Medusa 1/2 Harem: In the Tendos (LEMON) [Episode 126435]


Kasumi set aside her surprise at Ranma's change into female form as the kissing continued and Ranma's hands started to roam. The little red-head was about as agressive as Kasumi was expecting her to be, and she thought she detected a sort of familiarity with the female form that spoke of past experience.

"Hmm, maybe Ranma isn't as frustrated as I thought," Kasumi thought to herself as Ranma made quick work of disrobing the both of them.

There was something else, too, a sort of presence that the martial artist radiated that Kasumi hadn't remembered being there before. It wasn't the first time that she'd felt that sort of thing before, however, and it didn't overwhelm her so much as it had Kodachi and the other gymnast.

Firmly grabbing Ranma's enthusiastic, but only slightly experienced hands. Surprised by the resistance, Ranma didn't resist as Kasumi twisted her about until the redhead was sitting on Kasumi's lap.

"My," Kasumi said, draping her arms around Ranma. "Someone's changed. What are you under the human face now, for real, Ranma-chan."

As she spoke, Ranma felt something edging out from Kasumi, a gentle, probing aura. Then she felt Kasumi's fingers touching the skin of her neck so lightly that it sent a chain reaction of sensation through her body.

The medusa sighed and arched her back in pleasure at the simple touch, and then Kasumi's right fingers interlocked with hers as the web of flesh between her fingers and thumbs was rubbed similarly, sending another wave of sensation through Ranma's body.

"'re not human either," Ranma gasped.

"Not for a few years," Kasumi said, smiling as she bent around and under Ranma's left arm.

Ranma felt the tip of Kasumi's warm tongue on her smooth skin first, tickling a tingling wet path along that sensitive patch. With the tickling on her neck and the rubbing of the web between her thumb and fingers, Ranma could barely respond.

Kasumi looked up to see Ranma's nipples perking tight and alert atop her breasts and smiled briefly before letting her lips touch the skin of Ranma's armpit. Then she started to suck the air past the meeting of her and Ranma's human-seeming flesh.

Ranma's arching back, almost brought her off Kasumi's lap, but the eldest Tendo reached a leg around Ranma's lap and used a toe to trace a light line along the inside of the smaller girl's thigh and further down to that space below the ankle that Kasumi's agile toe began to tease.

The redhead could hardly believe it, Kasumi had already brought her to the edge of orgasm and hadn't even touched anything Ranma associated with sex yet. A brief nip of teeth on her flesh sent another thrill through her that broke the edge and set the threads of pleasure off in a cascade of pleasure.

She barely registered being lowered to the bed as she felt the shivers of sensation run through her. Then Kasumi was looking down on her and a slender finger was tracing the outer edges of her ample chest.

"Whe...where's your," Ranma's eyes widened as the unseen hand started to dance about the edge of her belly button.

"You're new at this thing, aren't you, Ranma?" Kasumi asked as she watched the sexual tension build in the little redhead again.

She avoided the nipples as one hand continued to trace paths over Ranma's chest and the other kept tickling the region just above the part of Ranma that was really burning now. The part that hadn't been very satisfied with the last orgasm.

Ranma tried to answer, but only gasped in response. Kasumi watched and waited for the shivers and twitches to undulate all through Ranma's body and then, with a speed Ranma hadn't guessed the girl had, she ducked down and gave the redhead's breasts a wet and rough tongue bath that brought a bit off shriek of ecstacy from Ranma.

"That's two for me, Ranma-chan," Kasumi laughed as she leaned back up. As her other hand swiftly and skillfuly moved to Ranma's womanhood, a fuller shriek rose out. "Make that three."

Kasumi felt a pair of slender hands grab her about the abdomen and looked down to to see that the martial artist had started to try to take an active role in the proceedings again. Smiling, she sat up and let the red-head follow her until an enthusiastic mouth latched onto her chest.

Ranma had enough experience to make the action enjoyable to Kasumi if not the best she'd had. After all, her first time had been with Benten herself, Ranma would have a tough time matching up with that.

So would Kasumi actually.

"Oh, very good," Kasumi sighed, pleased as she felt the basic shiver move out from her chest.

