under his skin, and I still can't find him. Who knows what kind of trouble he's in right now?" At that moment, just a few miles away, Ukyo was pulling the big paddle off the wall. It was used mainly for decoration, or intimidation, but she was sure she'd get plenty of use out of it tonight.

Akane shook her head as she spoke.

"That sounds terrible. From everything you said, he sounds like a perfectly nice guy who just can't find his way around. Putting a homing device in him, that's mean. I feel awful for the poor guy."

Ranma snorted. This was Ryouga they were talking about, all right.

"Oh, come off it. Ryouga was never a nice guy, just a bit wrong, you know, in the head. He'd get it in his head that I was his enemy every time we met, and we'd have to fight or somethin', over and over. The guy was a nut."

Akane frowned. Something about that really ticked her off.

"This boy sounds perfectly nice! And if he were as bad as you say, my mom wouldn't be working with him, I can guarantee you that!" That last part was fair; Akane had met enough of the people who worked with her mom to know that they were all very, very nice. To her, anyway.

That surprised Ranma. Somehow, it had never occurred to him to ask why Kimiko was looking for Ryouga.

"What? Ryouga works with your mom? Doing what?"

Even Kasumi knew that this was a pretty good time to interrupt. Ranma was less than forty-eight hours from being a virgin; knowledge of the porn industry was probably something he might be uncomfortable with.

"Oh, Ranma, you knew this boy? Maybe tommorow you could help mother look for him?"

Ranma was taken aback. He forgot about the oddity of his old, angry, crazy friend working with Kimiko ("What did she do, anyway?"). This wasn't as impressive as it sounds. A bright ball might have made him forget what he was thinking about.

"Wha? Oh, sure. I'd be happy to help. I'd recognize him anywhere. For one thing, he had fangs."

Akane paused. Something about that... Ranma continued

"And, he had a terrible sense of direction. Crazy. I'm not saying he forgot north and south or somethin'. He couldn't get to a lot behind his own house once. When I finally found him, he said he'd been to a bunch of crazy places. He even said he'd walked to Singapore once." Ranma paused. All the girls around the table had had more education than him, and even though geography was his second-strongest subject (right after Physical Education), he decided to add a disclaimer, to make sure they didn't think he was dumb, or nothin' "And, I think that'd be hard to do, in one day."

Akane went stock-still, and shot bolt upright. Wheels began turning in her head, and something began to click. She was struck dumb by the thoughts that entered her mind. Kimiko, on the other hand, simply smiled and nodded.

"That would be very nice, Ranma dear. I'm going to be in trouble if I don't find him soon!"

Nabiki, of course, frowned. Despite her situation (which could most briefly be described as having a burning, all-consuming fire of desire to fuck Ranma's brains out), she still thought about things in business terms.

"You aren't in trouble yet? You were supposed to meet him last night, and deliver him to his hotel, correct? Shouldn't someone have called you by now?"

Kimiko hadn't thought of it that way. Of course, in the world of porn, if a flight came in one night, shooting would happen the next day (if it didn't happen that night, or on the plane). And yet, no one had contacted her.

"Now that you mention it, no one seems to have noticed. That is odd." Kimiko made a point to find out more about who had brought Ryouga over, and for what. He was a big-name star, and she actually couldn't remember any big films being made in the area. Ranma's arrival had thrown her off, but thanks to Nabiki, she was thinking business again.

For her part, Nabiki didn't care much, even if it was business. She couldn't stop herself from staring at Ranma all through her dinner. She found herself breathing hard sometimes, with beads of sweat on her forehead, as she thought back. She was the only Tendo girl who hadn't had a chance to be with Ranma. She was the only Tendo girl who hadn't had a cock to put farm animals to shame shoved inside her mercilessly. Ranma was cute, sexy, hung, and by now, more experienced than most boys his age. He was also a hunk, who might just be the first boy, no, she corrected herself, man, to fulfill her fantasies. And she had to patiently wait for dinner to be excused! It was driving her insane. She couldn't think straight sometimes, the hunger was so bad. Akane had been right; her room smelled like Nabiki had spent all day and night masturbating in there, and even at the table, at dinner, she kept finding her hand moving under the hem of her pants! Just thinking about Ranma, and that ridiculous, incredible cock of his... It was too much for her to take! And there was Ranma, seemingly totally unaware of any of it!

In her state, Nabiki hadn't heard Kimiko for a few moments. She zoned back in to catch the last of her mother's statement.

"So, of course, you'll have to take the folding screen with you, Nabiki."

Nabiki blinked. A folding screen? What? She glanced around, and Akane's eyes were shooting daggers at Nabiki. Kasumi's smile was much less friendly than normal. What was going on? She hated two things above all others: Being seen to lose control, and being ignorant. So, she waited for a moment. Ranma gave her the only clue she needed.

"OK, I'll grab the screen. Nabiki, are you coming?" With that, Ranma rose from the table.

Akane seemed distraught. It wasn't that late, not yet!

"Ranma, are you going to bed already? You don't want to, umm, catch up on some of today's studying?" It was the best excuse Akane could come up with, and it was awful.

Of course, Ranma didn't even get that it was only an excuse. Even if he had, his next words were totally honest.

"Nah, Akane, I'm beat. I don't think I can stay up much longer." Akane cursed to herself, at that. She didn't begrudge Nabiki getting a shot at Ranma (indeed, a part of her mind seemed to want it), but she wanted another encounter before bedtime! As it was, she knew she'd be up all night getting off.

So, the three Tendo women, Kimiko, Akane, and Kasumi, understanding Ranma's situation, and Nabiki's, just nodded, and waved goodbye, speaking in unison.

"Goodnight, Ranma!"

Nabiki, of course, was silent. She was in shock. A folding screen, and Ranma going to bed, with her? An excuse to be in the same room as Ranma and preserve modesty, she quickly realized. But, that meant... Her and Ranma! Tonight! No, she realized. Her and Ranma, right now! She had trouble retaining her composure as she smiled condescendingly at Akane, and rose from the table. She moved around it, to loop one of her arms through Ranma's, before speaking.

