Mistress Shampoo's Way: Tea for Two (LIME) [Episode 138061]


"So you say that you have found a way ta get me to lose my fear of c-c-cats? Permanently." Ranma asked as he travelled to a sheltered area of the woods that lurked in Nerima Park. It was a place that lovers would go to have private moments to themselves, doing things that might not be to accepted by others if they saw them. But it was also a good place to go so that no one could see one doing something that they would want to keep secret.

Shampoo knew that Ranma would like to keep the secret of his fear of cats as hidden as possible, even though she had told him that she had a cure for that fear. Which she did, she just didn't tell him that the cure could also be used to convince him that she was the woman that would be his wife. She had been reading through the 'Master's way', finding the right method for bring understanding to her Airen.

"Is simple. Ranma drink tea and relax. Shampoo turn to cat and play with relax Ranma. Ranma slowly like cats." She pulled out two containers that she had packed both the tea and water in. She opened the one with tea and took out a cup, filling it with the deep brown liquid. It was warm and steaming with a soft white vapour.

Ranma took the cup and sniffed at it for a minute. He asked, "Is there anything in this that I have to be worried about? " He did lick his lips as he said that as he took another whiff of the tea.

Shampoo took on a sad look and answered, "Shampoo just want help Ranma. Ranma is so mean! " She sniffed her nose like she was holding back tears.

"Alright, alright. I'll drink it, Shampoo. I'll drink it." Ranma took the cup and slowly drank the tea. Shampoo waited as he drank down the liquid. After finishing the cup, he put it down and started to breath more slowly then he normally did.

"That right, Ranma relax. Ranma relax and feel peace. Feel relax and drift way, feel empty mind go float way. Float up and up and up as Ranma get sleepy, sleepy and more sleepy. Ranma mind go blank, too too blank. Ready to be taught by Shampoo." Shampoo told Ranma as his eyes fluttered more and more shut as he listened to the amazon, his mind zoning out as he finally became empty of thought and cares.

Shampoo smiled as her plans were beginning to be unleashed, but she knew that she would have to be careful so that she could get the full use out of the method. "Ranma, now on you start to loose fear of cats. You get more close to cats and no scream or tremble near small cats. You no afraid of Shampoo cat, but pretend to fear Shampoo cat to hid secret cure. Ranma know that Ranma need more treatment from Shampoo and Ranma sneak to get treatment from Shampoo so no other know that he get cure."

Ranma just nodded as he listen to Shampoo tell him about his cat problems. He repeated back, "I'm loosing my fear of cats. I'm no longer afraid of Shampoo cat, but I pretend to be to hide my secret cure. I need many more treatments from Shampoo, but must sneak to hide my secret cure from the others."

'Ranma prepared for more Shampoo treatments. Now to use chance to make Airen mine.' Shampoo thought as she moved closer to Ranma so that he could hear her better and so that she might be able to better condition Ranma as the book had told her.

"Ranma slowly no want Akane or Ukyo as man want wife. Ranma love Akane and Ukyo as man loves sisters. Have sex with Akane or Ukyo is like sex with sister. Icky yuck. Kodachi is icky sick girl, no good for sex or marry." Shampoo said as she made sure to use the names of her rivals so that Ranma would remember them.

"Akane and Ukyo are like sisters to me. I will slowly not want to have sex with them or marry them because they are like my sisters. I do not want to marry or have sex with Kodachi as she is sick and crazy girl." Ranma repeated back as the words moved deeper into his mind.

'Now Shampoo move to tricky part, the part that deal with Shampoo.' Shampoo undid the pants of her airen and slipped her hand down them till she was holding firm on his cock. Using that hand she moved up and down the prick's length till it stood rigid. She then hit point that would keep it hard while she continued to give Ranma a hand job.

As Ranma sighed softly, Shampoo continued to speak, "Ranma slowly fall in love with Shampoo. Ranma slowly lust after Shampoo. When Ranma masturbate or have sexy dream it will be with Shampoo. Ranma grow to love Shampoo perfect boobs, Shampoo's sexy legs, Shampoo's wonderful ass. Everything bout Shampoo is too too perfect. Shampoo smells make Ranma horny. Shampoo's voice like music of heaven. Ranma come to know that Shampoo is Ranma's Airen and must be Ranma's wife."

As Shampoo imprinted those words to her love, she continued to give him the most sexually exciting hand job that she could give. She continued to repeat her words as she did so, making sure to at least say it three times before she finally let him cum. Now he would link her words with the pleasures of sex and it would burn in him like his first, unknown orgasm.

She made sure that all cum was on her hand as she slurped up the cum. Now she had to use the final step. Shampoo spoke, "Ranma not remember Shampoo's words. No link new feelings with Shampoo's treatment. Only link cure for cat fear. But Ranma want more treatments from Shampoo and will hid treatments." She repeated the last part a few more times so Ranma would not stumble across her plans or his changes.

Once that she had set everything just as it had been, she told Ranma to awake in a few minutes with him counting them down. She then undressed and covered herself with the water of the second container. In her cat form, she sat on Ranma's lap and waited for his reaction to her effort. If the cat fear command worked, she knew that the others would fall after that.

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