Sex slave Nabiki: Sex and philosophy (LEMON) [Episode 135744]

by T.H. Tiger

Ranma dashed down the hallway. She planned to get Ukyou, drag him back to her and Nabiki’s room, and see if they could figure out how to use the crystal to get back her male body, and get rid of the one she was currently wearing.

After a few false turns, she found the rooms No-chan had taken Ukyou to. She was about to dash into the bathing room, where she could hear voices, when the sight of the clothes Ukyou and No-chan had been wearing, scattered on the floor, brought her to a sudden stop. A sudden flashback to her mom tied over the end of a bed while Kimiko abused and ravaged her caused her to flush and observe the entrance to the bathing room with caution. The very last thing she wanted to do was rush into something like that between Ukyou and No-chan, especially since the last time she’d seen Ukyou, she’d been wearing Ranma’s body.

Ranma hopped from one foot to the other in indecision, her desire to try out a chance for a cure, and worry over what she might walk into warring with each other. In the end, it was neither of those that moved her. She told herself she needed to make sure Ukyou wasn’t taking advantage of No-chan, but in truth, curiosity was what motivated her. Sex had become a much more interesting subject since she had come to this world, and the urge to peek was just too strong.

Fortunately, there was one technique where her current pathetic level of skill would actually be a help. Drawing in her spiritual energy she focused on masking her presence. To an outside observer she would simply have seemed to have faded from sight. Not because she had become invisible but because their eyes would have slipped over her without registering her presence. Their eyes might see her, but their minds wouldn’t. Ranma carefully moved toward the bathing room.

Ukyou sighed with pleasure as No-chan rubbed against her back, scrubbing it with her breasts as her hands kneaded Ukyou’s shoulder muscles. This sure beat the shit out the school community bathing room. Most of the time she ended up washing alone while the other girls formed into various little groups. The city girls had little time for the rough mountain girl who didn’t share their world view. Not even the ones she lured into the bushes at one point or another. No-chan, however didn’t seem to mind in the least. Though, that might have been because of the good sized erection Ukyou had been sporting before she’d rinsed with cold water. Thing made a hell of lure, Ukyou thought to herself. Even she might have been tempted to follow it into a dark alley.

“You’re a very strong girl,” No-chan said, as her hands traced Ukyou’s muscular shoulders and trailed fingers down her arms.

“Swinging an axe twelve hours a day during the summer will do that,” Ukyou replied. “That and living somewhere where most directions are up and down.

“Swinging an axe?”

“We lumbered in the summer time. Winter we’d harness up the horses and drag the logs to the nearest river. Spring melt would take them to market. That is one fun ride. Riding the log jam down the river and keeping it from tangling. That and the pelts we take on the trap line were our major source of income.” Ukyou explained as she leaned back and savored the feel of No-chan’s soapy breasts rubbing against her.

Normally by this point Ukyou would have been enthusiastically sixty-nining the very cute red-head, who looked a hell of a lot like Ranma. But for once she knew she could take her time. No-chan had given no indication that she didn’t intend to spend the night. Indeed, comments she’d made as they had stripped down on the way to the bathing room had indicated pretty clearly that No-chan was there to look after Ukyou’s every wish. And Ukyou had lots and lots of wishes regarding her and her busty little body. “We owe you a debt for what you’ve done for Ranma and Nabiki,” No-chan had said, and Ukyou wasn’t about to argue.

“It’s nice to have someone new in the house,” No-chan purred, her soapy hands reaching around and slipping over Ukyou’s breasts. She hefted the heavy orbs as if testing them for firmness. “With so many of the family away we all sort of rattle around in this big empty house. It will be nice to have you here for awhile.” To reach around Ukyou, No-chan had to lean her chin on Ukyou’s shoulder, and her sweet breath gusted against Ukyou’s cheek as she talked. “It would be nice if you could stay longer.”

“Yea, it would,” Ukyou said in contented voice as No-chan’s skillful fingers stroked her breasts and tugged at her erect and sensitive nipples.

“Ranma is very manly,” No-chan said out of the blue.

“Not at the moment,” Ukyou joked, and quickly placed her hands over No-chan’s when she felt the red-head stiffen. “Sorry. Didn’t mean to joke. It must be hard on his family, this curse.” Ukyou had a frown on her face as she said it. She looked around the room. She could have sworn she’d heard a muffled curse when she’d made her crack about Ranma not being manly at the moment. It had sounded a bit like No-chan, but unless she could throw her voice . . . Ukyou’s curiosity over strange voices receded when No-chan’s fingers went back to their skillful manipulation of Ukyou’s swollen breasts.

“Yes, it is troublesome, but with your help I’m sure Ranma will be back to being very manly again soon.”

“Glad to oblige,” Ukyou said, a touch of guilt coloring her thoughts for a moment. Ranma’s current condition was her fault after all.

