Red Rover: Over the lips and past the gums, watch out Ranma, here I cum (LEMON) [Episode 12373]


*God,* she thought. *What'll I do, once I finish this one? I really need to find something else to suck on...*

But for now that didn’t matter, as she rammed the now cream-colored popsicle back in her mouth, just in time to feel the warm salty surprise burst forth, filling every nook and cranny as well as forcing its way down her gulping throat and shooting out her nose like milk.

The lemon sucker also had the effect of causing a super strong orgasm that forced the user to associate the salty cream with extreme pleasure, so Ranma just sat there, staring at Ryouga, grinning blankly, a giant wet spot spreading across her lap, and cream dripping from nose and mouth, basking in the afterglow of the best orgasm of her life.

Ryouga was dealing with his own problems, though, as he was silently jacking his cum-engorged cock through his pants, momentarily considering if he should try and gain Akane-pet's attention. He quickly decided against that, when he saw her happily licking at her crotch, oblivious to the world.

Quickly searching for a source of relief, his eyes fell upon Ranma’s perfect lips and knew he had to find someplace private to give Ranma the face-fucking of a lifetime.

Standing up, he dragged Ranma, still smiling stupidly in her daze, out the door, closely followed by Akane, trailing cum all the way to the love hotel across the street. (Well, where else would it be?)

After slamming down his wallet at the front desk, not even taking the time to count out the money, Ryouga quickly headed to the room the key belonged to.

When she first entered the room, the only sensation Ranma felt was a spinning and falling one. As she regained her orientation, she realized that both she and Ryouga where butt-ass naked and the object of her magically induced obsession was batting agitatedly on her upper lip.

For a moment Ranma’s macho personality was at war with the magical conditioning and was, in fact, winning - that was until…

“Ugh Ranma… Can’t hold it.”


Ranma was covered in nearly a gallon and a half of cum.

The lights left her eyes.

She pounced.

“Agh, Ranma, I-”


“Ahahaa, wait just a-”

Suck suck!

“Raaannnnmmmaaaa! I’m about to blow!”

“MMMMGGGGPPPPPPPHHHHH!” Ranma squealed, as she thrust his dick as far as it would go down her tight throat.

As Ryouga came, his seed, like the cream before it, shot out through Ranma’s nose and in between the cracks of her mouth in a flood of white juice. This had Ranma (while nowhere near as spectacularly as Ryouga) fountaining her orgasm, making it seem like Ryouga had bypassed all her internal organs and was splooging out Ranma’s backside.

Akane, who was attentively servicing her mistress the entire time, was knocked back, hacking as she nearly drowned in Ranma’s ejected fluids. Afterward she just sat and stared in confusion at the bobbing red head and the cunt that was now leaking like a tap that had not quite been shut off, before giving a happy “ARF!” and diving back in.

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(Posted Wed, 07 May 2008 18:24)

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