Faking It: What Are Little Sisters For? (LEMON) [Episode 104014]


Ranma-chan was feeling tingly all over from the contact of Ryōga’s firm hand on her neck, as he pulled her inside the bedroom.  The chase had nicely warmed up her blood, and she had felt naughty excitement from the moment the Lost Boy started calling her “Yoiko”.  Now it was time for all this build-up tension to come to a... release.  Neither the redhead nor the bigger boy would have the patience to beat around the bush much longer.

Which didn’t mean that they were giving up on role-playing, though.

“Please, Oniichan...” Yoiko begged, cutely holding her fists under her chin, and overdoing the big doe-eyes look.  “I’ll be good.  Don’t be mad at me....”

Struggling against the saccharine overdose, Ryōga had to remind himself this wasn’t some young, helpless and innocent girl in front of him that he was about to rape.   And Ranma-chan could be quite the convincing little girly when she wanted.  (To better emphasize the older brother/little sister thing, they were always pretending Yoiko to be thirteen.)

Once he reminded himself of the fact it was all a game, however, Ryōga fell back into character, and his protective instinct toward the kawaii teenager turned into sheer lust.

“I’m not mad at you, Yoiko-chan, but you’ve been unruly.  For this, you need to be disciplined, it is my duty as the elder brother!”

“Why?  All I wanted was a date with Mikado-kun....”

“I won’t let you approach this freak!  He’s a pervert and a womanizer!  He’s boasting to have kissed a hundred girls, Yoiko!  And who knew what else....”

“Do you mean he’s an even worse pervert than you, Oniichan?  Is that why you don’t want me to see him?  Are you jealous?  Do you fear the competition?”

“WHAT?  Of course not!” Ryōga roared, genuinely riled up.  That little minx, she was doing it on purpose....  “And stop calling your brother a pervert!”

“Why shouldn’t I?” Yoiko-chan asked, overacting the genuinely puzzled look.

“Because that’s disrespectful!” Ryōga interjected, his fingers itching for the spanking his “younger sibling” rightly deserved.

“But that’s only the truth!”

“Yoiko, how dare you?  What did I ever do to deserve being called a lecher by my own little sister?”

“Ho, well...” Yoiko began, a finger on her lips, making a show of reflecting about the past.  “I think it started when I was seven... at least it’s how far I can remember... you were always insisting we take our baths together... and then you would put me on your lap and soap me and wash me and scrub me and rub me all over....”

Ryōga froze on the spot and opened his mouth in shock.  Ranma-chan was playing dirty!  Not that it was any unusual....  Of course, nothing she was talking about ever happened, but Ryōga was torn between playing along, or letting her portray him as a precocious child-molester....

Worse, thanks to her detailed description, vivid images were already burgeoning in his mind despite himself.  He could perfectly picture himself at ten, sitting naked in the bathroom with a seven-years-old Yoiko between his legs.  Her nude, scrawny, flatchested body was covered with foam as he was lathering her and affectionately stroking her young flesh in plenty of inappropriate places.  All the while, the adorable little girl was squirming and panting and cutely cooing in youthful bliss....

“And then, when I was eight, you began licking me between the legs, right at my cunny.  And because it felt good, you asked me to do the same thing with your pee-pee, and you taught me how to lick it all over and suck it and put it in my mouth....”

Ryōga was caught in Ranma’s web by now, his feverish consciousness unable to resist the images she was implanting in it.  Of a naked, eight-years-old Yoiko kneeling between the legs of her eleven-years-old brother, her rump waving enticingly.  Her small hands were stroking his already-appreciable erection, her tiny tongue roaming up and down on the blood-engorged shaft, leaving glistening trails of saliva on the tense skin, her petite mouth opening wide to welcome the bulbous glans between her lips and starting to suck it, trying to swallow it down all the way while her big brother tenderly guided her with a hand atop her head....

Ryōga groaned and grabbed his raging hard-on through his tented pants.  He had been horny since the very beginning of this game, but now his manhood was so straight and hard that it was painful.  He was afraid it would be piercing a hole through the fabric of his underwear any time now.

“And I think I was nine when you started putting your big thingie in my hiney... as you said it would be easier and safer because it was more stretchable than my pussy... although it did hurt at first....”