“Nabiki is a very nice girl, and she is a very good slave to Ranma, but I’m afraid my son is maybe a bit too manly for her to handle all by herself. I think he could make another slave very happy.”

“Not as happy as you’re making me,” Ukyou murmured, as she used No-chan, and her wonderful breasts, as a backrest.

“Thank you, mistress. I’m glad I please you. I’m sure my son could please you even more, if you gave him a chance.”

Ukyou blinked. What did No-chan’s son have to do with this conversation . . . “You’re Ranma’s mother?” She asked as the penny dropped. She pulled away and twisted on her chair so she was looking at No-chan. “Damn, I should have seen it,” she said as she reached out and fondled No-chan’s breasts. The red-head reacted like a cat who had been stroked. She all but purred as she pushed her breasts into Ukyou’s hands.

“Yea, almost exactly the same,” Ukyou said with a smile as she measured No-chan’s breasts with the span of her fingers, and mentally comparing them to the quick feel she’d copped from Ranma the day she’d come across her in the trees. But then her mind made a few more connections and No-chan’s comments suddenly became clear.

“You want me to be Ranma’s slave,” Ukyou blurted out.

“Well, you do owe him compensation for having stolen his body,” No-chan said in a matter of fact way.

Ukyou’s sweat dropped. It seemed they hadn’t downplayed that hard enough.

“That makes things perfect,” No-chan continued. “Ranma is young, and he can’t afford to pay what a fine girl like you is worth. This way you can become his slave without losing status.” No-chan was getting a bit breathless as she talked and at the same time pushed herself hard against Ukyou’s hands, which had continued to fondle her breasts even as Ukyou’s mind went on auto-pilot for awhile.

“Wait, hold on,” Ukyou protested. She shook her head in denial. “That isn’t going to happen,” she said firmly.

No-chan blinked and looked at Ukyou is surprise. “It’s not?”

Ukyou slid off the stool till her bare ass was sitting on the tiles. Taking hold of No-chan she turned the Red-head so her back was to her and pulled her into a sitting position between her legs. Wrapping her arms around the smaller girl, Ukyou cupped one hand over one of No-chan’s breasts while the other dipped between the girl’s legs, finding her wet and slippery. No-chan gave a little gasp as Ukyou’s fingers parted her folds.

“I like being in control,” Ukyou said, stating the obvious. “I don’t want to be a slave to some city boy. Not because he can afford to plunk down a wad of cash, or because I have an obligation. If you think I owe him, I’ll come and work off my debt, even do it on my back if he wants that. But I won’t be his slave.”

“Why not?”

Ukyou frowned. She hadn’t noticed an echo in here before. “Because I’m an old fashion girl. My aunt is over two-hundred years old. And she’s been living in the mountains for the last hundred and fifty of that. My mom is seventy five, and she’s been living in the mountains with my aunt for fifty years. Both of them have pretty strong views on what it means to belong to a master, and none of them have anything to do with the size of his wallet. The whole reason my aunt ran away to the mountains in the first place was because her true master had to sell her to save his home. She wouldn’t accept her new owner as her master, so she left, ran away. That was before everyone started using slave bonds. So she had nothing except her chains to hold her. And she lost those real quick.”

“But what is a true master,” No-chan asked, slightly out of breath and squirming between Ukyou’s legs as Ukyou’s forefinger hooked up inside her channel and Ukyou’s other hand roughly fondled her breast.

“My mom says your master is your master because he’s your master,” Ukyou said, while smiling in fondness at her mother announcing this in her broken Japanese. Even after fifty years she still garbled the language at times. The fact that Aunt could go weeks without talking might have had something to do with that.”

“I don’t understand.”

“It’s not about bill of sales, or slave bonding so you love what your master loves. Your real master is your master because she wants you, and she takes you, and she makes you want to be taken.” Once again a fond memory brought a smile to Ukyou’s lips as she remembered her aunt tossing her angry mother over a broad shoulder and carrying her outside to the switching log. Her mom hadn’t been able to sit down for a week, but she’d walked around with a silly grin on her face the whole time.

“She?” You want a female master?” No-chan’s voice carried surprise, but also a hint of a thought process Ukyou was starting to understand.

“No, I’m not, and even if I was, your son wouldn’t be it. I don’t know how manly he is as a guy. But I can tell you this. His girl side sure as hell isn’t. If I hung around here after we fix this problem of his. I’m not sure how long I could resist bending her over something and putting my brand on her.”

“Ranma would never let you do that! Damn straight!”

Ukyou jerked slightly, pulling her finger deeper into No-chan’s cunt and causing the red-head to gasp.

Ukyou twisted her head around. “Damn it. I know I heard that.” but though she looked as hard as she could, and strained her ears, she couldn’t locate the source of that interjection. She gave a shrug, maybe the house was haunted. As long as they kept out of her way she had no objection to them getting their jollies watching the living get it on.

