Sex-toy Nabiki: Addictions and Withdrawal Symptoms (LEMON) [Episode 97053]

by Damion Kitsune

"Nabiki! Ranma! Dinner's ready!" Akane called out in the hallway.

Nabiki woke to find herself alone in her bed, and naked. For a moment she was confused as to what she was doing in bed (and naked) so early in the evening - then the events of earlier in the day came back to her. In horror, she tore off her covers and looked down at herself - but to her relief, her body was normal.

"Oh yeah, I changed back. ...Or was it a dream? But then, why would I be naked and in bed?"

Hearing Akane continuing to call out for her and Ranma, Nabiki called out, "Coming!" She then got up and began throwing her clothes on.

Dinner was a normal affair, with no indication of the oddness that had occurred earlier. Well, other than Ranma occasionally glancing at Nabiki and blushing, or Nabiki's own thinking about how even Kasumi's cooking couldn't compare to the taste of Ranma's semen (at least to her transformed self's taste-buds).

Thankfully for the sake of Akane's temper and thus their health, Akane and the Fathers didn't notice the two's odd behavior, and Kasumi chose not to comment on it.

By unspoken agreement, neither Ranma or Nabiki spoke to the other (or anyone else) about the afternoon's events.

However, as Ranma lay in bed that night, he couldn't help but reminisce as to how good it had been having Nabiki giving him a blow-job. He also had to admit that while Nabiki had been a freak in that other form, and he had never dreamed of anyone or thing looking like that, he had found her extremely sexy.

As for Nabiki, she found herself quite horny as she lay in bed. While in that other form, she had had the best orgasm of her life, and even thinking about it gave her a buzz. The thought of how helpless and inhuman she had been was quite disturbing, but it also aroused her to think about.

"My god, I'm freakish pervert, and I'm not even transformed!" she thought to herself. The worst part was, she couldn't blame it entirely on the wish - the idea of being helpless had always turned her on, though she had never found anyone she trusted enough to play out her fantasies with before.

Both Ranma and Nabiki found themselves almost hoping they'd see Nabiki's four-legged form again, even as they dreaded it.

"Rwanwa," Nabiki mumbled as she slowly woke up. She was surprised to find it was still dark out - she never woke up before her alarm, and certainly not before sunrise!

The deep need she felt in her cunt seemed to be part of the answer, though she would have expected to just have a wet-dream instead of waking up because of it. When she tried to roll over, and found six huge breasts in the way and her arms bending the wrong way, she go the rest of her answer.

"Oh, shit."

Conscious thought was not required for her to know she need to get to Ranma. She wriggled out of the blankets and to her four feet, thankful she had apparently taken her clothes off in the night before her hands changed again - she would have hated to tear up another shirt due to her transformation.

Reaching the door, she hit a snag - it was meant to be opened by hands. She futilely batted at the door with a front foot, while trying to puzzle out why she was transformed again, and how she could return to human.

While she couldn't figure out what triggered her transformation to freak this time, it didn't take long to figure out that last time she had resumed human form after giving Ranma a blow job. Now she had two reasons to get to him, and she put her mind to the task of getting past the annoying door.

She tried getting on her rear knees, and holding the door-knob between her front feet, but couldn't get the proper leverage. However, remembering how long and flexible her tongue had become, she tried wrapping it around the knob. To her surprise, her tongue was strong enough to turn the doorknob - though it didn't taste very good. "If this is going to be a regular occurrence, I'm going to need to wash the doorknob!" she thought to herself as she trotted down the hall to the guest room.

The door to the guest-room, being a sliding-door, presented a new challenge, but once again her prehensile tongue came to the rescue.

Nabiki ignored the sleeping Panda as she went over to the sleeping Ranma.


"Mmmhh..." Ranma moaned in his sleep.

Nabiki put a front foot on him, and shook him gently. When that didn't wake him, she pulled down his covers, then, with a bit of work, his pants and boxers. Her mouth watered as she stared at the penis before her.

Without thought, she leaned forward and began massaging the cock with tongue and engorged lips, bringing it to attention. It occurred to her as she did this that in the past she would have found this disgusting, and if the transformation weren't so inconvenient, she'd be thanking the genie for introducing her to this world of pleasure.

The feel of tongue and lips on his penis slowly brought Ranma to wakefulness, and he opened his eyes just in time to see her take it into her mouth.

"Yes!" Ranma exclaimed quietly as he grabbed Nabiki's head and pulled her face closer to his crotch, not knowing or really caring at the moment how she had regained her freakish form.

Nabiki reveled in his dominance over her as she found her nose in the hair above his penis, and the tip of said organ in the back of her throat. Massaging his balls with the end of her tongue, and his penis with tongue and throat, it was only a matter of time before he shot his load into her throat. She milked it, sucking down every last drop, even after he released her head.

When he was dry, Nabiki slowly pulled her face off his flaccid member. moments later, a tingle went through her body, and it reshaped itself back into her natural form.

Ranma blinked at this transformation. "You're human again? But why were you in that other form again in the first place?" he wondered out loud, though quietly enough not to wake the panda.

"I don't know," Nabiki said as she crawled up to cuddle with him face to face. "But I think it was the blowjob - or maybe our orgasms - that transformed me back to human. We'll have to experiment, I guess.""You don't seem very upset, for someone who's transformed into a freak twice now, and will probably do it again," Ranma noted as he put his arms around her. Part of him worried what would happen if Akane found them like this, but he couldn't bring himself to reject Nabiki, not after what she'd been through, and what they'd shared.

"I don't understand it myself. I should be furious at the genie, and maybe you too... But instead, the most I can manage is annoyance - and if I don't watch myself, I find myself looking forward to the next time... It has to be part of the wish. After all, the 'perfect sex-slave slut' would want to please her 'Master', right?"

"I guess," Ranma said, not sure what to make of the idea of being Nabiki's master, and wondering what her transforming into a freak (sexy though it was) had to do with being a sex-slave. Another thought occurred to him, and before he'd thought it through, he said, "You do, you know."

"I do? I do what?"

"Please me." Absently, he patted her head. "Both these times have been really great. And even if you look like a freak when you transform, I still think you're sexy. In fact, I'm looking forward to your next transformation too... Er, I mean, not that I want you to transform again or nothin'!"

Nabiki put her finger to his lips before he could babble on any further - he had been starting to raise in volume, and they couldn't afford that now. With a blush, she said, "I know what you mean. And thanks. I'd hate to be turning into a freak for nothing."

"Definitely not for nothing."

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