"Well then, Ranma. Let's put you to bed." Ranma, of course, really was tired, and so, didn't really notice the silent catfight going on between Akane and Nabiki. On top of that, Nabiki's arm looped through his made him feel funny. His heart beat a bit faster, and a blush rose to his face. Which, even he could tell was odd, because he'd already seen Nabiki naked, after all. That didn't stop him from blushing though. After a moment, Nabiki led Ranma to her room.

Akane turned to bitch to her mom about Nabiki, but the Tendo matriarch only raised a hand. Akane was left to fume as Kasumi and Kimiko talked about setting up a proper meal plan for Ranma. As Nabiki led Ranma to her room, Akane thought back to her plan. With Nabiki's help, it would begin tommorow. And Ranma would never know what hit him.

Nabiki smiled coldly at Ranma as she walked up to her room. Her heart was racing and her palms were sweaty, but she wasn't going to show the way she felt. She had to be in control; she was Nabiki Tendo, after all. When she reached her room, she pulled her arms away from Ranma's, put her hands on her hips, raised an eyebrow, and spoke, doing her best to keep her voice from quavering.

"So, Ranma. You've had a long day. I'm sure you are tired; I know I am. We both know that my mother was only trying to create an appearance of propriety when she suggested we put the folding screen in my room. You need to bring that in, by the way. However, I think we really should put the screen down and sleep in separate beds."

Ranma blinked in surprise. Sure, he really was tired. Sure, he knew that Nabiki had stayed home sick today from school. But, she didn't want to? Heck, after two dozen orgasms in the last twenty-four hours, he still wanted to! Just having her arm looped in with his had made him breathe a bit faster; he wanted to see her naked, he wanted to taste her, he wanted to-

Cutting him off, Nabiki snapped a finger in front of his eyes, locked on to some far-distant object. "Yo, Ranma-baby, today!"

Ranma blushed, because, well, he had been acting like an idiot. He mumbled a quick, "Sorry," and grabbed the screen, before entering Nabiki's room. She followed behind him, and closed the door after him. He moved to set up the screen as Nabiki put down his sleeping bag. Even as he did this, Ranma thought about how much he wished that Nabiki wanted him. He was tired, sure; but, she was the only Tendo he hadn't fucked yet, and she was so hot! Plus, he was going to be sleeping in her room anyway. And, even with his promise in mind not to compare his girls to one another, just touching her arm gave him a thrill that none of the others had given him without doing a lot more than that.

Nabiki, for her part, lamented the need to stay in control. She lamented it very, very much. Ranma was going to stay in her room, and if he didn't respond properly, because he was too much of an "honorable martial artist" (Nabiki rolled her eyes just at the thought), or because he was too tired, she was actually going to have to go another day without a good fuck! It was totally intolerable. It took every iota of her self-control at this point, and she wasn't sure she could keep it up. But, she had to. She was, after all, the Ice Queen. She could give in once he had already promised to do a favor for her, and then she could enjoy herself. For now though, control was needed.

That didn't mean that she wasn't going to try to get Ranma interested in her. The plan was to get Ranma so hot and bothered he'd be begging to fuck her. And, once he'd done enough begging, she could "relent" to his advances, and, well. The thought made her smirk. So, as Ranma was arranging the screen and his sleeping bag, Nabiki began to strip. Sooner or later, he'd look up, and when he did, he'd be hers.

When Ranma did look up, to say goodnight, he caught Nabiki half-naked: her pants were off, and her shirt was being pulled off as he watched. Her big, perfect breasts were cradled in a sinful-looking red bra, and everything south of there on her body was bare, save for her little white cotton panties, with a rose on the front, and just the sight made Ranma's breathing get harder. Suddenly, his palms were sweating and his heart was hammering in his chest; Nabiki was -hot-, and she was going to be in the same room as him, and he could practically see her-

Ranma had been peeking around the corner of the screen, and he suddenly stood straight up, hiding himself from view. Not on purpose, though Nabiki, because of the shirt coming up, over her head, had just barely missed him. No, Ranma had stood up because he finally realized what the room smelled, or more precisely, stank of, hidden just underneath the air freshener. He didn't even realize his lips were moving as he whispered, "Pussy!" Nabiki looked up in surprise as she dropped her shirt, before going back to undressing. She hadn't quite heard Ranma's words.

Ranma began to look around the room, on his side of the screen. Why did the room smell so strongly of pussy? Ranma had enough experience to know what the smell was, and he could figure out it was Nabiki's smell (and he wasn't sure if he liked the smell more because of the fact that it was hers, or he liked her more because the smell was making his trousers tight). But, underneath an unhealthy amount of air freshener, the room was absolutely flooded with the smell of Nabiki's pussy. Ranma looked around, fruitlessly, for some reason why this might be, before noticing something underneath Nabiki's keyboard. Her computer was on his side of the screen, so she wouldn't see if he just picked up her keyboard.

As Ranma was using the tip of his finger to silently pick up Nabiki's keyboard, Nabiki was on the other side of the screen. Totally naked. Bending over, with all the goods that had been covered by her panties not only exposed but pointing right at Ranma. And she was just standing there, waiting. If he would just look at her, she'd pretend to be picking out her clothes for tommorow, but for now, she was just leaning over, and waiting. Patiently. This plan might not work, and if it didn't, she move to the next plan; being naked and needing to get something from Ranma's side of the screen. Or the next; being naked and needing to cuddle with Ranma for warmth. Even at this point, Nabiki could admit to herself that that last plan was desperate. But, she was willing to sacrifice a bit of dignity, if she had to. She wasn't willing to let another day go by without fucking Ranma, that was for sure. Her thoughts went along these lines, "If I can't wake him up, I'll just get his cock hard and fuck him in his sleep."