Ryōga’s eyes got bloodshot; his fanged teeth poked out of his nearly-drooling mouth as he bit his lips; his grip on the steel bar that was his dick straightened further.  He could have squeezed it with all his strength, it wouldn’t have recessed a bit.  Not with the last obscene image Ranma had instilled into his brain.  Of a moaning, blushing, gasping nine-years-old Yoiko bouncing atop her twelve-years-old brother, facing away from him.  Held in his already-strong arms, her light, lithe body was folded, thin legs against her torso, because of Ryōga’s grip to the back of her knees and under her arms.  He was alternatively lifting her up and lowering her down, the round orbs of a tight ass slipping around a hard pole of brotherly flesh.  The turgid tip and part of the shaft, with each downward strokes, were doing the old disappearing trick in the little girl’s stretched anus, the puckered ring greased by short spurts of precum.

“And finally, when I was ten and that you took my virginity—”


Ranma wasn’t given the opportunity to describe this particular event in excruciating details.  Reaching his limit, Ryōga was frantically pulling his aching manhood out of his pants before it was too late.  It took only two little strokes for the overexcited organ to give in to the pressure, and it suddenly erupted in an impressive fountain of white cream.  Most of which landed on Yoiko’s face and shirt.  Stunned, the twin-pigtailed girl looked in shock as her “big brother” kept wanking himself to climax and splattering her favorite outfit with his icky sperm.

“Heeeee, Oniichan!  Look what you have done!  Now my clothes are all sticky and dirty!  Urk, that’s gross....” she whined, a disgusted grimace on her face.

“Huf... huf... huf... huf...”

Ryōga’s breathing was raged and heavy, sounding like he had just run a marathon.  He was, however, recovering quickly from the purely imagination-fueled orgasm, and was now looking a little less wild and sex-crazy.  His eyes were still a bit bloodshot, and he wiped some drool from his mouth.  He didn’t bother putting back his softening penis in his pants, letting it leak some whitish man-milk on the floor.

Groaning inwardly, Ryōga couldn’t help but wish that he could find again some of those “aging mushrooms”... if only to force Ranma-chan to eat one around ten centimeters long.  Then, those sick little Lolita-fantasies of hers could become a reality... which would teach her a well-deserved lesson for inventing such a nasty back-story to their game!

“How I am supposed to go on a date now, Oniichan?  Those stains aren’t easy to wash....” Yoiko complained.  At the same time, she scrubbed with her fingers some droplets of the stuff on her face and sweater, and absentmindedly licked those digits.

At this sight, Ryōga’s mind stopped wandering altogether, and his attention focused entirely on his little sister.  By now, he had regained enough control of himself to speak again.  “You’re going nowhere anyway.  As for your clothes... you’ll just have to take them off!”

“What? NO!” Yoiko protested when she saw Ryōga zeroing on her, his hands shaped into claws.  Her arms reflexively went around her chest to protect her top.  But she was just a weak little girl, how could she dream resist her bigger, stronger, older brother?  Especially when he was so mad and mean and horny....

Pushing down the suspenders of her yellow jumper despite Yoiko’s weak efforts to escape him, Ryōga grabbed her red sweater and pulled it above her head.  She squirmed and yelped while the garment was temporarily blinding her and her arms were painfully pulled up.

Then, Ranma remembered that Yoiko was supposed to have Hibiki strength... and that even a faked resistance coming from her should be more vigorous to be believable.  So, as soon as she was free from her top, she squealed with a girly pitch and pushed Ryōga away, landing an open-handed blow on his abdomen...

... which propelled the Lost Boy across the room until he crashed into a wall, the souvenirs from his various travels raining down on him.

A flustered Yoiko held on the front of her jumper in an effort to preserve her modesty... though in doing so, she was merely teasing Ryōga even more.  The steel-skulled martial artist easily cleared the cobwebs from his head.  He stood up and brushed himself, a pleased grin on his face.  “Now, Yoiko, you’re going to get it... for being such a rowdy little sister, you’ve earned a spanking!”

“NO!  Oniichan, please, don’t do that to me!” Yoiko pleaded, first-rate acting tears in her eyes.  “At least not a bare-bottom one!  Those are so embarrassing....”

“You bet it’s going to be on you bared ass!  No way you’d ever learn anything otherwise....”

The struggle between the siblings resumed, Ryōga jumping on his little sister like a great feline on his prey.  Despite Yoiko whirling around and trying to avoid his grabbing hands, Ryōga took hold of the jumper and pulled it down.  He blinked, noticing Ranma had taken the time to complete the disguise with regular women’s underwear.  A plain white bra and small panties, the kind you’d expect a girl of Yoiko’s supposed age to wear.  Although Ranma-chan was more stacked than most thirteen-years-olds, of course, which made the brassiere a bit too small for her generous chest.