She didn't expect the multitude of slick touches as Ranma's dreadlocks reached out on their own to work in the caressing as well. Looking over the change in Ranma's form, Kasumi's eyes widened.

Ranma was a gorgon? She didn't think there were anymore. The only time she'd heard them mentioned were in the histories other kami had given her.

Smiling Kasumi let her own disguise drop as a pair of horns grew out of a reddening forehead on either side of a blinking third eye. Behind Kasumi a twisting tiger-striped tail twitched about in pleasure.

Kasumi had to admit, the tentacles gave Ranma a bit of an edge in their impromptu competition, but, as the scales started to appear, she failed to note the new toys she was giving to Kasumi.

That was until the oni started flicking jeweled scales up and down her body.

Kasumi kept the pace slow as she tried to gauge how worked up Ranma was getting her, then they could match climaxes and talk while they were both recovering.

They were both too distracted to notice the door to Kasumi's room open up and someone walk blearly in.

Nabiki meanwhile hadn't completely opened her eyes yet as she walked toward the sound of what she assumed was Kasumi being very busy with herself. Not that she minded her sister releasing a little tension, but she could do without the noise.

"Kasumi," she sighed, putting a hand down on one of four shoulders. "Can you..."

Nabiki was cut off by a sharp pain in her hand as a pair of cries tore through the room.

"What the..." Nabiki gasped as she watched the scales spread over her hand.

Two pairs of eyes looked over her in surprise before Ranma reacted, disengaging from Kasumi to move to Nabiki and kiss her firmly. Confused and distracted, Nabiki was easy to get to the bed.

And then Ranma was caressing her ass and bending down into her crotch to apply a long slender tongue to a good use.

Kasumi watched as scales progressed over her younger sister's body and Ranma already digging into her sister's honeypot. Shaking her head at the inexperienced gorgon's over-eager choice of targets, Kasumi couldn't help but be aroused as Nabiki's gasps and shrieks, and the progressing transformation, washed over the middle Tendo.

Bending over her sister, the oni bent to Nabiki's exposed throat and began a very pleasurable assault of tongue, lips and the light nips of sharpened teeth.

Between Ranma and Kasumi, it didn't take long for Nabiki to build to a great pressure and then erupt.

Tired from the transformation and the sex, Nabiki fell into a pleasant sleep as her sister petted at her gently and looked across at Ranma with a bit of a serious expression.

"I hadn't thought to include Nabiki," the oni said.

"I was just going to come in and get out with my stuff," Ranma said.

"Yes," Kasumi said. "I suppose that was my fault, I've been a bit frustrated with Tofu not calming down and what I thought were no interested girls in the area."

"How did you..." Ranma pointed, out of breath.

"Change?" Kasumi asked. "When Mother was ill, I was diagnosed with the same disease. She made a deal for me to be changed into an oni so that I would survive. You?"

"I'm not sure," Ranma said. "Went in to get a haircut and came out...this way."

"I see," Kasumi looked down at her newly gorgon sister. "I'm guessing you're slated to resurrect the gorgon race."

"I guess," Ranma said. "Are you...okay?"

"I'll be fine," Kasumi said, smiling broadly.

"So is Akane an..." Ranma started.

"No," Kasumi said. "She's not an oni, she's just very angry. Ukyou, however, isn't human either."

"Ucchan?" Ranma blinked. "Man anybody else?"

"Locally?" Kasumi said. "I haven't felt any other spirit-kin save now."

"Guess I'd better be going," Ranma said. "Before Akane wakes up. Can you..."

"I can handle helping my sister," Kasumi said. "I've been wondering how she is in bed anyway."


"It sort of changes things when you're no longer the same species as your siblings," Kasumi said.

"Yeah," Ranma noted, scratching her head nervously as she stepped out of Kasumi's window.

A moment or two later, Nabiki started coming groggily awake.

"Kasumi?" Nabiki said. "I just had the weirdest..."

The middle Tendo stopped as she felt a pair of hands tracing along her body.

"It wasn't a dream, Nabiki-chan," Kasumi said. "Now, I just had to share you. Shall we try something a bit more private?" She bent down to kiss Nabiki's arm pit and then looked up. "Oh and keep quiet, we don't want to wake up Akane, too."

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