Ranma was, as usual in most cases, oblivious to any of Nabiki's plans. He was staring, in shock, at the photos he had found, shoved haphazardly under the keyboard. They were photos of him! They were photos of him, fucking Kasumi and Akane! Ranma paused for a moment. He didn't like to think of himself as a snoop, and he certainly didn't want to be one. But, he had to know. Being as silent as possible, he turned on the monitor to Nabiki's computer. He had been as quiet as a church mouse before, but he gasped, loudly, at what he saw. Nabiki had actually left the video from the bathroom, of Ranma banging the crap out of Akane, looped, running on her computer, when Akane had barged in. Ranma didn't know that, of course. All he knew was that the room smelled like twelve hours of sweaty muff polishing, and that Nabiki had pictures of him and her sisters, and a video of him in action on her computer. Even Ranma could figure that one out.

Ranma stepped out from behind the curtain, his finger pointing in Nabiki's direction as he spoke. "You took pictures of me!" There was more, at least, that was Ranma's plan, until he saw Nabiki's ass, and her vertical smile presented to him. That kind of shut him up.

Nabiki had a smirk on her face as she stood, and turned. She crossed her arms under her chest, raising her breasts and presenting them to Ranma as she spoke. "Yeah, so?"

Ranma took a second to process that. And a few more to process Nabiki's breasts. To his mind, they were the best tits he'd ever seen, in that moment. Even though he'd seen them before, and Kimiko, Yoiko, and Kasumi were all bigger. None of that stopped him from being totally floored by seeing them again. Still, he was upset about something, though he couldn't remember what, exactly, so he pushed on. "Well. You, umm, shouldn't do that."

Nabiki sighed inwardly. She'd take Ranma any way she could get him, but for a second there, she'd thought he was going to forcefully take her, degrade her, get angry at her, and fuck her like he wanted to punish her. Now, she was pretty sure she'd have to push him on to his back, strip off his clothes, and fuck him, rather than the other way around. She wasn't going to complain, but for a second, just the thought had made her pussy wet. "That all? Can I go to sleep now?"

Ranma was about to meekly agree, before he saw the faint trickle of girl-juice running over Nabiki's pussy. That reminded him of the reason he was angry. She was pretending she didn't want him, and she did. Why? She had spent all day masturbating to his picture and videos of him, and she was pretending she just wanted to go to sleep, even though he could see that she didn't! And, Ranma finally thought, why was she just standing there, naked? It finally clicked: She was manipulating him! After all he went through with his father, Ranma wasn't going to put up with this from Nabiki! "Hey, no! I can smell it in here. You spent all day rubbing yourself and looking at my picture, and you're goin' to pretend you don't want me?"

Nabiki thrilled at the way she was being dressed down. She was naked, she could see he was half-hard, and he was angry. She was right on the path she wanted to be on. Just a bit further, just a bit more, and she wouldn't just get Ranma. She'd get the answer to her perverted dreams. In her presentation to Ranma, she sighed, and shook her head, smirking in a condescending way. "I'll admit you aren't too bad to look at. But, it was a passing fancy, that's all. I'm not interested anymore." Nabiki paused for a second. Would that be enough? Maybe it was best to throw a bit more kindling on the fire. "Maybe I'll look up that guy that mom is supposed to be working with. Your old friend? Now, -he- sounds exciting."

What Nabiki wasn't prepared for was that what she thought of as kindling was really rocket-fuel. Ranma visibly tightened. He wasn't just angry; he was enraged. The thought had never occurred to him that he'd be in competition over the interest of a girl, especially not with Ryouga. And, to think, she wouldn't fuck him at all? She'd just go to Ryouga and get her jollies, leaving him with nothing?!? That was enough to piss him off. Then he remembered; she was lying! Her pussy was visibly excited (Ranma could pretty easily tell with a lot less to go on than Nabiki's drooling pussy lips, after his day's worth of experience), and she was only naked to turn him on. He was sure of it. But. He didn't want to be the kind of guy who forced himself on a girl, even if he was sure she wanted it. It took him a second to realize what he wanted to do. Ranma forced himself to calm down a little bit, and force down the jealousy he was feeling. He even forced a slight grin, as he spoke. "You don't want me, huh?"

Nabiki blinked in surprise. Ranma had looked like he was going to either jump her bones or break them for a second there, but all of a sudden he looked confident. Cocky, even. The sight of it, along with the anger he'd shown a second before, made her flush with arousal. She was having a bit of trouble getting enough breath, but she did her best to hide this (which was useless; Ranma could read bodies the way Nabiki could read financial statements). "Yes. So, if you don't mind, I'd like to get some. Some sleep." She gulped a bit. Her control was cracking. She'd barely been able to finish her sentence.

Ranma just grinned, and shook his head. He didn't move forward either, though. In fact, the way he was acting confused Nabiki. He seemed cocky, and still a bit angry, but he wasn't moving to take her or hide behind the screen. For a few moments, he just stood there, silently, before moving to begin undoing the buttons of his shirt, as he spoke. "I think you are lying. Heck, I know you are. I can see that you want me. But, I don't want to be wrong, and I don't want to force you to do something even if I'm right. I don't want to be that kinda jerk."

Nabiki couldn't hide her excitement as Ranma began undoing his shirt. He was beginning to reveal his rock-hard abs when his words registered. He wasn't going to take her? What did that mean? Why was he getting naked if it wasn't to fuck? Her mind was being destroyed by her hunger, as well as her excitement, so she was having trouble thinking, let alone hiding her feelings, or even trying to. Her pussy was drooling, her legs were rubbing against each other as she felt a dull ache between them, and a desire to be -filled-. Her arms were hugging her chest, and her hands had begun to stroke her breasts a bit. She was panting lightly, and sweat seemed to be covering her skin in a sheen now. She was losing control of her body, and her mind was following. "What? What do you mean?"

Ranma grinned, and let his shirt fall to the ground. He didn't waste any time before moving on to take off his shoes. He wasn't moving fast, but he didn't stop after his shirt hit the ground, either. He was speaking, as Nabiki marveled at his upper body. It was easy to concentrate on his cock (really easy, Nabiki thought), but Ranma was a stud over-all, in pretty much every way. His chest, stomach, and arms were muscled well, and highly toned. He moved easily, and smoothly; on one foot, taking off his shoe, he looked as steady as most people were on two feet. And Nabiki couldn't help but react to the sight; Ranma was hot, and here he was, being cocky and acting like he was in charge. She moaned softly as he spoke. "What I mean is, you are going to come over here, get on your knees, and suck on my cock."