Ryōga wasn’t upset at the delay in seeing his favorite playmate naked... it only added some spice to the game.  Then, Yoiko kicked away the jumper bunched up at her feet, and tried to run away... but her brother caught her in his strong arms, and forced the squirming and kicking teenager to lie over his lap while he sat on the bed.

“Please, Oniichan, please... let me go, let me go!  I didn’t do nuthin’!  What did I do to deserve this!”

“You dare ask?  Just after I had to listen to you telling all those awful stories about your elder brother?”

“But that was the whole truth!  And it just show you’re a big perverted bastard freak who’s been molesting poor innocent little me since I’m barely old enough to walk....”

Ryōga gritted his teeth.  So, she still wanted to play along this line?  Okay.  He’d made her regret it.  Ryōga’s left arm pinned Yoiko by pressing in the middle of her back, while his right hand moved up... and slapped hard on the redhead’s still-lingerie-clad ass.


“You forgot something, Yoiko-chan... all these dirty things I’ve done to you... you’ve enjoyed them!”


“You were begging me for more... begging me to show you more things... to teach you other ways to have fun....”


“You were even slipping by yourself into my bed... or into the bathroom when I was bathing alone... just asking for it... again and again....”


“Heck, if it wasn’t for my own reluctance, you’d have lost your virginity much sooner... it was your big brother whom insisted on delaying until you’d be ready... but you couldn’t even wait for puberty....”

“That hurt!”

Tears were flowing down Yoiko’s cheeks.  Those weren’t faked.  Even if he was putting only a small amount of his power into the blows, Ryōga’s bottom-warming was painful, even for a hardened martial artist like Ranma.  But the aquatranssexual just knew how much the Lost Boy liked coloring her buttocks a glowing red.  And deep down, she was also getting some guilty pleasure out of it, mixed with the pain radiating from her burning tush.  This was just so unmanly... her father would have an seizure just looking at her right now... which added a lot to the thrill of the sexual spanking.

Ryōga’s hand stopped mauling the tender rump, switching to lightly stroking it instead.  He pinched the hem of the panties to pull them down, baring the round and curvy half-moons of the cute redhead.  Jusenkyō did a good job in giving Ranma-chan a foxy body to die for.  Ryōga’s fingers caressed the succulent-looking derrière, a digit running up and down her delicate cleft.

Yoiko whimpered, shivering in need from the tender touch of her brother on her flustered hiney.  She could also feel something poking her in the belly... something round and smooth and slightly sticky.  No doubt it was his proud mast, stirring upright again, hardening and throbbing in anticipation, blood pumping through the spongy flesh in arousal, a reaction inspired by the molestation of the sexy pigtailed girl. 

Ranma licked her lips and stifled a moan.  It was unbelievable how much she wanted him right now!  But... she couldn’t let him win the argument... even if it was all make-believe... right?  Her pride was at stake.

“That ain’t true, Oniichan!  You’re the one who made me do all these things!  You’re the one who taught me how to fuck, how to be a naughty little pre-teen slut—”


“Watch you language, Yoiko-chan!  And that was my duty as your big brother!”

“That’s bullsh—”


“No, that’s the truth!  It is the role of the eldest brother to instruct the younger children about the facts of life... to teach the daughters of the family what they are to expect from men... to show them what the dirty old perverts out there really want... to tell them how to recognize the dangerous sexual predators... and to preserve them from their traps....”

Yoiko almost purred when Ryōga’s hand stopped spanking to better cup her butt-cheek.  Smooth... she wondered if the Hibiki boy had rehearsed this pretext, or if he’d come up with the screwy rationalization on the spot.  Whatever, she was dearly tempted to concede this round to him... mostly because she was feeling so needy and wanted to get it on with the hardcore stuff without further delay.

“That’s really what big brothers are for, Oniichan?” she asked in her innocent, little girl voice.

Ryōga smiled warmly.  “Oh yes.  And now tell me, Yoiko-chan... what are little sisters for?”

Yoiko smiled in turn.  “For fucking their big brothers!”

Ryōga’s fanged grin turned predatory.  “Say again?” he asked while smacking her scrumptious bottom another time with his rough palm. 

