Great Will: Ranma: Princess of all sluts (LEMON) [Episode 36286]


Ranma and Akane put on their dresses - Ranma's gorgeous pink dress barely made it to her thighs. Akane's blue school uniform was the same, as was Nabiki's - they weren't wearing any bras, so their nipples poked out a bit. Ranma stepped back into her shoes - pink fuck-me pumps with a little blue decoration, a cute ribbon decoration and a blue swirly pattern. Akane and Nabiki wore mary-janes with a 4-inch block heel. Grabbing her handbag, Ranma lead her two friends into school, where they went into the girls' bathroom so they could pee and fix their make-up.

Ranma did her eyes with purple, seductive eyeshadow, mascara for that extra-long lash effect, and pink, pouty makeup for the ultimate girly blowjob look. The other girls did similar things to their faces. Looking in the mirror, Ranma and Akane noticed that their boobs had grown a couple of sizes, their tongues were now extra-long, and their hips were noticably bigger. They knew that they were fuckdolls now, and giggled at the thought. Ranma ran her long, pink fingernails across Akane's blouse, and made her moan. She smelled girl juices come from Akane. Nabiki sat in the corner, giggling and fingering herself.

"I'm not just a slut... I'm a fucking Pincess!" thought Ranma. The Great Will did it's job - Ranma indeed became a princess - the most sought-after slut of all time. It did it's work back at the Tendo household too - her room, formerly still a boys room, became adorned with pink wallpaper, her bed became a four-poster with pink curtains, her boy clothes became sexy and pretty dresses with petticoats and puffy sleeves, her training slippers all became elegant heels, bows, ribbons and straps. Some of the outfits became tight leather blouses and skirts, with knee-boots to match with both thick and thin heels - she was sill a slut after all.

Akane and Nabiki fell to their knees and kissed her pretty shoes. "Princess, we love you" said Akane, without raising her head. Nabiki simply licked her heel, while fingering herself desperately.

"Arise, my sisters, and follow your princess." Ranma commanded. They did so. "You will serve me well this day."

"Yes, Princess" They chimed.

Ranma looked in the mirror one last time - her outfit was the same, but with a few minor changes. Her hair now flowed gracefully from her head, and was adorned with a golden tiara with diamonds on top. She now wore fingerless, frilly wrist-gloves that matched her outfit. "I'm gonna fucking love this!" she squealed.

"I'm sorry we're late!" said Ranma, as she waled into class. As she did so, all of the students got up, and bowed down to her beauty and grace, as did the teacher.

"Princess, how kind of you to grace our presence" said the teacher, licking her shoe. "Will you be learning math with us today?"

"Hehe, like, math is fucking hard! Fucking is fucking easy! Nabiki is a stupid bimbo who loves to please boys!" squealed Nabiki.

"My subject is correct" said the redheaded goddess. "Today, I have a rather different lesson plan in mind: 'How to please a woman.'"

"But of course, princess. Your wish is my command" said the teacher.

"I wish for all of the students here to become horny. Now!" she yelled. The boys all had predetory looks on their faces, their erections grew and they started to hump their pants in their chairs. The girls looked shocked for a minute, but then a glazed look came over them all. They started fondling their breasts as they opened their legs. Nabiki and Akane were no exception.

"Now, I want two sweet young boys to aid my sisters here. Who wishes to do so?" A huge array of hands shot up, Ranma picked the two most muscular looking guys who looked rather uncomfortable watching the two big-breasted sluts move their hands towards their panties.

"Okay boys, let me see your technique." She commanded. The two boys made their way over to the panting sisters. Akane's man fondled her breasts, causing her to moan fercely. He then removed her panties and buried his head in her crotch. Nabiki's man was more agressive, and simply pulled out his huge, throbbing tool and tore through her panties and into her treasure.

"Like, yeah, oh fuck yeah... YES! Fuck this horny little bimbo! She NEEDS you!" squealed Nabiki. The boy got excited and went even faster.

n front of him.

"Sensei, you're with me." the Princess commanded. He could only obey. Ranma sat up on the desk, and spread-eagled herself, showing her naked, hungry sex under her tony, satin pink dress. The boys in the class looked like they would go insane. One, Toji, did, as he burst through his pants, he jumped out of his seat and grabbed his best friend, Yuki, who was sitting in front of him. Bending her over doggy-style, he tore his way in while pulling at her pigtails, laughing like a madman. This pleased the pink, pretty Princess, who smiled and got even wetter, emitting a deliciouly feminine aroma that got the rest of the class even more excited.

Ranma could only hear the squeals of the violated girls. Sensei stood before her, his manhood throbbing in anticipation. She briefly thought back to being a boy. That was so stupid! she thought. Being a girl is so much better. Especially a beautiful princess who dresses fabulously and has lots of boys to play with. She resoled that this was the best way to feel, and she would stop at nothing to make all girls body-changed, pregnant sex dolls like her. And if any objected... well, Nabiki needed friends too. 'This is gonna be fun!' she thought.

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