Nabiki gasped when she realized what Ranma was saying. He was taking control! And, he wasn't just forcing her to do what he wanted. He was commanding her! She shook at just the thought of it. He was angry, she could tell. And he could have either pushed her down and taken her or left her high and dry. Instead, he was going to use her hunger to get her to pleasure him and destroy the facade of her control. For just a moment, Nabiki couldn't help but think that Ranma had to be a perfect match for her to react so perfectly to her teasing. She had to bite her finger to stop herself from moaning a quick agreement to Ranma's command. She had to close her eyes, and take back as much control of her body and mind as she could, before she could speak. "No. G-go back to bed, Ranma."

Ranma just shook his head, and kept grinning. Something about this felt -right-. It felt good. He felt the same way he did during a tough fight that he had just cracked; he knew what to do, and it was -damn- good. He was silent as he let his shoes drop to the floor, before moving to simply undo the string around his waist, and let his trousers and boxers fall to the ground, before stepping out of them. He spoke softly, as he crossed his arms over his chest. "Nabiki. Come over here and suck on my cock."

Nabiki opened her eyes to speak again, and that was her undoing. Because, of course, Ranma was naked. Where she had found it nearly impossible to keep control with Ranma's stomach and chest bare to her, it was literally impossible for her to keep control with his cock presented to her. That big piece of swinging meat left a huge impact on Nabiki. Just the sight of it made her almost feel as though there was a chorus of angels, and a bright light from the heavens, shining down on Ranma's crotch. It really was, to Nabiki's mind, a divine miracle that she was in the same room as Ranma's semi-erect member. So, wasting no time, the part of her fighting against Ranma's commands promptly shue the hell up, and Nabiki began tenatively walking towards Ranma. Ranma just grinned, and waited. He really was tired; if he hadn't have been, he would have been as hard as a rock already.

Nabiki dropped to her knees in front of Ranma, and just began to worship. Her fingers tenatively moved up to Ranma's cock, tracing it with her fingertips. She had never touched him this way before, and it had an impact on her. She knew it had to be huge, and she knew how huge it was before this. She'd seen it in person at the bathroom, and been looking at it in pictures and video all day. Despite this, the monster in front of her seemed impossible. Had he grown? Nabiki's pussy had been drooling before; the moment she began to tease it with her fingertips, she was absolutely flooded. She had to bite her lips to cut off a long moan as she came a bit just touching it; being this close to Ranma's cyclopean one-eyed monster was almost more than she could take. Ranma just folded his hands behind his head as he watched the middle Tendo marvel at his shocking behemoth.

Nabiki panted all over Ranma's length as she moved her face over it. Her hot breath tickled him, and made him even hotter for the melted Ice Queen. While Ranma watched Nabiki getting off to the sight of his jumbo schlong, he drank in the sight of her body, naked beneath his cock. Her nails skimmed over and along his cock, which made the young martial artist breathe harder. When she leaned in to begin kissing the base of the object of her affection, his grotesquely long meat-whistle pressed in between her big, full tits. As she began to mouth and suck down and over the length of Ranma's shocking wang, her hands slid up to his prodigious balls, each one almost too big for her to fit in her tiny hands. The next thought to pop into Nabiki's mind would normally have disturbed her; now, it caused another orgasm to wrack her body. Just feeling the size and weight of Ranma's balls made Nabiki think of how virile and studly Ranma was, and how much cum he was soon going to be dumping in all of Nabiki's holes. Nabiki thought she'd be orgasmed out after a day of masturbating, but the orgasms she was getting just touching Ranma's cock were the most intense of her young life. Every one caused her to moan, shake, quiver, and practically spurt girl-cum, with her pussy going wild between her legs as she crushed and rubbed them together. Even if she managed not to scream loud enough to be heard, Kasumi would be able to tell what had happened with Ranma from the stains Nabiki was leaving on her floor.

As Nabiki's lip-work brought her to the tip of Ranma's cock, a thought broke into her mind. Her eyes snapped open, as she thought of something she had an opportunity to do for Ranma, which he might have never had done to him. Her hands shot up from his balls, to begin grabbing and squeezing at his semi-erect cockhead. It took Ranma a second to realize what Nabiki was doing; she was forcing his cock into her mouth! Ranma had enough experience to both know what a blowjob was, and to think that it was impossible for anyone to give him one (if Kimiko had failed, with her experience and physical size, he figured it was simply impossible). In concern for her health, he spoke up. "H-hey! You can't do that!"

Nabiki ignored his protests, and proved him wrong. In his semi-erect state, Ranma's cock was just malleable enough to be forced and sucked into Nabiki's mouth, and then, after a few moments of effort, into her throat. Nabiki was feverishly feeding Ranma's cock into her mouth, and doing her best to swallow his length down her throat, hoovering and swallowing his rod into her throat. Ranma couldn't believe it, and just the feel and sight of it left him at a total loss for words. It felt great, and if he wasn't so tired, he'd have broken Nabiki's jaw because of fast he'd gotten hard. But it looked hot too. Her cheeks were bulging with man-meat, and her throat was distended insanely by the thickness of his cock traveling down her neck and into her chest. Her teeth pressed in tightly against his rod, despite how wide she had her mouth spread open. His cock filled every available cubic inch of her mouth as she stuffed him into her. He couldn't contain himself anymore, and he muttered down at her. "Oh, fuck! How can you do that?!?"

