Sexpet Nabiki: Playing for the other team (LEMON) [Episode 18060]


Ranma, who was still in girl form, and Nabiki where staring at the forms of Ryouga and Kasumi who where loosely entwined in each others arms, having fallen asleep on the floor in that position at the end of their impromptu four-way.

Nabiki quickly looked away as she heard a moan coming from her master. Ranma currently had three fingers shoved up her cunt and was busily pumping away with her eyes locked unmoving at the sleeping pair, Nabiki followed her gaze and noticed that Ranma seemed to be eyeing Ryouga’s ass longingly as she masturbated her self, knowing full well she could easily wake up the lion boy and have another go, but she did not want to disturb his obviously peaceful sleep.

The skunk girl, being as smart as she was, quickly realized what Ranma was longing for. Smiling slyly Nabiki lifted herself off the floor and walked over toward her desk, opening the bottom drawer. Inside was a medium sized lockbox that had a number pad affixed to it’s top, quickly punching in the code she opened the lid to expose two metal flask of water, one of which was clearly labeled “DANGER” sitting next to a cardboard box of packets that where all marked in Chinese, though a Japanese translation had been scribbled underneath.

Nabiki was nothing if not an entrepreneur and even the world shaking realization of the existence of magic did not change this. When shampoo had first used the instant nyannichuan Nabiki instantly saw its potential and had spent the next week getting in touch with the Jusenkyo guide. What she found out was that instant spring powder was an extremely valuable commodity in Jusendo and that a packet of the stuff was nearly as good as currency their. It wasn’t long before Nabiki herself had a whole crate of assorted curses and she was soon selling them, The Nyannichuan and Nannichuan being the most popular. The fact that the biggest buyers of the curses where people who wished to fulfill some very private fantasies kept the news inside the fetish market, and Nabiki could see why, one of her favorite masturbaratory aids was the use of Nannichuan on herself.

Taking the flask out of the box she turned back to Ranma who had leaned back, legs spread in a wide V-shape, and know had her whole fist inside her pussy. Nabiki quietly walked over the moaning girl, Ranma still did not notice Nabiki as she stood just beside her, after a few moments though Nabiki’s intoxicating smell drug her attention away from her self indulgence and she let out a gasp as she saw the skunk girl dowse her self with the contents of her flask.

Now standing their, 12 inch dick already nearing full mast, was a slightly shorter in height though still very animalistic Nabiki, who was quite obviously male.

“Na- Nabiki what’re ya doing” Ranma said in surprise as her eyes went cross eyed following the twitching organ that was swaying just inches from her face.

“I remembered how you acted when Ryouga transformed, and when I saw you looking at him just now… well… I thought…” Nabiki trailed off in slight embarrassment at her assumption but then she saw the avid attention Ranma was paying to her new cock.

“Master… would you please… lick it” Nabiki said nearly begging as her male hormones where screaming from the combined musk’s and smells in the room.

Ranma looked away from Nabiki’s penis to stare into his eyes, seeing the pleading in them, Ranma hesitantly returned to staring at the shaft of the dick, its head moving to rest gently on her lower lip.

Bringing her free hand up to the base of the cock she made a ring with her fingers and slowly started to move them up and down along the length of Nabiki’s manhood. After a few moments her speed had increased and her tongue had poked out to catch the little bead of pre-cum beading on the tip.

After tasting the salty bit of liquid Ranma’s inhibitions fell away, and she quickly found herself accepting more and more of Nabiki’s now thrusting cock, until, with the help of martial arts dining, she had 11 inches inside her mouth, 4 of which was fit snugly down her throat.

Nabiki now had her hands on Ranma’s head moaning at nearly a scream as she guided the red heads mouth down her shaft. Nabiki was feeling new things she had never felt even when she had played with herself as a guy.

Both Ranma and Nabiki sped up as they felt themselves nearing orgasm, The moaning from Ranma vibrated Nabiki’s cock bringing her to the edge, and the simple thrill from the experience excited Ranma, as well as the fact she now had her hand wriggling away wrist deep in her pussy.


He screamed Going stiff as a board as he pulled Ranma in, giving the redhead a nose full of his striped pubic fur as he finally hit his limit.

Ranma reeled back gagging in surprise as she felt his cum flow down her throat, breaking his grip and pulling his dick out of her mouth at the same time, accidentally getting a taste of the stuff as well as a quick shower in it.

Sitting with her legs splayed out on the floor and Nabiki teleporting to her side as Ranma leaned forward as she started coughing loudly.

“Imsorryimsorryimsorry” Nabiki said practically speaking at mach 1 as she patted the girls back.

After a few minutes of coughing and gasping Ranma finally managed to rasp out “It’s… okay…actually enjoyed it… just warn me next time.

Nabiki looked sheepish as Ranma stood up and walked over to the bed. “Sorry” he said again. “Don’t worry” Ranma said seductively as she added a sway to her hips and headed for the bed, “Though I expect you to pay me back, I still haven’t had mine yet you know” she said as she kneeled down placing her head and chest on the mattress, and reaching back to spread her cheeks, exposing her still gaping pussy, and puckered rosebud.

Seeing this Nabiki was behind Ranma in a flash but due to his recent orgasm and his semi flaccid cock that was just now regaining its vigor, he was having trouble lining it up with Ranma’s pussy.