“OW!  For... for GETTING fucked by their big brothers...”

“That’s better, Yoiko-chan.”  As a reward for the good answer, Ryōga released his grip on the hot little number, letting her move from his lap.  “But you can certainly expand on that, Imōtochan.  What are little sisters for?”

The nearly-nude redhead just kneeled between her brother’s leg and took hold of the erect penis that jutted from his open fly.  “For... squeezing and stroking their big brothers’ hard, thick boner, and then lick and suck and blow the whole thing until it go all squirty, and then swallow every spurt of the nasty stuff as if it was the best ice cream in the world....”

“Now... that’s a LOT better, Yoiko-chan....” Ryōga spoke, his voice getting throaty and raged, because the naughty young cutie was doing exactly what she said.

Her dainty fingers were rolling around the fat sausage, while her other hand gently tickled the ball sacks, full of vigorous and wiggly sperm cells, eager to swim into her womb or whatever hole she’d allow them into.  For now, her stomach was the most likely candidate, and she began kissing and tonguing the bulbous head, licking the remaining semen from Ryōga’s earlier explosion.  Then her lips parted and she engulfed the whole tip in her warm mouth, sliding the blood-engorged organ between her palate and tongue.  Swallowing more of it, the glans began rubbing her tonsils, politely knocking against the entrance of her throat as if asking for a deeper visit.

Ryōga panted, his chest heaving frantically as he sucked for much-needed air while his dear little sister gave him a first-class blowjob.  He stifled his moans, not wanting to admit so soon how much she was affecting him, with the way her tongue wrapped around his sensitive manhood.  Yet his clothes were feeling uncomfortably hot, his blood boiling and his heart-rate peeking, as if suffering from a high fever.  Unable to stand it any longer, he pulled his worn, yellow sweatshirt from his torso, soon followed by the black T-shirt, baring his muscular upper body for any fangirl that might be watching.

Now that he had spared himself from overheating, Ryōga’s decided that he couldn’t let the little sex bomb bobbing her head up and down between his legs do all the work.  His male pride wouldn’t allow it.  So he leaned forward, despite the serious distraction provided by Yoiko’s mouth acting like a sucker around his whole asoko, with plenty of loud slurping noises for good measure.

A hand snaked between the twin pigtails of the girl, finding the strap of her bra.  After a little fumbling, not helped by their respective position nor Ryōga’s lack of visibility, he finally unclasped it.  The bonnets, now hanging loosely from Yoiko’s breasts, only needed a little nudge for the underwear to surrender completely to gravity.  Ryōga’s hand provided it eagerly; now unhindered, his fingers cupped the soft, squeezable, bouncy boobs, elicited a pleased groan from deep within Yoiko’s throat, audible despite her currently full mouth.

Slobbering messily on the hard and meaty tool, Yoiko’s mouth moved up and down around the manly pole.  She occasionally angled her head to take it sideway, the tip poking against her inner cheek.  Most of the time, though, she was swallowing the whole thing, taking as much as she could down her oral cavity.  She willed her gullet to open wide enough to let the sensitive head slip deep within her throat, which hugged and massaged the venous shaft wonderfully.

Not content with just the stimulation that Ryōga’s hands provided to her breasts, Yoiko used her free hand to snake between her thighs and stroke her hungry pussy.  The fingers had just to push a little farther the already bunched-down panties for full access to her puffy genitalia.  They caressed the drooling labia, slowly at first, then more and more frantically, clear juices dripping down the sides of her legs.  The middle finger slipped within the folds to better scratch the maddening itch nested within her core.  Her lower body lusciously wiggled in rhythm with the thrust of her digits.  She moaned and whimpered, making her throat vibrate around Ryōga’s manhood, to the great pleasure of the boy.

Between raged gasps and breathless sighs of pleasure, Ryōga wasn’t often opening his eyes, too distracted by Yoiko’s amazing fellatio.  When he did look, it was to drink in the sight of her cute face, her wide-stretched lips sliding around his mighty rod.  And also to better aim at her soft boobs, teasing the round orbs with his fingertips.  Nonetheless, he finally noticed what his little sister was currently doing with the hand not used on steadying his mast.

“Hey?  What are you doing?” the Hibiki boy asked while pushing her head away from his crotch.  His erect phallus popped out of her mouth, waving free shortly and sending droplets of saliva everywhere, before stopping.

“Wha...?” the surprised — and frustrated — redhead blurted out.