Of course, the moment she began to take him into her throat, she blessed the fact that all the Tendo girls were born without gag-reflexes, and that she could hold her breath for several minutes of heavy activity. Despite that, she knew she couldn't keep Ranma's cock inside of her mouth and throat if he got totally hard; he'd split her apart! And she could tell this was turning him on, and he was getting harder by the second. Still, she was determined to do this, and do it right. She figured, "I might be on my knees sucking on a boy's cock after knowing him for less than two full days, but I'm still Nabiki Tendo." If she started something, she was going to finish it. She kept jamming and swallowing more and more of his cock down her throat, and Ranma watched as the bulge of his cock in her throat extended all the way down to her collarbone. He could actually see his cock filling her throat to the bursting point, and he could barely take it. All of a sudden, a thought came to him. He suddenly reached down to begin stroking Nabiki's throat, stroking his cock inside of her throat. The feeling of it made Nabiki cum again as she felt Ranma manhandle her. As her pussy geysered and she shook with pleasure, she feverishly jammed more of him into her mouth, doing her best to make sure she got him all in before she passed out from pleasure. As she came, she massaged his rod with her teeth, stroking and tickling him.

As Ranma's elephantine love stick finally entered Nabiki's mouth and throat completely, and his balls pressed against Nabiki's chin, Nabiki came again. Fireworks went off behind her eyes, she thrashed wildly with her throat impaled fully. Her pussy went wild once more, and she moaned around Ranma's cock. The moaning just made Ranma hotter, and that just made his cock throb and swell inside of her, which made her tighter, which made him get more excited. As Nabiki began to realize she was going to be split open by Ranma's swelling spike, her hand shot up to begin massaging and stroking his monumental balls. Ranma only barely managed to mutter a few words as Nabiki sucked at his cock. "O-oh, oh my god! FUCK!"

Nabiki was going wild underneath Ranma as he continued to force her mouth open, and it wasn't because she was getting off from getting face-fucked (though she was). Her belly-shaking orgasms had left her without air, and she suddenly found herself suffocating on Ranma's cock. To top it off, it had swollen to the point where she was no longer certain she'd be able to pull it out of her throat. She placed both of her hands on his hips, and just began pushing him away from her. Despite the fact that she was pushing as hard as she could, Ranma didn't realize she was in trouble, and just kept stroking his cock, stuffed down her throat as it was. The feel of stroking himself in her throat was making him harder and harder, and he gave no thought to the fact that he already knew swallowing his cock when it was hard was impossible. Nabiki made slow progress pulling Ranma's rapidly swelling organ out of her mouth, but she did make progress. After a few frenzied moments of struggle, the cockhead finally popped out of her mouth, and Nabiki began wildly gasping for air. As she looked at Ranma's cock, the lack of oxygen hit her at the same moment as the realization she'd jammed that monster inside herself completely, and she came, hard, but quietly, because she didn't have the air to scream. She grabbed on to Ranma's monstrous appendage for support as she thrashed and came, resting her head against his python as she recovered.

It took Ranma a second to realize something was wrong. He figured, if Nabiki couldn't do it, she wouldn't have started, right? But, she was panting and coughing, and her face was red, as she shook beneath him, and stroked his cock. "Nabiki, are you OK?"

Nabiki swallowed again, and tried to get her breathing under control as she looked up, to give Ranma a Nabiki Tendo smirk, only slightly marred by her position, the fact that she was resting her head against Ranma's cock, and the fact that she had a bit of precum and drool on her chin. "Ranma-baby, I'm more than alright. You done?" Despite the fact that she had said it, Nabiki was a bit surprised she'd managed to get that out. But, the truth was, she wanted Ranma. And she wanted Ranma to take her. And if that meant she had to goad him a little more, she was going to do it, consequences be damned.

Ranma grinned cockily, and shook his head. He had been tired before, to be honest. But, after that award-winning performance, he wouldn't be able to sleep without blowing a load that would make a whale jealous. His cock was diamond-hard a few moments after exiting Nabiki's mouth, throbbing and beating with every beat of his heart, and his heart was racing fast enough to make his cock vibrate like an industrial washing machine. His dick was dark red, and he was pretty sure he could break boards with his rod. On top of that, his obscene baby-maker was beginning to self-lubricate with prodigious amounts of pre-cum, rapidly leaking out of the tip of his cock and running over his length. Put simply, he was ready. And, from the over-powering, and highly arousing, smell that had become even stronger as Nabiki was sucking his cock, he could tell she was too. Even if she wasn't gushing so much he could smell it, one quick peek would have shown him that Nabiki's lower set of lips were even more drenched than the pair she'd just jammed his pecker into. So, without further ado, he simply muttered his reply before grabbing her up in his arms and moving toward the bed. "You wish. I'm gonna fuck you into the bed."

Nabiki shivered in Ranma's arms,and quickly wiped her face clean. She was finally going to get the proper and royal reaming she'd been finger-fucking herself to the thought of all day. For the normally collected Ice Queen, waiting a day for something she wanted was nothing. But, when that something was Ranma's enormous cock and the kind of fucking she'd seen her mother get, waiting for even a few hours was almost more than she could stand. She thought back on the ideas she'd had about how she was going to manipulate Ranma and her family, and how they had failed. A lesser person would have been embarrassed by those failures, but Nabiki Tendo just pressed on. It didn't matter anyway; Ranma was ready to fuck, in her room, and he was going to drill her into the bed. Life was sweet.

Ranma moved Nabiki's body, walking her to the bed, and then throwing her down on her chest, making all sorts of attractive jiggling occur all over Nabiki's body. Before Nabiki could move an inch, Ranma grabbed her hips and lifted her ass into the air, positioning her to properly bone the middle Tendo daughter. As Ranma looked down at the sight of his incredibly thick cockhead, and the blunt tip of his inhuman rod, against the purse of Nabiki's gushing, tiny pussy, he got even turned on. The thought of burying his cock inside something so tight and hot and wet, of banging his way as deep as he could into a woman and making her scream, made him spurt hot, thick precum over her pussy lips. The sight of Ranma's cockhead pressed against Nabiki's pussy was somewhere between simply obscene and ridiculous, as it just looked like there was no way the petite girl could swallow Ranma's cock with her lower set of lips.

