Hiroshi's 2nd Wind: Share and share alike (LEMON) [Episode 96187]

by Jade Serpent

Daisuke rang the doorbell, for the third time. Hiroshi had to be in. He was supposed to meet him here so that they could share the info that Hiroshi bought from Nabiki with their pooled resources. Besides that, with Hiroshi's parents gone for a couple of days, they were supposed to watch some hentai on the big-screen that Hiroshi's dad had got a few years back.

No answer. But there did seem to be a commotion coming from the backyard.

Daisuke took the spare key from under the fake rock that Hiroshi's folks had placed on the front walk and let himself in, hurrying to the backyard.

Soon he was confronted by the sight of his pal Hiroshi's backside, pants around his ankles as he pistoned his glistening cock in and out of the mystery catgirl, Nuku-Nuku. Nuku-Nuku was naked, rear arched into the air and front pressed into the lawn -- causing her large melon-like breasts to spread to the sides, and he could see a puddle of shiny fluid in the grass between their knees as the cat-girl mewled and moaned... Hiroshi groaned as Nuku-Nuku gave an extended cry, and Hiroshi slowly drew back, revealing his gradually softening cock pulling out from Nuku's cum-splashed anus...

"Jeez man, couldn't you wait for me? I thought we were supposed to use Nabiki's info to bag us some pussy together!" Daisuke was understandably upset, not to mention aroused, looking at the sticky and mussed form of the sexy catgirl.

Hiroshi gave a start and turned to face Daisuke "It wasn't -- oh, it you, Dai! Whew. Don't worry. We can still have some more fun! Just think of her as being warmed up. Right?"

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(Posted Mon, 09 Oct 2006 20:27)

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