Ryōga forced her to stand up, and took her right hand, still covered with her own juices.

“What is that?  Didn’t I tell you to never try doing two things at once?” he jokingly scolded, before he began licking himself the glistening fluids on her fingers.

“But...” Yoiko started to answer, but she was stopped short.  Her hunky brother pulled her against his strong — and bare — torso for a deep, sloppy, ravenous kiss.  Their lips locked together in an airtight seal; their tongues wriggled and wetly wrestled together, the tips occasionally toying with pointy canines (one pair fake, the other not). They could even taste each other in their respective mouths.  The body of the nubile young girl grinded against Ryōga’s manly frame, her pliant breasts mashing against the sculpted pectorals, save for the nipples which were diamond-hard.

Gasping for breath, Yoiko finally broke the kiss and escaped his embrace, stepping backward.  Facing her brother, who was still sitting on the edge of the bed, she pulled down her panties all the way.  She was now wearing only in a pair of black knee-high socks, as well as a yellow-and-black bow in her hair.  She doubted Ryōga would want her to remove those, as he found her very sexy dressed like that.  It also preserve somewhat the “Yoiko” disguise, avoiding to dispell the illusion entirely.  The Lost Boy certainly enjoyed the sight.  The twin-pigtailed babe was showing off lots of pink, flushed, sweaty skin, her full chest proudly jutting out, and her shaved crotch completely offered to his conspicuous gaze.

“Very well, big dummy brother... if you want me to focus entirely on that sad worm between your legs... I will.”

“HEY!” Ryōga wanted to protest, but he was pushed on his back by a nudge from Yoiko’s foot... before she took hold of his pants and boxers.  Yanking sharply on the clothes, she pulled them off along his legs, finally leaving the boy entirely naked.  His pride twitched in anticipation from the rough treatment.

Then, Yoiko jumped on the bed, crawled on all four next to her brother, and straddled his face, planting both knees on either side of his head.  “But then... you’ve gotta be the one to take care of me at the same time.  Come on, Oniichan... lick mine good, and I’ll lick yours....”

Ryōga smirked.  Putting both hands on his sister’s shapely hips, he brought her rear end down toward his face, until his nose almost touched her womanhood.  Breathing in the heady scent of her arousal, he stuck his tongue out and flicked the tip at her exposed clitoris.

Yoiko cooed and whimpered in reaction from this light contact to her how-so sensitive nub.  Leaning atop her brother’s beefy frame, she grasped firmly his straight shaft and tense balls in her small hands.  She resumed stroking him and kissing the promising erection, the smooth skin sliding up and down around the purplish and blood-engorged tissues underneath.

Ryōga was glad for the renewed stimulation, and thanked her by tonguing her delicious snatch, slipping the muscular appendage between her labia.  He was rewarded for his efforts by a mouthful of tasty female juices.  A shiver ran through Yoiko’s curvy body, and she moaned in bliss.  Emboldened by this, the Hibiki boy increased the assault on her sex.  Helping himself with his fingers, he spread the fleshy lips of her pussy open, taken a long look at her pinkish treasure.

Then his tongue darted in, reaching as far as it could, snaking in the warm and wet tunnel of her vagina, frantically lapping at her honey and wiggling against her inner folds.  Yoiko shrieked in bliss, surprised by the intensity of the sensation.  To silence herself, she had no choice but to stuff her mouth with the nearest pacifier.  She engulfed Ryōga’s cock, squeezing it with her throat, trying to retaliate for all the pleasure he was giving her.

The siblings kept on their heated 69 for a short while, Yoiko greedily sucking on his penis and fingering his balls, while her brother clawed at her ass with his fingers and ate her juicy peach with gusto.  The excitement was soon too much for the male half of the duo, though.  Ryōga had enjoyed his sister’s mastery of fellatio for a much longer time than he got to show his own skill at cunnilingus.  And she was cheating too, the tip of her tongue teasing the peehole while she greedily sucked on his glans, her warm, drooling lips clamping around the prepuce and the whole mouth massaging this especially erogenous zone....

Ryōga exploded before he could think of leveling the field by pushing a finger in Yoiko’s tight anus.  Groaning in her muff, he felt his testicles painfully swell just before the excess pressure rushed through his urethra.  A second later, a stream of warm and bitter sperm shot outside of the meaty tube, plastering white cum on the redhead’s palate and tonsils, and flooding her gulping throat.  As usual when food was concerned, she didn’t let a droplet of the stuff go to waste.

