Sex-toy Nabiki: Nabiki's New Master (LEMON) [Episode 15304]

by X Dragon

Nabiki slowly stood up on her toes to kiss Ranma’s lips. “Master.” The word was out before she could stop it. Nabiki had meant to call Ranma by his name, but this felt much more… right.

Why shouldn’t it? Nabiki was his servant, his protector, his… well, anything he wanted her to be really. She didn’t have the right to call him by his name unless he wanted her to. But despite her inferiority, she still had desires. With her newfound power and strength, there was only one person in the world who could really satisfy Nabiki’s sexual urges.

“Master please, I need you,” Nabiki begged.

A few seconds ago, Ranma would have laughed at this. Nabiki begging him for anything would have been impossible in his mind. He would of held it over her head and made Nabiki do every embarrassing thing he could imagine before finally letting her get what she wanted.

But, that was then, and this was now. He could feel the girl’s desire; her desperate need to please him. Sex, being the most pleasurable thing she could do with him right at the moment, was the option she took, and Nabiki’s body was responding accordingly. She wasn’t even going to make Ranma view it as a conquest, but a favor towards the girl that she would owe.

Ranma just smirked, and then reached down to the side of her jeans to tear the top half in two. The shirt went next, and Ranma pushed Nabiki back onto the bed with one hand while he grabbed her bra and ripped it off with one yank.

The girl’s breasts jiggled a tiny bit in the open air before Ranma slid onto the bed and started to slowly take off his shirt. The servant started to help with his pants, but she stopped right as Ranma’s cock was freed from its cotton confines. Already rock hard, it pointed straight at his servant’s face.

Nabiki stared at the head of Ranma’s phallus. Even with the length distortion cause by its location relative to her nose, Nabiki could tell her Master more than deserved the name he’d been given. Without a second thought, Nabiki took the head into her mouth and sucked on it greedily for that first little drop. Nabiki ran her tongue up and down as much of the shaft she could get into her mouth, her head slowly bobbing up and down.

The sound of something tearing made Nabiki stop direct her eyes away from Ranma’s crotch to see he had also torn off her panties; the cotton rag was in his clenched hand. Nabiki looked up towards her Master, and blinked. The color of his eyes had changed to red, and seemed to be faintly glowing.

Before she could even wonder what was happening, Nabiki was on her back with her legs spread apart and Ranma was already atop her. In one forceful motion, Ranma impaled her with his cock and tore through her virginity, coming as deep as he could into her womanhood. Nabiki let out a tiny cry as he just as quickly pulled himself back, then rammed into her again, and again.

She tried to raise her arms, but found them pinned to the ground in a crushing grip. Whatever newfound strength she had acquired, Nabiki found her Master’s was infinitely greater. Nabiki heard her bones break as Ranma continued to fuck her with a ferocity that strained the bed and shook the whole house.

But as painful as it was, the pleasure was so much greater. Her Master was fucking her! He found her needs and wants worthy of his attention; that alone was enough to bring tears of joy to Nabiki’s eyes.

She didn’t know how long it took. The whole thing felt like hours, but after Nabiki had climaxed several times, Ranma finally hit his limit, and pulled his limp cock out of her before releasing Nabiki and rolling onto his back.

As soon as Ranma let go, Nabiki felt her arms heal, and she moved. Not wasting a second, Nabiki took Ranma’s spent dick into her mouth to clean it off. When she was done, the girl gave it a few more licks to only leave it a tiny bit damp, then slowly backed away so her Master could have the covers to himself.


Ranma’s reply was a nearly inaudible moan.

“Master, do you want anything else?” Nabiki asked, her tone a little more cheerful than normal. Sex with Ranma hadn’t been anything like she had envisioned; at least in her more realistic daydreams. What had just happened had been beyond her wildest fantasies! He had been so masterful, so dominating! When Nabiki had tried to take over, she had pinned down and fucked her like no one had ever been before.

“Hungry,” Ranma finally let out in a way that made it sound more like a yawn than a word.

At her Master’s command, Nabiki wanted to smack herself. Of course, he needed something. Here she was still coming down from euphoria, when her Master needed her. “I’ll get you someone to eat right away Master,” Nabiki quickly replied before rushing to the door.

Then she remembered her manners, quickly bowed, and then opened the door to find Ranma some food.

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(Posted Mon, 06 Aug 2007 18:57)

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