Cheetah-Ranma & the Princesses: They are discovered! Brianna likes feeling Ranma squirm. (LEMON) [Episode 52329]


"... and... and thats why I'm so mad." Julia said softly. Her tears had abated some, but the tension the moment had brought still remained. She hated herself for breaking down like she had, but it was a relief to finally get this off her chest after all these years.

Brit sniffled, shifting her hold on her mother slightly. "Because I cheated on my husband of not even a year..."

Gina, hugging Julia from the otherside, finished Brit's statement, "So you thought if Brit could cheat on her husband, some one she has spent so much time with.. that maybe daddy could just as easily cheat on you.. being exiled and apart for so long.." she nodded slowly, rubbing Julia's upper arm comfortingly.

"Yeah.. we were apart for so long, had so little time to just be with each other.. could he have found solace in the arms of another?" Julia mumbled pathetically, hugging her knees tighter to her chest. She berated herself, she was suppose to be so much more controlled than this.


Seance frowned the moment he touched the door knob. A cold numbing feeling starting at the very edge of his fingertips, expanding quickly up those digits to his palms.

Frowning thoughtfully, Seance closed his eyes and allowed his Mind Eye to wander in an attempt to pick up on the psyhic mental signatures in the world beyond.

He hmmed to himself as his mind briefly touched with one of the occupants in the room. Gina. He tried to make sense of the pictures he recieved from her. They spoke of a incident, a revealation, and extreme sympathy for some one.

Letting go of Gina's mind, Seance wandered the mind scape again before being snagged by another mind. Julia this time. Her mind was a choatic swirl of thoughts, many tinged with anger, sadness, fear, and a overwhelming confusion and anxiety. He pondered over some of the images, slightly confused when a image of Brittany and Theo popped into place. They were actually seperate, and before Seance could ponder just what that meant an image began to form in both.

A moment passed before Seance could identify the image forming with Brittany - Ranma. Confused by the signifigance of this, he focused more on Theo's image. A woman had formed, but it wasn't of anyone he knew. In fact, Seance was willing to bet Julia herself didn't know who the woman was. The image was skewed, constantly changing porportions and hair color.

Pondering the strangeness of that thought, Seance was about to let go of Julia's mind and return to his own, however, before that he was horrifed to witness as the images began.. having sex? What the hell did that mean?

Pulling out of Julia's mind, Seance allowed himself to drift back to his body. As he became once again one with his mind and body, he immediatly stepped away from the door to search out Genn. Maybe she could help him make some sense of this.



"Hmmm?" she responded softly, content to simply lay here in his arms with her eyes closed, enjoying the feel of his silky fur and warm body. It helped to calm her nerves, the recent upheavel her emotions had gone through had really spun her for a loop.

Ranma kissed the top of her head as he relaxed into the recliner Gina had oh so intelligently installed down here in the lab. "Were all alone."

"Yeah.. we are." she mumbled softly, snuggling closer to her were-cheetah plushie/man.

He smirked. Brianna was more out of it than he thought.. perhaps some physical stimulation would get her mind up to speed? So thinking, he lowered the hand that had so recently been running along her spine. Darting that selfsame hand under the hem of her shirt, he rubbed her bare flesh slowly. His hand never did quite reach the surface, instead trailing mere milimeters across the surface, leaving a tingling sensation across the area.

She squirmed slightly at his touch, her mind quickly catching up to speed with what he was doing. So momentarily considered telling him no, what with all the nookie he's been getting lately, not to mention the emotional rollercoaster she had so recently been through. Still.. she was alone with him now, for the first time in nearly two days. The way everyone had been acting recently made it seem like such moments would be few and far inbetween, at least until he mother managed to clam down from whatever trip she was on.

So thinking... "Hmmmm. This is a perfect opprotunity, isn't it."

"I'd think so." he grinned widely as Brianna shifted her weight, pulling away from his body some to rid herself of her shirt. And as she discarded the restrictive clothing, freeing her enticing bosom to bounce freely in his sight, Ranma felt his manhood begining to rise to the occasion.

Brianna threw the shirt to the side, and instead of leaning back into his embrace she sought his eyes. For but a moment she stayed like that, staring into his eyes. Ranma was about to ask if something was wrong, but before that Brianna lent forward and stated with a predetory gleam in her eye.