Nabiki writhed and gasped as she was moved around by Ranma's strong hands. She felt the seed from his cockhead shoot over her skin, and she came again at the sensation, and then once more when he pressed the tip of his cockhead against her pussy lips. Each time she came, she had to bite her lips to stop from screaming with pleasure, even as her pussy gushed cream, and her hands ripped and clawed at the bed, as her body quivered with the spasms of pleasure that shot through her. The other girls that Ranma had screwed had, almost uniformly, been terrified, or at the least, tense, at the thought of letting something as big as Ranma ram into them repeatedly and violently. Nabiki was different though. She wanted it, and she wanted it bad; on top of that, she knew that if Akane could do it, she could too, so there was no fear or anxiety, just a deep, gut-wrenching hunger. When Ranma paused for a few seconds with his cock pressed against her pussy, Nabiki couldn't stop her body from responding with a thrust back at him.

Ranma had paused for a reason. It wasn't that he was afraid for Nabiki's health (though most people would have been), because he knew that if Akane and Yoiko could do it, Nabiki could. And, even if he had some reason to worry, that wouldn't have stopped him at this point. No, he had paused because he was thinking (and that took awhile). Nabiki was, as far as he'd seen, a scheming person, who tried to remain in control at all times. He'd already had a bit of fun with her when she'd pretended she didn't want him; why not have a bit more fun? From the soaking nature of her pussy and the thrust back at him, he didn't feel he had any need to worry that she'd say no at this point. He grinned down at her as he spoke. "So, Nabiki. You still goin' to look up Ryouga tommorow?"

Nabiki was essentially brain-dead at this point, and just looking forward to the kind of hard-fucking that would leave her with an after-glow that would last until graduation, so it took her more than a few moments to realize what Ranma was saying. When she did, she turned her head as best she could to look at him and spoke as she tried to thrust her lower lips against his rod again, but failed, because Ranma was holding her hips in such a way that he had complete control. "What? Saotome, so help me, if you don't fuck me right now, you are in so much trouble!"

Ranma laughed at that. It was pretty funny; he was holding Nabiki's hips so she couldn't move, she was soaking wet underneath him, begging him to fuck her, or else. He shook his head and spoke again, as he rubbed his cockhead up and down her slit, making the middle Tendo cry out in orgasm for a split-second before she bit it off. "Nabiki, I want to fuck you, I do. But, if you don't tell me what I want to hear, I'm just goin' down to Akane's room. She's nicer than you are. Uhh, at least when she's horny."

Nabiki had to fight to get her lips to work again. When she did, her voice still quavered. "Fuck you, Ranma!"

Ranma shook his head and suddenly ground his cockhead up against Nabiki's pussy, spurting precum over her skin as he gripped her hips in his hands. "No, Nabiki, that's the point. You don't say what I want to hear, and I don't fuck you. Now, come on. I just want to hear you say it."

Nabiki held her tongue for several seconds. For one thing, she had cum again when he ground his cock into her, and she was having some trouble breathing and thinking, let alone speaking. But, even after that, she had to consider her position. If she gave away everything tonight, would Ranma still want her? When she finally spoke, she realized she had no choice. Besides, this was what she wanted. She turned and yelled back at Ranma as she shook with a tiny mini-gasm at her own words. "Yes, fine! I spent all day polishing my pussy and looking at pictures of that preposterous cock of yours! I want you to jam it inside me and fuck me until I've got cum running out of my ears! I want you, I need you, I want you to take me and make me yours, cum inside of me and make me cum, and I don't want anyone else, let alone some pathetic porn star! I just want you! FUCK ME!"

Ranma grinned from ear to ear at that, and gripped Nabiki's hips tightly in his hands as he began grinding his cockhead into her pussy again. He wasn't sure why, but he liked breaking Nabiki, and getting her to beg that way. As he pushed against her, and pulled her back against him, he began turning and twisting his hips, drilling into Nabiki's pussy the way he did with the other girls. He knew that he could also spread her pussy lips with his hand to help her out, but he wanted this to be a long, hard session for Nabiki. With his cockhead mated perfectly to her pussy lips, his shots of precum went straight up her channel, lubricating her already drenched pussy even more for him, and getting her off again. As he bore into her cunt, he leaned over her to speak a few words of condolence. "Don't worry about it Nabiki. I know that you are normally calm, cool, and collected. You are only a cum-slut, cock-hungry bitch for my cock."

Nabiki would normally have said something in reply, but she was too busy having her mind obliterated with pleasure. She was biting at the covers of the bed to keep herself silent, and despite this, as he eyes rolled up into her head, she moaned and groaned in her throat. If Ranma hadn't been in complete control of her hips, she would have been thrashing wildly on the bed. As it was, her upper body was quivering almost non-stop, and occasionally she flailed as an especially strong wave of pleasure hit her. Sweat was covering her body by now, and she was breathing erratically as she clawed and gripped at the bedding. Her breasts were pressed and crushed against the bed as Ranma drilled down into her, but Nabiki barely noticed that, or anything else. Here entire world was concentrated on Ranma's cockhead as he pressed into and against her pussy.

Ranma wanted to continue to teasing Nabiki as he fucked his cock into her pussy, but he quickly found that he couldn't. Nabiki had no reason to fear that Ranma might not come back to her if she gave away the farm on the first go-round. The truth was, there was something about Nabiki's pussy that was making it hard for Ranma to keep an appearance of calm. With only the slightest tip of his cock pressed into the middle Tendo daughter, Ranma could already tell she was going to be an amazing fuck. Even though he'd promised himself not to dwell on comparing his girls, he couldn't help himself in this case. Nabiki was -so- tight, wet, hot, and her pussy squeezed him so hard when she came, he wasn't totally sure he'd last long enough to bury himself fully inside her before he shot her full of peckersnot. Was she tighter than Yoiko? It seemed impossible to Ranma, but he couldn't deny the fact that it felt that way. And, there was something else. Nabiki's velvet cock-holder was having some kind of an effect on Ranma, making everything more intense. Especially considering his vocabulary, Ranma couldn't describe it, but that didn't stop him from enjoying it.

