Hibiki's secret: "I Missed You!" (LEMON) [Episode 93269]

by Ryo-chan Wolfgirl

"Do you really have to leave today?" Kyoka asked after Kagome announced that they were going back after breakfast, Kagome nodded.

"Yes mom, one of the reasons we stayed for so long was so Ranma-chan's pups were born in a safe place and so Mrs. Saotome could see her grandpups." Kagome was filling her backpack with more food and medicine while her mother was packing another bag with baby supplies for Ranma.

Inuyasha walks into the kitchen with Kouga behind him, both dressed in their freshly cleaned and fixed outfits, "You ready yet Kagome? I wanna get back to finding Naraku as soon as possible." Says Inuyasha.

'Good to see him acting like his old self again.' Kagome thought with a smile, "Almost ready Inuyasha, I just need to pack a few more things and then I'll be set. By the way have you two seen Ranma-chan and Ryoga-kun?"

Kouga decided to answer that one, "They're upstairs in their room getting ready."

"Well they better hurry up because we don't have all day to wait." Inuyasha said impatiently.

Kouga shook his head, 'Well in this case you're gonna have to or else you're gonna get you head ripped off if you go up there Mutt.'



Ranma moaned when she felt Ryoga's strong hands massage her upper back while their tongues explored the others mouths.

Ryoga broke the kiss in need for air and looked up at his mate lying on top of him, "Damn how I missed this!" He quietly growled.

Ranma smiled, "You're not kidding!"

Ranma began planting butterfly kisses down Ryoga's jaw line to his neck, to his chest, down his hard muscled abs all the way down to her target. His throbbing cock. She gently strokes it in her hands while her tongue licks the head like it was candy. Ryoga strained to control the moans that threaten to escape his lips and his demon instincts that were screaming at him to take her now but he wanted her to enjoy herself till it came time to return the favor. Ranma enjoyed the pleasures she was giving her mate, she had missed this during her pregnancy. She takes Ryoga's throbbing member into her mouth and begins her magic while her right hands massages his balls lovingly, now Ryoga was really gonna lose it.

"Oh Ranma... I don't... think I can... hold it anymore!" He growled and with a muffed grunt his seed came into Ranma's waiting mouth. After swallowing and licking up every bit of his seed, she gave him a sexy grin. "That was yummy."

Ryoga sat up and gently laid Ranma on her back with the same grin, "Now it's my turn."

Ryoga bent down and licked between Ranma's swollen breasts and went to the right breast lightly licking the nipple. While he did a little breast milk went into his mouth, it surprised him a bit but simply swallowed and looked at his wife. "Tasty."

Ranma blushed, "That's for the pups so don't be greedy."

As Ryoga continued to gently fondle her milk-filled breast his rejuvenated member was plunged deep inside her, with each push made Ranma's breast bounce in rhythm.

"Ryoga... I'm almost there... Please don't... stop!"

"I don't intend too." Ryoga replied while placing his lips on Ranma's to quiet her groans, and in minutes came a strained grunt from both of them as Ryoga unloaded his seed in Ranma.

Finally after what seemed like forever they both got up, shared one last passionate kiss, got dressed and fixed up, and went down stairs where everyone was waiting for them.

"It's about time you guys got down here!" Said Inuyasha.

Ryoga shrugged, "Well Ranchan and I got held up but we're ready to go."

Shippo was confused, "What were you guys doing up there anyway?" Kouga turned to him and said, "That's a conversation saved for when you're older Shippo."

"Okay let’s get going!"

After everyone said their goodbyes and promises to visit with the pups the group went back to their own time.


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