Lust Dust: And peeking through the window... (LIME) [Episode 39071]



She really shouldn't be doing this, Shinobu thought. It just wasn't right, especially when they were having.... having... Shinobu's face reddened even further while her brain crashed while trying to process what she was seeing.

Yesterday, Su-chan had invited her to come to Nerima for one of her treasure hunts. She had heard that a powerful "warsuit" had been seen in the ward and she intended to track it down for research it.

At first, Shinobu had been intended to refuse. She too had heard stories about what happened in Nerima. Rampaging monsters, immortal panties thieves, kidnapping ghosts... If half the stories were true, she really did not want to go there. But she had caved in when Motoko-sempai had offered to accompany them.

Su had been pleading with her all the way back to school, following her up to her room when she went to leave her school stuff and then into the Onsen for her evening bath before preparing dinner.

“Come on Shinobu, treasure hunting all alone is boring and Sara is with Seta. You have have to come! If we're lucky, we'll run into some martial artists war and we'll get an awesome show!”

That was the most popular story about Nerima. Everyday, many martial artists of an incredible level had general free-for-all in the ward that left their battlefield a pile of rubble. In her mind she pictured a dozen Motoko-sempai battling each other, throwing chi waves everywhere without a care for the world around them. She cringed. No, she had decided, she really did not want to go there. She was about to tell Su-chan her decision when Motoko-sempai herself arrived into the bath.

“Martial artist, you say? Can I know what you are talking about?”.

Eyes shining, Su had jumped to Motoko-sempai and eagerly explained her plans for the next day.

“Ne, Motoko, you're free tomorrow, right? Can't you come with us? It'll be awesome.”

Motoko had pondered for an instant and then nodded ”Indeed, I have nothing urgent to do tomorrow and I must admit that I have a certain interest in Nerima myself. The previous captain of their kendo team was formidable,” though not on her level she had thought, ” and I heard that there is many martial artists in Nerima that can match and even defeat him.” Though the man himself had strongly denied this, the possibility of a worthy sparring partner in Tokyo was worth investigating.

“See Shinobu, Motoko will be with us so there's nothing to be worried about! Let's go, it'll be tons of fun!”

Shinobu had sighed and accepted. Surely with Motoko-sempai along, nothing really wrong would happen, right?

Well, she thought as she watched in a room through the window of the cheap motel where sempai had run away with the stranger, it turned out that things could go wrong. In the most improbable way she could have imagined too.

After a morning spent in the various exotic shops of Nerima, Su had been no closer to discover the elusive "warsuit", and no merchant knew where she could find one. Far from being discouraged Su had happily said the hunt is part of the fun. Motoko had been her usual self all morning, though Shinobu suspected that she had been a little disappointed because none of the infamous martial artists had made an appearance, but Shinobu had been thankful for that. To her surprise, she had enjoyed the morning a lot. Half because none of the dangers she had expected to appear the instant she got into the ward had appeared. The other half because she had discovered many new spices in the small shops off the wards. and even bought a pretty brooch. At noon, they had asked the shopkeeper if he knew of a good restaurant nearby, and he had recommended the Nekohanten, a Chinese restaurant. “ Great food, “ he had said” and if you're lucky, you'll get a free martial art performance.”

Motoko-sempai had perked up at that, and they had followed the man's direction with enthusiasm. They found it easily and arrived in time to see a young man enter the place. It was when they followed him inside that the day took a turn for the strange.

Motoko-sempai had grabbed Su and her and shoved them outside harshly. Taken completely by surprise, Shinobu had barely recovered in time to see Motoko-sempai disappear in the arms of the young man. Even more surprising, she did not seem to put up a fight, which was completely unlike her.

“Look, someone is kidnapping Motoko! Maybe he's taking her to take advantage of her youthful womanly form. How bold!” Su sounded terribly cheerful at the idea. Shinobu was not. She had no idea where they were going, but she could not let Motoko-sempai alone if she was in danger.

“This is not funny Su, we must follow them!”

“Don't worry, Shinobu, I have a solution!” Su had pulled a big metallic box with one big red button ” Come, Mecha-Tama 5!”

Soon, a huge mechanical turtle had come down from the sky. They had jumped on top of it and they took the air quickly intent on catching up with the fleeing couple. From above, finding them should have not been very difficult, but they had somehow already vanished from their close surrounding. Had it not been for Su's “Motoko detector” They would have probably lost her. In hindsight, maybe losing her would have been better but as it was, they had found the motel just in time to see the unlikely couple fall on the bed, kissing each other with heated passion.

The young man attacked Motoko's body hungrily, hands roaming all over her, his mouth devouring hers and pinning her to the bed. He seemed only aware of the woman under him. The animal lust that guided his actions shocked Shinobu, but what was harder to believe was that Motoko-sempai returned it with interest. She was completely open to his touches, eagerly returning them even. Her eyes left his only when they closed under the intensity of the sensations, voicing her approval loudly.

Soon, he put himself at her entrance and penetrated her in one hard thrust. Then, he rhythmically drove himself into her roughly, jarring her whole body. Under him, sempai was crying out with every thrust, her hands holding on the sheets tightly, her eyes shut tight in passion. Shinobu did not know how long this scene lasted, him trusting inside her tirelessly, it seemed like every second lasted hours.

The tableau was only broken when suddenly the feelings would overwhelm sempai. Her back would arch impossibly far and she'd let out a raw, desperate cry. Then she'd fall back on the bed, wiped out, lifeless under the thrust that kept on coming, never pausing or slowing down. That is, until his efforts pushed her to one more peaks and the cycle began again. Finally he cried out himself, coming to a stop with one final thrust, the hardest so far, and fell on top of her, his strength spent.

“Wow, Motoko looks like she's having fun!”

Shinobu's head whipped to the side, and she saw Su right next to her, looking into the bedroom with a large smile. She blinked, and then again. It was like her friend's voice had broken her from a dream, and now she had to get her bearing again. Not that she ever had those kind of dream, She thought with a blush.

“Shinobu, do you think Motoko would mind if we joined her?”

”What? No! I mean, yes, I mean Su-chan, we can't.”

“Aw, you think? The first time can be special, but I wanted to be with Motoko for hers.” Su said with a pout.

Shinobu had no idea how to answer that, so she simply said nothing. Instead she turned her attention to something else, anything but the couple in the room or her foreign friend. Suddenly she took fully conscience of the situation. Here she was, a middle school student, peeking into a hotel's room. She'd die of embarrassment if they were seen!

“Su-chan, we have to leave!” Shinobu implored.

“ But Motoko...”

“She'll be fine, it doesn't look like she's in danger, and there's nothing we can do here.”

“We could call the other for help, then”

Oh god, if the other saw her now...

“No! Absolutely not. Listen Su, this is too private for someone other than Motoko-sempai to talk about it. We're going home now! If the others ask about Motoko we'll come up with something, but you must not tell them about this!”

“But what about my suit?”

“We'll look for it another day, I promise. Let's just go home now, please?”

“Okay.” Su replied glumly.

And with that the flying turtle flew away, leaving the couple behind.

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