Under the force of Ranma's efforts, Nabiki's pussy began to slowly open up for the martial artist, stretching to the point of obscenity to take him inside of her. Nabiki's hot, wet pussy accepted Ranma's log of a cock slowly, despite the force he was using to shove inside of her and the desire she had to have him buried balls-deep. Nabiki quickly began to lose control of herself as she was spread around Ranma's cockhead, her clitoris pressed tight against his hot, pulsing, throbbing manhood. Her feet came up behind Ranma's ass and began pulling him into her. Her hands left the bedding to grab his monster prick and begin trying to shove it into herself (while, at the same time, stroking and worshipping it, naturally). Ranma gasped at the contact; as good as her pussy felt, and it felt great, the feel of her hands on him as well shouldn't have done anything for him. But, with Nabiki, that wasn't the case. Everything she did to him felt so good he could barely think straight enough to keep forcing his cock deeper into her.

As soon as enough of Ranma's cockhead was wedged tight inside Nabiki's cunt that he didn't have to worry about being popped back out by her tightness, or the squeezing of her well-trained muscles, Ranma began to twist his hips with every renewed thrust into her. This gave them both added pleasure, contact, and friction, but, at the rate Ranma could feel his balls priming to spray his love chowder, he was also hoping this would get him inside of Nabiki faster. The feel of her pussy sucking at his cock, squeezing and massaging at the tip of him, as her hands roamed over his cock and she tried to pull him inside of her destroyed his mind. He simply lost control of himself. He wanted to be the one in control at the beginning of the act, and if he were still thinking that way, he would have pulled Nabiki's hands off his cock. But, the only thing on his mind was burying himself inside the woman beneath him.

Nabiki spasmed with another intense orgasm as Ranma began twisting into her. Her pussy was on fire with need, even as her pussy lips were stretched to their limit by Ranma as he speared her. She was still biting into the covers in an attempt to muffle the sounds she was making, but it wasn't doing any good. She was panting wildly, and moaning, grunting, groaning, gasping and even yelling with pleasure and anticipation as Ranma fucked into her. Sweat was covering her body, and she was shaking with the pleasure pounding through her with every passing second. Waves of pleasure exploded from her pussy and seemed to pass through her whole body almost constantly. The pleasure was almost more than she could stay conscious through; even when he wasn't sending her into an orgasm, she was experiencing more pleasure than ever before. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head when another big one hit her, and her pussy went wild, sucking and squeezing at Ranma's cock, trying to pull in even more of him. Her huge breasts bounced deliciously on her chest when she lost control and came, spasming as it happened.

As Ranma's cockhead finally popped fully inside of Nabiki, the crown of his rod passing through her pussy lips, another inch followed close behind, spearing into Nabiki's cunt from the force of Ranma's thrust. Ranma groaned, and squeezed Nabiki's ass tighter as he felt so much of his cock being sucked by Nabiki's pussy. He'd never felt anything half as good; her wet, perfect cunt massaged and stroked him as he pushed into her. He had to hold still for a second to stop himself from cumming at the feel of so much of his rod being worked over so well. He bit his lips and closed his eyes. Nabiki, of course, had an orgasm that knocked any last thoughts of restraint or composure out of her mind completely. She spit out the blanket she had stuffed in her own mouth, and yelled with pleasure, as stars exploded behind her eyes, and she came like never before, her pussy going wild and blasting girl cum with the intensity of it. Her eyes rolled back and shook with the mind-bending pleasure of it as her hands choked Ranma's cock and she pressed her feet against Ranma's ass as hard as she could manage in her weakened, orgasming state.

Ranma tried to control his breathing and get himself under control until the feeling of imminently hosing Nabiki's pussy passed. His mouth was dry, and his breath was coming fast as he tried to start again, slowly this time, not wanting to finish, not until he had himself buried inside of her. Nabiki and Ranma both had their eyes glued to the junction of their two bodies as Ranma slowly began to force into her again. Nabiki felt as though her entire pelvis was being bent to accept such a thick slab of meat, and this suspicion seemed all the more plausible as she saw the bulge his cock was forming on her lower stomach as he went into her, so massive he could be seen on normally flat stomach as an obscene bulge. Which, if she got her way, would travel up to a point just a few inches below the shivering cleavage she was staring through. The obscenity of that thought alone sent her over the edge again, and her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she came.

Ranma enjoyed the act more with Nabiki's love sounds being broadcast at full volume. She was making too many too often to scream very often, but that was the only thing keeping the volume down. She was gasping with pleasure, groaning, even cutely grunting as he forced his cock into her harder on one thrust. She was a vision for him, and he found the sounds and sight of her disheveled hair, shaking breasts, and joyful, o-face as pleasurable as her perfect, pink little pussy sucking away at his preposterous prick. After his brief brush with premature ejaculation, his cock began to leak hot, thick precum, a thoroughly unnecessary lubricant considering the state of Nabiki's pussy.

However, Nabiki did feel the seed inside of her, and it set her off even more than before. He was going to dump a load of that inside of her, she knew it, and she wanted it as desperately as she had ever wanted anything in her life. The feel of him spreading and stretching and filling her made her mind turn to mush. The feel of his cock bucking and throbbing inside her, hot and hard and vibrating in time to the jackhammering of his heart, made her think of some kind of wonderful fusion of a living (and gigantic) prick and a vibrator. The feel of the thick, ropey veins all around and over the length of his cock pressing and bumping and rubbing against her clitoris, as his cockhead crushed her g-spot, was just icing on the cake, as his powerful body pushed his cock deeper and deeper into her yearning, hungry pussy.

