New Job: Overwhelming emotion (LEMON) [Episode 133057]

by Palthas

Gasping for air, Ranma's chest heaved as she leaned back against the man behind her. She wasn't sure what just happened to her, but she LIKED it. Straitening up, she unconsciously pressed her bottom down on the man's lap and did a sexy stretch, throwing her arms up and arching her back. She opened her eyes and smiled at the men surrounding her.

"Mmmm." She smiled. "Now that was fun."

Seconds later she found herself laying on the floor as five men quickly undressed. Her hand snaked down to touch her crotch and she hummed in pleasure. A part deep in Ranma's mind suggested that something was wrong, but a little miniGenma stepped in and knocked it out and dragged it off. Taking advantage of a situation was something Genma had instilled deeply in Ranma from a young age and this counted.

The men practically pounced on her. They quickly took her breasts and started sucking on them, making Ranma moan. Another man with a raging hard on knelt between her legs for a second, positioned himself, and quickly thrust into her. Ranma's eyes widened at the sudden intrusion. She wasn't sure what was happening, but all the sensations swirling in her body made her delirious.

Panting, her jaw fell open as a fire unlike anything she'd ever experienced yet started to form in her stomach. She arched back and groaned as another man knelt next to her head and placed his member before her face. It only took her a second, through lust glazed eyes, to figure out what he wanted. The Ranma deep in her mind came back, but this time his voice didn't even register.

Instead she lifted she grazed at it in wonder. She wasn't able to do more than that before her breasts were freed. She hadn't noticed the men looking at each other while she was occupied. The table was quickly moved to the side. Then the man between her legs changed his position and started to pound into her. Ranma couldn’t believe how good it felt. She started pushing herself back into each of his thrusts and grunting.

His frantic movements continued for several seconds. Coherent thought was beyond Ranma by now. All she wanted was to stay like this forever. The sensations filing her body were beyond words. She crooned as the man shifted their position again, this time rolling them so that Ranma was on top. Her eyes widened in shock as she felt his member deep within her body.

A hand pushed her down until her wobbling breasts were mashed against the man's chest. A second set of hands guided her hips until she was bounding up and down on the member on her own. Sweat started to glisten on her body as her moans turned to cries of pure passion. The fire in her stomach continued to expand until it filled her chest and bottom.

Then the hands were back, caressing her breasts, her back, her butt, even her legs. She screamed and arched back as another orgasm exploded within her. The fire in her stomach expanded even more, making the ecstasy even more intense. She gasped and leaned forward, panting for air, and trying to regain control, but the men were on a roll.

Another member was suddenly before her eyes. "Whaa…" She moaned, barely able to think.

"Lick it, suck it like a good girl." The man said in a gentle voice. He recognized a beginner when he saw one, so he knew this wasn't the time for the rough stuff.

Ranma's mouth opened automatically, taking the member into her mouth. She didn't really tasted it though, she was to focused on the man below her as he started to thrust again. It only took a few seconds to build up a rhythm though. A second member was suddenly before her face and she used her hands to work on both of them, licking both at once.

She felt her ass grabbed from the side and she glanced over her shoulder, looking like so good that the men couldn't have stopped of they wanted to. A strange feeling went through as she felt something hot and wet touch her ass, but that changed instantly to shock as she felt another member entering her. She didn’t make any noise as it slowly pushed into her.

Then she felt something even more distracting. The man beneath her suddenly cried out and thrust upward, lifting her off the floor. Ranma felt him actually get bigger for a second before he started firing something into her. She arched back and screamed as molten ecstasy filled her body. Sending her into convulsive grunts that she couldn’t stop.

They grabbed her around the waist again and lifted her up and back, a member still stuck in her behind. Ranma groaned, a giant grin on her face. Seconds alter she found her self being taken by two men again, this time they worked together, sending Ranma into a moaning heap of pleasure. Her whole body was tingling. She could even feel it in her hair.

More jets of molten liquid filled her behind. The man pulled out with a little pop and a groan, laying on the floor nest to them. He was completely spent. Ranma felt a second explosion coming as the man was quickly replaced by another. They also worked together, making Ranma cry out for them not to stop. Her whole body was sweaty read color by, her breasts wobbling around as the men worked her over. Their grunts made her tingle in pride. She was going a good job.

She wasn't sure how long it lasted and didn't care. Ranma just wanted the explosive orgasms to continue forever. Her body begged for them, making her insatiable. Once they seemed to be spent she pounced on them, licking their members clean. A rosy blush gracing her cheeks as she worked to bring them to hardness.

Down in his office the Boss gaped as the scene in front of him. He hadn't thought his 'suggestion' to the girl would to this. He walked over to the device and glanced at the card again. It said the same as before 'I want to please men. I want men to please me.' He might have to be more careful with the cute little red head in the future if this simple suggestion made her act like…he glanced at the monitor again…like that.

Ranko glanced around at the guys and pouted. She wanted to go for another round and they were all ASLEEP! Sighing, she absently whipped some of their cum off her breast and licked it off her finger. She was still feeling a little foggy about things, but her body was humming with contentment. She stood up and started to clean the room. She was happy to please all the men and she hoped what the other girls said was true about them making extra money for working these special rooms.

"Ick." She muttered. "I need a shower."

Using her martial arts training, Ranma used the umisenken to turn invisible the instant she was out of the room and raced down to the locker room. The boss had installed a shower there for some reason and she wasn't going to complain. One cold shower later and she had all the weird stuff off and her head was a little clearer.

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