“Hurry” Moaned Ranma as she pushed her head into the sheets at the feeling of Nabiki’s dick sliding across her cunt and asshole “what’s taking so long.”

Nabiki did not respond he just continued to try and slip inside Ranma.

“Grrrrr” Ranma, growled as she felt Nabiki miss for what has to be the eight time, Here let me do it she said as she lowered her butt so she could reach back and grab hold of Nabiki. In one motion Ranma had pulled the skunk boy forward as she thrust her hips back and in that instant she could feel Nabiki’s cock impale her… just not the way she had intended.

“Nabiki,” Ranma said with no small amount of discomfort in her voice. “Did it just go in there?!”

“Y-yes master should… I pull it out” she said dreading the answer since he already could feel the growing pressure in his loins that where fit oh-so snuggly in Ranma little asshole.

“I-I don’t know” Ranma said unsure of herself since while her stretched hole was uncomfortable, the sensations of the warm dick filling her and the near orgasm from her earlier fisting, where combining to drive Ranma crazy.

“I think I could handle it if you go slow.” Ranma said looking back to Nabiki who nodded his response.

“Okay slow.” Nabiki whispered out as she began to push forward very gently, eliciting a groan from Ranma.

In a few moments Nabiki had picked up speed and both him and Ranma where Now thrusting animatedly against one another

Oooooh Shiitt!! Ranma screams as Nabiki starts going at it so hard he made slapping noises as his pelvis impacts Ranma’s butt cheeks

“Don’t stop!” Ranma orders as she brought her hand up to violently massage her pussy bringing herself closer and closer to the edge “Don’t ever stop, Nabiki!”

“Nnnngggghhh” was all Nabiki said in reply as he pumped into Ranma’s ass and leaned forward to cup her breasts in his hands.

This was all it took.

Oh God!




Nabiki and Ranma lay in the floor of her room cradled in each others arm, a little ways off from the still sleeping Ryouga and Kasumi. Nabiki was grinning like an idiot but Ranma had a decidedly annoyed and contemplative look about her, a look that Nabiki quickly took notice of.

“Master what’s wrong didn’t you like it?” Nabiki said worriedly.

“Yes,” Ranma said with that look still on her face “God yes…. It’s just not fair though.”

“What do you mean master?” Nabiki said genuinely confused.

“It’s them,” she said “all of them, I hate this, Ukyo, Shampoo they don’t really care they just want me as a trophy, and Pops and your dad just want me to secure their retirement, I’d really rather take it up the ass then continue with all this.

Nabiki let out a girlish giggle that sounded quite odd in his baritone before continuing in a joking voice “You already did Master.”

Ranma gave Nabiki a mock angry glare before giving into a fit of giggles herself “leave it to you to ruin my bad mood.”

With this said both Ranma and Nabiki had a good laugh before settling back down.

“What about Akane?” Nabiki said curiously.

A sad look seemed to wash over Ranma at this question “I don’t know Nabiki, sometimes I think there is something their, but then one of us does something to screw it up and… I just don’t know what to do.”

Ranma went quiet for a while after saying this

“You know.” Ranma began breaking the pregnant silence “I kind of wish I could stay like this… anything to get away from all that.” she said with a sigh before looking at the male body laying beside her. “Hey Nabiki how did ya do this anyway?”

Nabiki gave Ranma a questioning look before realizing what she was talking. “Oh I ordered some Jusenkyo products from the guide, I’ve got instant curse packets, water proof soap, even samples of the springs themselves buried in a safe under the Dojo.”

After saying this a thoughtful gleam appeared in the Skunk boy’s eye and he began to stand up and walk back to his still open desk, leaving Ranma to shiver at seeing his well toned form bending down and picking something up from inside.

When Nabiki turned around she had the other unlabeled flask of water and one of the packets from the box. Tearing open the packet and pouring the contents inside the flask she began to speak.

“Master what would you say if I said that there might be a way out for you” Nabiki said pausing to gauge the wide-eyed red-heads response before continuing “but it would mean staying as a girl.”

Ranma gave the flask a look before sighing “Nabiki I really don’t care anymore… people are nice to me when I’m like this, they don’t pick fights, don’t give me death threats, the sex is absolutely incredible” she said the last with a huge grin, “ I really think I prefer this body, especially after all that’s happened recently.

Nabiki nodded as she handed the flask to Ranma. “The packets have a warning on the side, if some one is splashed with the same cursed water twice, even if it just the instant stuff the cursed body becomes the real one, body and soul.

Ranma continued to stare at the flask with an apprehensive gaze “does this mean I’ll be some cutsey wutsey girly girl?” she said with disgust.

Nabiki gave off a bark of laughter “Don’t worry master I did all kinds of research on the curse, including the various ways to lock them, you will still have the same personality, interests and all that, they only thing that will change is your sexual orientation and even then you’ll probably just be bisexual who prefers men.”

Ranma soaked this up, her eyes locked in a death stare with the flask. After a few moments of contemplation she unscrewed the top of the flask and raised it above her head.

“Well goodbye Mr. man-amongst-men” and with that she tipped the flask over her head and felt the cold liquid wash down her face

Nabiki kneels down and places his hands on Ranma’s shoulders bringing the girls eyes to look into his he then leaned down and gave Ranma a passionate kiss.

When they came back up for air Nabiki smiled “come on mistress lets go take care of everybody down stairs.

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