Ranma continued to force more and more of his cock into Nabiki, turning and twisting and drilling into the overstretched pussy, attached to the perfect and sexy woman, beneath him, as his excitement continued to grow. Soon he was blasting precum into her, shooting his seed against her inner walls with the pleasure, hunger, and passion he felt. Even though he liked the feeling of the precum shooting out, it just seemed to make his need to cum more intense, and so he stepped up the effort he was making to spear Nabiki. That didn't help much though, because it seemed to set Nabiki off even more, and she made more of those cute, hungry sounds, and her hands went wild on the length of his prick not inside her yet, even as her feet began pounding on his ass trying to spur him on, and her pussy assaulted his prick with pleasure anew. Such was his struggle that Ranma began sweating and cursing under his breath as he panted and strained. Keeping his baby batter in his ballsac was the greatest battle he had ever had, even if it was also the most enjoyable.

Despite her position, Nabiki could now reach up and feel the base of Ranma's cock, and tell just how much of Ranma's cock was yet to travel inside of her. The realization that he was as deep as any man (or toy, or finger) had ever been, and he was only about half-way through with impaling her, sent her off on another series of orgasms, one riding the crest to the other. Even if he couldn't go any further, he was still feeding her lower set of lips more cock than she had ever had, by far. He was so much thicker that every inch inside of her felt like she was being stretched and filled so much more completely, thoroughly, perfectly, and obscenely, that she just knew that even if she found another man as long as Ranma, if he wasn't as thick, he couldn't be half as good. The feeling of those thick, rope-like veins all around his cock rubbing and pressing into her inner walls, stroking her inner pleasure centers, and fitting her like a lock to a key was good enough that she knew that if she ever wanted to replicate the effect, she wouldn't need something as big as Ranma; she'd need something shaped just like Ranma to be perfect.

Ranma finally felt his cockhead press up against the entrance to Nabiki's womb, tapping against her cervix. He could see by the bulge on her stomach the outline of his depth inside of her, and he knew he didn't have much further to go. Despite that, he wasn't sure he was going to make it. His fingers were biting into Nabiki's ass hard enough bruise, and his toes were curling from the intense difficulty of holding himself in check. He bit his lips as he tapped against her cervix with the tip of his cockhead again, and turned and twisted and pressed in, trying to gain access as he just fought to keep control. Nabiki, of course, had no such trouble; she wouldn't have minded, noticed, or known, if Ranma came at that moment. The feel of Ranma's cockhead butting agaisnt her cervix, and spraying precum tight into her womb, was too much. She screamed and thrashed on the bed, letting go of the last few inches of Ranma's cock that still had to be buried inside of her. Her entire body went wild, shaking and spasming as she screamed out the last of her air, and weakly mewled and gasped as she ran out. If Ranma hadn't been holding her in place with a vise-like grip, her wild thrashing would probably have bucked her off of his cock. She found she couldn't get a deep breath with so much cock inside of her, and so she settled for whatever she could get, panting, fast and light, as sweat flew off her wildly spasming body, her hair whipping and breasts bouncing wildly as Ranma tried desperately to bury himself before he completed the transaction.

With one last, powerful thrust, Ranma's cockhead passed through Nabiki's last barrier and rammed straight into the very core of her womanhood. The tip of his cockhead rammed against the back of her womb, as his balls slapped her ass. He had only a moment to enjoy the sensation of her pussy going extra wild around the whole length of his cock before he totally lost control. His head went back, and he found himself screaming with pleasure, practically roaring, as he crushed his cock as deeply as it could and would go inside Nabiki, filling her to the limit with the length and width of him, as he came. His seed rocketed out of his cock like never before, blasting against the back of Nabiki's womb and almost instantly beginning to leak out around the tight seal of his cock shoved inside her stretched pussy. And that was with the first hot, thick load; others followed, one after another after another, not seeming to get much weaker, even as his cock bulged minutely, but, to Nabiki's overstretched pussy, noticabely, with every one. He hosed her insides with hot, thick cum, again and again, until cum was practically spraying out of the juncture of his body and hers, and she was as overstuffed and fucked and full of cum and cock as she could be. Then, he blasted her two or three more times just to be safe.

Nabiki went past every previous barrier and boundry of pleasure she had ever known. She lost control of herself, and found her spasms and shaking being interrupted by other spasms, as one orgasms seemed to overlap and go beyond the previous, over and over, the entire time that Ranma dumped his load into her. Her hands clamped on to his shoulders for a moment, trying to control the shaking, but she couldn't even gain that much control. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as her whole body went wild, panting and shaking and sweating like a mad woman as Ranma destroyed her mind with pleasure. Her body greedily accepted every load of cum she could hold, and the only thought she had throughout the entire cum-crazy orgasm she had was that it was a waste that she couldn't hold all of it. She screamed and gasped as lack of oxygen made her cum even harder and lose even more control, and her madness didn't and couldn't end until Ranma had been finished spraying her insides with the force of a firehose for some time. Then, she finally calmed, and could breath, a bit, though smaller orgasms still hit her and made her gasp and shiver as she came down, from the after shocks of the fuck to the feel of his hot cum inside her.

Her hands went to Ranma's shoulders again, as her eyes, tears streaming from them, began to focus again. She looked up at him just in time to see his head come forward again. They locked yes. They were tired, fucked out, sweating, panting, and both of them were shivering and disheveled (though, of course, Nabiki more so). Their crotches and practically their whole lower bodies were either covered or at least sprinkled with a combination of Nabiki's pussy juice and Ranma's cum. They just stared into each other's eyes as they recovered for a moment. Ranma and Nabiki spoke at the same moment, the only words they could think of.

"Thank you."

They stared at each other for a moment longer, before Ranma leaned down, releasing his death grip on Nabiki's ass, putting his hands on the bed beside her on either side, to kiss her. It was a surprisingly gentle kiss, and, oddly, considering the position they were in, he found it so embarrasingly intimate that he blushed a bit. Despite the tenderness and emotion of the kiss, Nabiki returned it, and found herself blushing a bit as well. Ranma pulled back after several long moments, and just smiled at Nabiki for a moment, before wrapping his arms around her, and moving a bit so that he was on his side, and closing his eyes before going to sleep. Nabiki returned the smile. She waited, after he had adjusted them both to his comfort, to place her head against his chest and under his chin, resting on top of his arm, before closing her eyes, and passing out.

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