“And you don’t have a slave bonder.” No-chan said.. “Do you?” she asked.

“Told you. Don’t approve of them. And I said, brand, not bond. I’ve got a nice little hand brand I spent all my spare time one winter making. Ranma-chan is one very tasty dish, and I’d love a chance to prove I’m her real master.”

“Ranma would master you,” No-chan said firmly.

“That city boy? No way,” Ukyou said with confidence. “He doesn’t have what it takes.”

“That’s not true!” No-chan protested, trying to pull away from Ukyou. The bigger girl held her in place easily and No-chan gasped as Ukyou added a second finger to the one that had been slipping in and out of her cunt, while at the same time she rubbed No-chan’s clit with her callused thumb.

No-chan’s eyes widened as she saw a faint shape congeal out of thin air. Ranma-chan was standing there with an angry look on her flushed face. But underneath the anger Ranma’s body showed evidence of strong arousal. Her breasts were flushed and swollen, as were her labia, and a hint of moisture could be seen between her legs, and on the fingers of her right hand.

Stop! No-chan mouthed, working hard to maintain her composure under Ukyou’s assault as she made strong eye contact with her son, Ranma paused, her eyes widening in surprise. Go away! No-chan mouthed, feeling sorry for the hurt in Ranma’s eyes that caused, but she couldn’t explain she didn’t need rescuing without alerting Ukyou to Ranma’s presence, and her child needed to hear what Ukyou was saying, no matter how much it might disturb her.

I love you, thank you, No-chan mouthed, trying to express all the love she felt for Ranma with her eyes alone, and to her relief Ranma faded out of sight. She was going to have to ask him how he’d done that. But for now, something else was taking her full attention.

“A real master takes what she wants,” Ukyou said firmly. She’d been so occupied with what she was doing that she’d missed their visitor. No-chan cried out her release a second later and Ukyou smirked as she said, “And makes her slave like it.” Holding No-chan firmly Ukyou continued to stroke the other girl’s inflamed sex, drawing gasps and moans from the red-head.

“My aunt said a good master can make an obedient slave howl like a dog, and a contrary one howl like a wolf. If I ever decide to take Ranma I hope she fights with all she has. It will make it all the sweeter when she surrenders and I feel her kiss my fingers with her twat.”

“Is that what you want from your master?” No-chan gasped. “For him to make you surrender.”

Ukyou’s fingers paused in their relentless assault, and then started moving again. She was tempted to say flat out no, but for some reason she felt a need to confess the truth. “Maybe,” she said after a few moments. “I do like guys, even if I’ve never done it with one. I’ve done lots of looking anyway. And sometimes, at night, I wonder what it would be like to not be the one in charge.”

Ukyou sighed, and gave her head a sad shake. “Not going to happen. I don’t think there are any guys who could take me. My mom and aunt taught me too well.”

“You could give yourself to a boy you liked,” No-chan suggested, refusing to let it go despite the desire to simply surrender to the sensation of Ukyou’s fingers stroking her.

“I told you. That’s not real.” A wistful expression appeared on Ukyou face. “If I could . . . I want what my Mom has. A master who’s my master because he’s my master. I want him to take me, and when he’s done, bend me over and put his mark on my ass. His mark! Not some magic thing that someone gave him to use on girls.”

“Being bonded to your master is wonderful. You can’t imagine how good it feels,” No-chan protested.

“If he were my real master, I wouldn’t need anything artificial. My mom doesn’t, and I’ve never heard her complain.” Ukyou gave a chuckle. “At least not about her sex life.”

“But, what if he’s doesn’t care about you. What if he’s just a brute who happens to be stronger than you.”

“And what if the guy who buys me and bonds me is a jerk and a bastard. At least my way I can stick a knife in the bastard’s belly. And watch as he dies slow.”

Ukyou shook off that image, and returned her full focus to the little bundle of joy in her arms. “Enough talk. It’s too late, and I’m too horny.” She pulled the pump handle on the wall and shivered as cold water sluiced over her and No-chan. She stood and pulled No-chan to her feet, and headed for the bedchamber.”

“Don’t you want to take a hot bath first,” No-chan cajoled her.”

“Nope, not really. I’m not in the mood to try and figure out a whole new set of plumbing. Maybe some other time. Now get into bed, slave,” she ordered, giving No-chan a stinging swat on the rear.

A few seconds after she and No-chan left the room Ranma let her hold on her spiritual energy and slipped back into view, if anyone had been present to view her.

As giggles and cries of passion emerged from Ukyou’s bedchamber Ranma’s expression reflected an internal vow that she was going to be a man again, and just a man. And then, maybe she’d have a discussion with Ukyou.

A loud cry of release came from the nest room and the serious expression on her face was replaced by one far more lecherous as Ranma faded out of sight again.

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