Ryōga wasn’t one to concede the fight so easily, however.  Aiming at least for a draw, he renewed his efforts on the succulent pussy and nibbled at Yoiko’s clit.  The twin-pigtailed girl didn’t stay indifferent to this.  Although her oral cavity was filled with male meat and spunk, and thus muting her screams, she came as a mind-numbing pleasure overflowed her brain.  She would have thrashed wildly atop of her brother if not for his strong hands holding her in place.  She still squirmed as much as he allowed her, and finally slumped down, trembling, her mouth still clamped on the softening dick.

Once she was positive to have milked the man-teat for all it was worth, Yoiko finally let go of it.  Several strands of saliva were still linking her lips to the limp organ, and she rolled on her back next to her brother.  Panting, their chests heaving, they both rested for a short while.

“Whew... it was good.” Yoiko whispered.  Ryōga just grunted, and nodded in response.  “Too bad that it’s already over....” she concluded.

Ryōga frowned, and pushed himself up on his elbows to glare at his sister’s face.  “What do you mean, ‘already over’?”

“Ho, come on, Oniichan...” she cooed, languorously caressing her bare breasts.  “We all know that a boy can’t get it hard again for a few hours after coming twice in a row.”

Of course, this was complete bullshit and Ranma knew it.  Ryōga could be quite a monster as far as sexual stamina was concerned.  When properly riled up, he could get an erection in mere minutes, even after ejaculating two or three times prior.  And if he’s been without sexual release for a few days, which often happened when he was wandering, his pent-up lusts would just accumulate and he could keep banging her for hours.  Which was precisely the case today.

“With any luck, Mikado-kun is still waiting for me and I can get a real man....” she impishly added.

Ryōga let out a feral growl, his fanged teeth biting into his lips.  He rose up, hovering menacingly above his little sister.  “I’ll show you a REAL MAN!!  You’re going nowhere, young lady!”

He held Yoiko’s black-stockings-clad legs at the ankles with his left hand, lifting both up despite the outraged yelp of the girl.  Bending her at the waist, the irate Hibiki boy used the renewed access to her posterior to smack again her buttocks with his open palm.  The redhead cried and screamed in pain from the hard slaps raining on her ass and thighs, turning them a nice shade of red.   Some whacks landed tantalizingly close to her needy sex.


Ryōga, far from cooling down, nonetheless let go of her legs to straddle her smaller body, sitting on her belly.  Still in a punishing mode, he gave a pair of swats to her lovely breasts, sending them bounce mesmeringly.  Although he had applied far less strength than with the blows to her bottom, Yoiko yelled even louder.

“AH-OUCH!!! YOU BASTARD!!” Ranma-chan bellowed, falling somewhat out of character.

Ryōga paid this no heed, though.  Cupping both stinging boobs in his calloused palms, he pawed and squeezed them a little with his thumbs, while asking “Now remind me, Yoiko-chan... what are a little sister’s breasts for?”

“For... for... for...” Yoiko stuttered between sobs, distracted by the mix of pain and pleasure provided by the strong boy’s hands.

“For doing this!” he finished for her, slipping his manhood in her cleavage, pressing the melons together to encase his prick in mammary flesh.  The penis hardened quickly as it rubbed within the warm tunnel of boobies.  “Is that what you call soft, Yoiko-chan?  Would you still dare saying it isn’t hard enough, Imōtochan?”

Yoiko panted, the weight of her brother on her chest and the pressure of his hands on her bosom hindering her intake of air.  She watched the head of his cock peek in and out of her intermammary sulcus, as if it was a snake peeking out of its burrow to hypnotize her.  She licked her lips, and tried to reach out for the glans with the tip of her tongue by craning her neck.

“Oh yes, Oniichan, it’s hard... it’s very hard... I can feel it... hmmmmm....”

Ryōga was enjoying the tit-fucking, but he had no intention to keep doing up until he’d came again.  Its main use was to bring back his erection, which was now done.  So, he let go of Yoiko’s breasts and scooted backward until he was between her legs.  He grabbed her small feet, encased in the soft material of her long black socks, and used his grip to spread her thighs wide.  Yoiko offered little resistance, softly whimpering in arousal.  Her vulnerable core was now entirely offered to her brother’s leering gaze.

“And now, Yoiko-chan... what’s a little sister’s pussy for?”

