Zeus's ball: Round #4: Ready? (LEMON) [Episode 21128]


Herb poured the hot water slowly on Ranma, not wanting to awaken the now-boy up from his slumber. Sure, the deal had been that the first one to orgasm was the woman for their next pairing.

Herb was a bit beyond that idea at the moment. Thanks to Ranma’s incomplete act, she was horny as hell, and demanding satisfaction. The gem that was causing this was the farthest thing from her mind.

But it was also what had influenced her decision, so to speak. The ball was still churning out a field demanding sex, perhaps even procreation: the latter harder to do as the only females available were Jusenkyo-cursed, which constantly reset the biologic clocks. As such, pregnancy would require a magical intervention to force the release of an egg to be fertilized.

Did the artifact prefer one of the duo to be female? No. To be honest, it would have preferred with what limited intelligence it had that the cursed males remain female and the other males pair off. But since Herb kept blasting them, they never stayed awake and alert enough for the Ball to influence them.

No; what it meant was that as she was now, Herb had been under the effects of the magic the longest. She still shivered a bit at the image of the men chasing after her, wanting her, needing her hot body, desiring to penetrate her.

Since his last time male, Ranma had only been awake for the lesbian challenge.

So the main impression that was the strongest in Herb’s mind was one thing: acquiring a pleasurable cock.

And damned if Saotome hadn’t proved that his was quite pleasurable.

Even though she didn’t know it was helping, the magic was once again returning life to the lifeless, bringing Ranma back up to full mast. The sight alone made her start drooling, part of her wanting it in her mouth again, the other part wanting it in her sex, filling it with his seed.

She was far enough gone not to notice that last thought, let alone the reaction it gave her. After all, the gem was used to slipping such thoughts in without generating negative reactions. Ranma had never given it a second thought when he had hoped Herb would have his kids, so why would Herb think about wanting Ranma to shoot inside of her?

Grabbing his pole, she positioned herself above it, hoping that his recent orgasm as a girl would give her a longer ride now that he was a man. She wanted orgasms and she wanted them now!

And with that, she lowered herself onto him once more.

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(Posted Sun, 25 May 2008 09:37)

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