My Very Own Personal Nabiki: So, Does This Constitute a Harem or Not? (LIME) [Episode 159080]

by Kwakerjak

Ranma sat in his room, wondering what his pet actually had planned to help him with his curse—and more importantly, why that plan involved him sitting in his room while Nabiki took care of some sort of “preparations.” He almost came out to see what was going on as he heard Nabiki grunting, as though she was moving a large object down the stairs. What in the world is she up to?

Sure, there was really nothing keeping him in his room; in a relationship like theirs, an instruction from Nabiki had all the force of a polite suggestion. If he decided to see what was going on for himself, she might be a little disappointed, but she’d hardly be angry about it, and there wasn’t much she could have done anyway. But it was just so nice to see this side of Nabiki—a side that was eager to help him, rather than trying to bilk him for everything he had. He didn’t really want to do anything to discourage this part of Nabiki’s personality. In fact, one might say that one of his goals was to train his pet until occurrences like the one happening at the moment were commonplace.

So, he waited—and sure enough, almost as soon as the ten mintues Nabiki had asked for expired, she called upstairs, “Okay, Master! You can come down to the furo now!”

Ranma screwed up his face upon entering the furo—he was pretty damn sure that it hadn’t contained a large object covered by a sheet the last time he’d cleaned himself, and yet, leaning against the wall next to his beaming pet, there it was… whatever it was. “What the heck is that?”

“All in due time, Master. Would you mind getting undressed?”

Ranma didn’t really mind this at all, and soon shed his garments. “Okay, Nabiki. What’ve ya got in mind?”

“Well, you know how you said you were open to the idea of a harem?”

Ranma wasn’t sure what this had to do with his problem, but he figured that Nabiki had to have a good reason for bringing it up. “Uh, I guess… though it ain’t somethin’ I plan on jumpin’ right into.”

“I know, Master, but really, from a certain point of view, you could say that you already have a harem.”

“Huh? What the heck are ya talkin’ about?”

“I mean that you already have another girl—in fact, you’ve had her for some time. You just haven’t been willing to take advantage of that yet.”

“What? Who?”

Instead of answering directly, Nabiki picked up a bucket and splashed her owner in the face with cold water, leaving the redhead sputtering for a moment. With a flourish, Nabiki pulled down the sheet to reveal a full-length mirror. “She is the other girl who belongs to you.”

Ranma-chan finally pushed the wet, red hair from her eyes, revealing an expression that was somewhere between confusion and disbelief on her face. “Um, Nabiki, that girl is me.”

Nabiki smirked at her owner. “And you own yourself, don’t you?”

“Well… I guess….”

“Well, ‘Mistress,’” Nabiki said with a definite twinkle in her eye, “that means you own the redhead as much as you own me—more so, in fact.”

Ranma sighed. “I dunno, Nabiki. I mean, I can kinda see where yer comin’ from, an’ I appreciate that yer tryin’ ta use my thing for Domination ta help, but this whole idea seems kinda weird.”

“Come on, Mistress, it’s not like I’m even trying to get you to completely accept your female form yet. I’m just trying to help you get into the proper mindset where you can feel comfortable doing some… exploration.”

Ranma was still hesitant. “Eh….”

Nabiki decided that she’d have to pull the ‘sad puppy face’ trick again. “Please?”

Ranma wanted to say no… but ironically, she found that she just couldn’t refuse her pet. Not when she was trying this hard to please her, anyway. “Okay… I’ll give it a shot.”

“Thank you, Mistress!” This was going to be good. “Okay, now, like I was saying, you own that redhead in the mirror in an even more personal way than you own me.”

“Um, I’m still Dominant when I’m a girl, though.”

“Work with me, here. Just because your redhead doesn’t wear a collar, and just because I will gladly submit to the redhead as readily as I will to the handsome young man, doesn’t mean the redhead has any independence apart from—she depends on you for her very existence.”

Ranma was still a little wary of the way her pet spoke of her girlform as though it were a different person, but she decided to play along. “Okay… so I own her?”

“Of course. You can make that redhead do absolutely anything you want her to, and she can’t refuse; she’ll never be able to refuse you, because she is you.”

Surprisingly, as she stared at the naked girl in the mirror, Ranma really was starting to get into the mindset her pet spoke of. “Yeah… I… I think I understand… k-keep going….”

Nabiki walked up behind her owner and embraced her, wrapping her arms around her midsection and pressing her breasts into her back. “This girl… this woman, is yours, and that means that you have every right to explore and take pleasure from every inch of her body.”

Ranma was starting to breathe heavier now. “And… and if I like it?”

Nabiki tightened her embrace as she spoke quietly into her owner’s ear: “Then you’re taking pleasure in that which belongs to you. It’s no different than when you take enjoyment from my body. My body exists for your fulfillment, as does yours. The fact that you can enjoy your female body won’t make Ranma Saotome any less of a man.” The pet wasn’t sure if she was violating a rule, but right now, she didn’t care. Her owner’s long-term wellbeing was at stake, and if she had to take some punishment in order to get her point across, then so be it.

Ranma closed her eyes—she could almost see where Nabiki was coming from… the redhead did belong to her… and she would obey Ranma without question… sort of. Why should she be afraid of enjoying her self?

Ranma’s pet continued speaking: “You’ve let your curse control you for so long… and I, for one, think you should take that control back.” Sure, Nabiki was exaggerating her owner’s situation a bit for dramatic effect, but it seemed to be working, as the redhead’s muscles loosened and she let forth the tiniest of moans.

Encouraged, Nabiki slid a hand onto her owner’s breast—which elicited a gasp from Ranma, who quickly broke from the embrace and turned to face her pet. “I’m sorry, Nabiki, but I just ain’t ready for… for somethin’ like that. Not yet.” She sighed, “I know ya tried hard, and I gotta admit that tryin’ ta use the whole Domination thing ta get me ta look at this in a different way was pretty creative, but… but I just ain’t ready for sex as a girl—with or without help.”

“You don’t need to apologize to me, Mistress,” Nabiki replied. “I’m hardly in any position to tell you what you should do with your body.”

“Speakin’ of which, I think I’d like ta get back in my male one right now.”

Nabiki simply gestured towards the furo. Ranma picked up the bucket her pet had splashed her with earlier, dipped it into the steaming water, and poured the contents over her head. “Much better,” he commented. “Now, I believe we have a little matter to resolve.”

“We do, Master?”

“Yeah. Ya called me ‘Ranma’ a few minutes ago, an’ that’s a definite no-no.”

“I’m sorry Master—it was… force of habit I suppose.”

Ranma smirked. “Well, I suppose even the best pets still gotta be trained, right?”

“Whatever you say, Master.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s the whole point.”

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