Sighing throatily, the cute redhead put a finger to her mouth.  “For swallowing her big brother’s fat porker all the way...?” she tentatively answered.

Ryōga’s eyebrow twitched.  “Don’t call it a ‘porker’, please.”

Yoiko just giggled.  “A little sister’s pussy is made for... spreading around her big brother’s thick cock... squeezing and hugging it till it came... and then suck all the gooey sperm it is shooting down her womb....”  Her voice was getting more lustful by the second as she kept up with the dirty talk.  “Take me, Oniichan!!  Push your big, nasty, sister-screwing cock in me.  FUCK ME, ONIICHAN, FUCK ME HARD!”

“As you wish....” Ryōga retorted with a satisfied grin.  Holding his manly sword straight with one hand, he aimed the tip toward Yoiko’s eager cunt.  The glans rubbed shortly against the well-lubricated slit, before slipping without trouble past the labia major.  It was quickly followed by a good length of the shaft, the Lost Boy wasting no time in pushing most of his needy rod into his younger sister’s welcoming quim.

Yoiko exhaled lengthily, mouth wide open and eyes closed in bliss, as she felt her tight vessel being filled by a large, rigid, warm pole of meaty maleness.  She also felt her brother weight’s descending on her, pressing her into the soft bed, until he was completely covering her with his large, muscular frame.  His lips captured hers in another heated, incestuous kiss, while their hips joined and his purple warrior of love was completely imbedded in her sacred trove.

Yoiko’s legs circled around her lover’s lower body and crossed just above his clenched ass, the black of her stockings making a sharp contrast with their pink, sweaty, flushed skin.  Her heels pressed against his buttocks, and Ryōga responded to this urging by starting to raise his hips and lower them back.  His venous shaft began pumping in and out the girl’s sloshing pussy, to the great delight of his sister, whose grip on him got even tighter.  Her passionate embrace, in fact, could have easily hurt or even disabled an ordinary man by its fierceness.  For the combat-hardened Hibiki boy, however, it was barely noticeable.

Ryōga pursued making love to Yoiko’s mouth, making love to her whole body, making love to her demanding sex with solid thrusts of his phallus.  Increasing his rhythm, he rocked his lower body faster and faster, stirring their mixed love juices into a froth, and making the pigtailed girl plain delirious.

Breaking off the kiss (partly because Yoiko had the bad habit of biting when really excited), Ryōga rose up a bit and latched on her breasts, kissing and pawing and groping and nibbling at the nipples.  Now that her mouth was free, the redhead became quite vocal; she moaned and yelled loudly, making known to the whole house that she was copulating with her big brother and that she loved it!

On the first floor, Shirokuro’s ears perked up and she looked at the ceiling.  But then she dismissed the noise, which she has grown accustomed too, and went back to her nap.

Ryōga gave up on milking his sister’s breasts, because he had to bend a lot to reach them while still shafting the smaller girl.  So, he straightened up fully, going on his knees and lifting Yoiko’s left leg until her foot rested on his right shoulder.  From this new position, he alternatively pulled and pushed on her lightweight body, impaling mercilessly her cunt on his unyielding boner.

Although she was denied the manly contact of her brother over many portions of her flustered skin, Yoiko was quite happy to trade this for an even more energetic coitus.  She shrieked and squirmed, her whole body thrashing on the bed, though to a limited extent thanks to Ryōga’s steel-like grip.  Her lovely breasts still gainaxed wildly to and fro, and her red-topped head flailed back and forth as she succumbed to orgasm.

There was no way Ryōga could miss this reaction in his partner.  The way her vagina narrowed and clamped on his throbbing organ was unmistakable.  Gritting his teeth, the Hibiki boy knew he would be soon following his imōtochan into climax.  Even though he’d already come twice not long ago, this was too much stimulation for one man.  Her gushing pussy was too hot, too tight, too great, too exciting for him to resist the siren call of her womb.

With lengthy, out-of-breath sighs, Ryōga buried his manhood all the way into Yoiko’s snatch, pushing deeper while doing slower, more intent strokes.  After three of these, aimed at triggering the grand final, he finally came.  A throaty moan escaped from his mouth, and an eruption of manly seed escaped from his peehole.  He kept lazily thrusting while his cock contracted repeatedly and shot several other spurts of thick cream, plastering it all over the folds of her sex and the recess of her uterus.