"I guess its time to show you who the best lay out of all of us is, eh?"


Theo frowned in exasperation. He had gone in search of his dear wife, he wanted to rub in her defeat at his mighty loins slightly before taking off to Jusenkyo. While he had decided not to make a big deal out of it, he still felt the need to return some of the teasing he had recieved throughout most of their married life. Heh, it wasn't every day.. or decade... he beat his wife.

Only he couldn't find her anywhere! Not in her study or practice room, kitchen, living room, gym, out in the yard. She might have been in the lab, but when he went down to check the doors wouldn't open. Something about a 'personal and potentionally highly volotile procedure in progress'.

He spied Seance walking down the hall, thoughts of where on earth his wife was shelved away for later as he informed his student of their improntu trip to China. "Seance. If you're not terribly busy, could you come with me and Ranma to Jusenkyo? Its that magical dump we researched a few months ago when trying to cure Ranma's curse."

Seance blinked, startled out of his thoughts by his masters voice. "Sure Master, but why are we going back? Perhaps you thought of a differnt method to curing the curse?"

Theo shook his head as he gathered his coat from the closet, "No. Julia believes Jusenkyo itself is responisble for the latest changes in Ranma's personality. Were going to see if there is any evidence to her Theory, perhaps visit a few of the locals while were in the area for questioning."

Seance nodded slowly. "How long do you think we'll be away?"

Theo hmmed as he slung his coat on, making sure to check the pockets for anything he might need during this trip. "A few hours, maybe a day or two. It depends whether or not we find any leads."

"I see. We'll be taking Ranma with us, correct?"

"Indeed. His presence might turn up a few clues, and it'll give Julia time to think rationally instead of worrying needlessly about his presence.

'Maybe she isn't worrying so needlessly' Seance thought bitterly, having already disected the images he recieved from his breif contact with Julia and Gina. The thought of Brittany cheating on her husband, with Ranma no less, left a bad taste in the young Aura Mages mouth. He didn't understand the strange image he had recieved about Theo, but it was something he had every intention of finding out.

"I'll go get ready, Master."

"And I'll gather up Ranma."


Ranma grunted, fighting to calm his breathing down. His clawed hands gripped the handles of the leather recliner as he struggled against the cascading pleasure Brianna's blow job was creating with in him.

It didn't help matters she was being rather loud about it. The squishy slurps resonding throughout the room as she flogged his bishop excited him more than he thought they would.

'Beep' Ranma. 'Beep' sounded from a nearby speaker phone.

Ranma blanched, recognising the voice as Theo. When he tried to get Brianna to stop so he could answer he was surprised when she stubbornly refused, opting instead to pick up the pace and use both of her velvety warm hands to pump him even faster than before.

Panting, he prayed Theo could wait alittle while longer...

'Beep' Ranma. Pick up now. 'Beep'

Detecting Theo's annyoance rising, Ranma reached over and pulled the phone handle off its handset, "Ah.. ugh.. Yeah M, Mr. Dig, Diggers?"

'Beep' Come to the foyer. Were heading to Jusenkyo for alittle research, and we would like you there with us incase any of the locals become ... unpleased with our presence. 'Beep'

"I'll be UP!" he almost screeched that last part out, feeling the tightening in his lions as he began to succumb to Brianna's masterful ministrations. "I, I mean I'll be up in a MO-me, ment."

'Beep' You okay Ranma? You sound.. tense... 'Beep'

Sweating nerviously, "Ah! AH! S,sore. No big d, deALLLLLLLLLLLLLL" the damn broke, in a sigh of relief he felt his manly juices shoot from his cock head straight into Brianna's mouth, were she greedly succled and slurped every lost drop of his semen.

'Beep' Right... I'll tell Julia not to hurt you so bad next time.. really sorry about that... 'Beep'

"S'no problem. I rather enjoyed it."

'Beep' I'm sure you did. Anyway, come on up. Sooner we leave, sooner we can get back. 'Beep'

Hanging up the phone, Ranma gave Brianna a scathing glare - which totally clashed with his lecherous smile "You enjoyed that didn't you!?"

Brianna smiled like the cat who caught the canary, her pearly whites stained here and there with the renmants of his cum, "Heheh.. feeling you squirm like that was worth it.. hehe."

Ranma rolled his eyes.


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