Yoiko came again when she felt her inner core being flooded by warm, brotherly spunk.  She arched her back, bending above the bed, and shook mightily with the orgasm.  Her rock-hard nipples, her prominent Venus mons, even her erect clitoris, all seemed to be sticking out in sympathetic reaction to her whole-body climax.  Then the fireworks went off in her head and everything turned white.  She slumped back on the tussled covers, entirely spent and tremendously satisfied.

Yoiko didn’t know how long she stayed dead to the world... maybe just a few seconds, or more likely several minutes.  It was even entirely possible that she took a short nap in exhaustion, for all she could tell.  Because when she came by, it was to find Ryōga eagerly licking the perspiration of her sweaty, nude body... apparently ready for another round.

She grunted, about to make some remark about her horndog of a brother, when he took a good grip on her tender buttocks and rolled her on her front.  She mumbled into the cushion, pushing it away from her face before it could smother her.  She found herself drooling uncontrollably, and quickly discovered that her fake canines had been partly dislodged during the earlier vigorous activity.  She quickly pushed them back in place in her mouth, idly wondering if Ryōga was still in his incestuous strip, or if he’d want a change of game.

“Oniichan... what are you doing?  I’m tired...” Yoiko cutely whined.

“No rest for the wicked, imōtochan....” was the unambiguous response.

Ryōga pulled her scrumptious bottom up, forcing Yoiko to her elbows and knees, her firm derrière enticingly high.  She blushed, as if the naughty position inspired an uncharacteristic, if slight, feeling of shame.

She then got confirmation that some time must have went by... or else, Ryōga was simply in great shape today.  Because he was ready again, his bludgeoning weapon hard and thick, as she could tell when he rubbed his dick against her well-fucked snatch.

“Mmmmhhh.... no... Oniichan...” she whimpered.  “Not like that... that’s nasty... ooooh....”

Ryōga only laughed from the weak protest his lovely slut of a sister tried to put.  He wasn’t fooled a second; he knew she wanted it as much as him.  So, without further ado, he penetrated anew the quivering slit and plowed her fertile ground again.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!....  Oniichan... you’re a meanie... a pervert... oooooooh... taking me like this....  oooooooooohhhh... it is so shameful....”

Ryōga’s grin only grew wider.  He enjoyed taking her doggy-style for a short while, properly coating his straight rod with all the lubrication he needed.  Because he had been planning something else when opting for this position.

“Now, tell me, Yoiko-chan...” he began to ask while his hands cupped her buttocks and gently parted them, his thumbs hooking in the folds of her cleft to better expose her little brown starfish.  “... what’s a little sister’s asshole for?”

“Wha... NO!  Oniichan!  Please, NO!!  Not there!  Don’t do that!!  Please!!”

“What’s the matter, Yoiko-chan?  Didn’t you mention it yourself?  I’ve trained you in taking a big log in there since you were nine... so it should be no trouble for you....”

Making his threat come true, Ryōga pulled out his dripping hard-on from Yoiko’s cunt, and then aimed the head at her puckered hole.  Unable to contain his glee, the Lost Boy wedged the bulbous head within the small anus, before pushing more of the shaft into her rear with a determined shove.

“OOOOWWW!!  That hurt!  Oniichan, I hate you!  I hate you, I hate you so much....”

“Yeah, yeah.... you can say whatever you want...” Ryōga countered, thrusting bit by bit his painfully rigid pole in her very tight backdoor.  “I know how much you love this.”

“AAAAHHH!!  ONIICHAN NO HENTAI!” she still yelped in an irate tone.  Ryōga’s firm hands, solidly locked on her hips, helped pulling her further on his spear, impaling her bottom to the brink.

“Oniichan no hentai!” she repeated in a quivering voice.  Now, Ryōga’s prick was fully imbedded in her tight anal tract.  She could feel the heat of his knot near the base of her spine.

“Oniichan no hentai!” she said again, her vehemence now weakening, slowly replaced by acceptance.  She was feeling so full!  Her little asshole had to be completely distended to allow such a thick penis all the way in.

“Oniichan no hentai!” she cooed despite herself, panting and sighing.  Her body was shaking as Ryōga started pumping into her narrow tunnel, the friction of the thick male flesh against tender folds bringing great pleasure to them both.

“ONIICHAN NO HENTAI!” Yoiko happily mewled, unable to contain her bliss.  Her brother was now frantically screwing her ass, his hips slapping rhythmically against her buttocks, and his mighty rod violating her curvy posterior.


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